Zyphus is a malignant god worshipped by serial killers who revel in meaningless and cruel death. A bitter enemy of the goddess Pharasma, he is worshipped by small cults of psychopaths throughout Golarion. These groups foment tragedy and engage in killing sprees in the hopes of strengthening the power of their god.

Titles: Grim Harvestman
Portfolios: tragedy, cruelty, homicide
Moral Alignment: evil
Symbols: A pickaxe made of a femur, a human skull, and a large rib; favorite colors are ivory and red; vultures are his sacred animal


Followers of the Grim Harvestman believe that the god arose from the enraged soul of the first mortal to die a hollow, meaningless, and cruel death. It is written that since that time, every mortal that is killed in the same ruthless and meaningless way is destined to be absorbed by Zyphus after death. This puts him in direct competition with the goddess Pharasma, and his followers believe that once he has acquired enough souls he will be able to engineer the death of Pharasma herself.

Church and Followers

Zyphen cults are rare and never large in numbers. They worship in abandoned graveyards that are no longer under the protection of the Lady of Graves, Pharasma.


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