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This wiki has content relevant to the campaign ‘Ghosts of Fallen Stars’ (GoFS). Players can use this wiki to develop their characters and learn the lore of the campaign. Those who want to read more can ask the GM for the ‘Inner Sea World Guide’.
This wiki includes references to past campaigns. In those cases, the reference might have an abbreviation of the past campaign, like this (hover to read more): CotCT

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Books: For Ingenium System or more, see here: Dropbox


  • NPC Tracker: A table with a list of NPCs and their status.
  • XP Tracker: A table with the amount of experience points gained by each PC on each session.
  • Treasure Tracker: A table with the amount of wealth each PC has, determined mostly by current cash and expensive items they have.

Campaign Events: To see a timeline of the events that are actually played through the campaign (or close), see Campaign Time Log.

Campaign Locations: Here are several locations related to the GoFS campaign.

  • Golarion (planet): This is the main world where the campaign takes place.
  • Numeria (nation): A huge interstellar starship (along with smaller ones) crashed on the northern savage lands of Numeria centuries ago. The Numerian barbarians have salvaged much of the technology, but a lot of mysteries, intrigues, and secret agendas remain. This is the nation where the GoFS campaign will take place.
  • Starfall (metropolis): The capital city of Numeria, riddled with corruption, crime, oppression, and pollution.
  • Torch (town; starting place): A large town in Numeria with a solid blacksmithing industry where a mysterious violet flame has been burning atop a hill for 61 years. The GoFS campaign will begin here.
  • Scrapwall (town): A ruthless and chaotic settlement governed by gangs and built inside a massive junkyard of discarded metal and refuse from the crashed starships.
  • Chesed (metropolis): The largest city in Numeria and an economic powerhouse that rivals settlements many times its size.
  • Hajoth Hakados (small city): An open-minded small city with good trade, neutral political stances, and racial tolerance.

Organizations: Some organizations relevant to the campaign:

  • Torch Bearers: A group of adventurers, explorers, and special operatives formed in Torch that worked to solve several problems.
  • Technic League: An authoritarian and ruthless group of arcanists and lore-seekers seeking to study and control Numeria’s alien technology.
  • Lucky Bastards: A small but effective group of mercenaries that honor the ways of Cayden Cailean and are responsible for ending the Korvosan Crisis.
  • Ladies of Rust: a gang of Scrapwall made by a variety of monsters and with the patronage of the supposed demigod Hellion.
  • Ghost Wolves: A barbarian tribe of Numeria that seeks to prove their supremacy over technology through destruction of technological artifacts and the murder of Technic League agents.
  • Black Horses: A Numerian barbarian tribe regarded as the most proficient equestrians. The ruler Keltus-Kant comes from this tribe.

Deities: These are some of the deities that either will have influence in the GoFS campaign or that have influenced past campaigns.

  • Aroden: A mortal who ascended to godhood, he was the champion of humanity and the usher of a golden age until he died a mysterious, disaster-ridden death.
  • Brigh: A less-worshipped deity of inventions and constructs.
  • Cayden Cailean: An ex-mortal and accidental god of freedom, bravery, ale, and wine; opposes tyranny and slavery.
  • Zyphus: A lesser malignant god worshipped by serial killers who revel in meaningless and cruel death.


  • Androids (race): Androids are a strange race that resemble humans a lot but have an alien nature, with complex artificial bodies, strange physiology, and enigmatic origins that even not all of them know.

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