Lucky Bastards

(Note: This is an organization created by players Javier and José “Che” during the CotCT campaign, and later expanded by other players).


The Lucky Bastards mercenary company is a small but effective group founded in Korvosa that solved the Korvosan Crisis. Though mostly based there, they are now seeking ways to expand to other nations.

Leader: Tobias Steward
Headquarters: Korvosa
Goals: Be one of the most effective and honorable mercenary companies ever, and honor the ways of Cayden Cailean
Scope: National (Korvosa)
Structure: Army ranks
Membership: Hand-picked mercenaries
Notable Members: Tobias Steward (read background), Gromian Griffith (read background), Aelfrick Stolya, Marlow Bramblefoot

Charter of the Lucky Bastards Mercenary Company

These are the main tenets by which this mercenary company behaves and conduct business:

  • The Lucky Bastards will not switch sides in mid-contract.
  • The Lucky Bastards will not pillage in their employer’s country.
  • The Lucky Bastards may pillage in the enemy’s country with permission.
  • The Lucky Bastards will not instigate a mutiny against an employer.
  • The Lucky Bastards will not fight for a suicidal cause.
  • If an enemy fighter surrenders, they may leave combat to be ransomed by the Lucky Bastards.
  • If the company loses more than half of its officers and a third of its fighters, they may put the Captaincy to a vote from the ranks.
  • The Lucky Bastards have a ritual of Oathbreaking and Outcasting. This requires a priest, a mage, and an honest man, all of whom must have personally suffered greatly by the hands of the offender.


Chapter 1: Foundation and Involvement in Korvosan Crisis

(Note: This chapter refers to the events in the CotCT campaign).

The Lucky Bastards were a small mercenary company formed by Captain Charles Kartor that operated in Nirmathas and honored the ways of the Drunked God, Cayden Cailean. They were hired by the Korvosan government to clear and re-establish the Crimson Coast Road that would allow increased trade between Korvosa and Nirmathas. But there, near the Bloodsworn Vale, the mercenary company was decimated by forces commanded by the wraith Mandraivus (who was after Sir Gyrad of Korvosa seeking clues about the Crown of Fangs). Surviving members Tobias Steward, Gromian Griffith, Marlow Bramblefoot, and Forniel fled off to Korvosa, where they worked to re-establish the Lucky Bastards mercenary company little by little, with Tobias acting as commander.

At first they were hired by Field Marshal Cressida Kroft to work on dealing with the riots caused by King Eodred’s death and to investigate possible authors of these riots. While working on this, they started to discover strange incidents involving unknown violet energies circulating through Korvosa.

Later, the disastrous plague known as Blood Veil struck Korvosa, quickly decimating its population. The Lucky Bastards were tasked again to help with the plague, providing order to a city gone insane and to investigate possible causes and cures for the plague. They found that the plague was an attempt to weaken the population to give way to a much dire problem: a magical curse of violet energies that would transform these weakened subjects into devils, giving way for a peculiar devil invasion. With enough of these devils incarnated through weeks, a grand assault was made on Korvosa’s Citadel and other parts of the city, establishing an infernal regime whose true ruler was unknown, yet it has already influenced and claimed the mind of Korvosa’s Queen Ileosa.

The Lucky Bastards thus received their last order from Cressida: to go on their own and fight against this devil invasion. They went undercover, trying to locate clues about the invasion, about Queen Ileosa’s sudden corruption, about missing persons like Neolandus who could offer more information, and dealing with other schemes and powerful figures. They also had to tackle a city that already descended into insanity, cruelness, and martial law carried by evil entities. Fearing for their lives and for the safety of rescued Neolandus, the Lucky Bastards escaped the city and fled north towards Harse, where a resistance group was forming to retake Korvosa.

The Lucky Bastards penned a contract with this resistance group and during the next months, helped them gather more forces. They were able to get the help of the Hellknights commanded by the centaur Maydraine Vox, and also came to an agreement with the Shoanti to help rescue Korvosa. They also discovered the truth of Queen Ileosa’s corruption (she was being possessed by Kazavon when she was fooled into donning the cursed Crown of Fangs), how this was related to the devil invasion, and where to look for a special weapon (the power of Serithial) that could end Ileosa’s madness and maybe the invasion.

These all efforts culminated on a grand final war on Korvosa’s devil-allied forces, where the mixed groups that formed the Liberation Army quickly stormed the city districts, vanquishing key foes and liberating the population. At last, the Lucky Bastards entered Castle Korvosa and fought Ileosa and repelled Kazavon from her mind. They also uncovered the true mastermind of the devil invasion: Lorthact, the rogue duke of the hells. With the help of the Church of Asmodeus and the erinyes queen Eiseth, Lorthact was driven off Korvosa. However, Lorthact’s curse of the violet energies persisted, and only an impromptu ritual could eliminate it, requiring the leftover power of Serithial and the lifeforce of someone honorable and virtuous enough. At the last second, Lucky Bastard Gromian offered himself for the sacrifice and thus Korvosa’s Curse was eliminated.

With the Korvosan Crisis gone, the Lucky Bastards spent the next two years helping rebuild the city with the new government of Korvosa, led by newly-crowned Queen Cressida Kroft. As part of their contract to help retake the city, they were rewarded with portions of land, where they founded the trading town of Luckhaven.

Today, the Lucky Bastards continues to operate mostly in Korvosa, attending their town of Luckhaven and still being hired by Korvosa’s Queen Cressida to help the city. However, they have started to set sights on conflicts in distant lands, and plan to start establishing international chapters soon.

Lucky Bastards

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