Ghosts of Fallen Stars (Iron Gods)

Of Gangs and Junkyards

Session 14 (June/13/2017)

In-Game Date: 4711, Pharast 8

Things Done

Our brave adventurers arrive to the junkyard settlement known as Scrapwall. They meet gangmember Sevroth and learn more about the settlement, its rules, its people, and more. Then they set forth to tackle several problems and slowly learn who is Hellion and what are his motives.

  • Interview with Sevroth: Upon arriving to Scrapwall, some members of a gang called the Steel Hawks, led by a woman called Sevroth, interviewed the PCs as to who they are and why they came to the junkyard town. Sevroth bluntly asks them to help her get rid of a Smiler named Birdfood who overtook the Steel Hawk gang’s leadership with the help of the Ladies of Rust. They also conversed of several things: the gangs of Scrapwall, the Ladies of Rust, how to survive in the junkyard, and someone known as the “Scrapwall Stalker”. Finally, when the PCs asked for a woman with violet hair (Meyanda), Sevroth recognized her as a good friend and told that she sent a messenger to Sevroth to warn the PCs to seek a person named Cherai if they want to know more of Hellion.
  • Lay of the Land: Daemer climbed one of the trash walls to inspect the sprawling junkyard that spans near 3 miles. He saw several landmarks: a tall mountain of trash (where a manticore is rumored to live), a dish-shaped metal circle of probably 20-something feet in diameter, pointing to the horizon, and a big circular building further ahead in the settlement.
  • Defending the Ratfolk: Wandering further within the place, the PCs encountered a band of Smilers fighting a small group of ratfolk. Thinking that Cherai might be one of the ratfolk, they defended the beleaguered ratfolk. With arrows and magic, they defeated the Smilers again and the ratfolk told them if they could join their gang: the Redtooth Raiders.
Mysteries and Loose Ends (some more important than others)

1. How the Steel Hawks gang or the Redtooth Raiders can help the PCs?
2. Who or what is the “Scrapwall Stalker”?
3. Who is Cherai and why Meyanda sent a message saying that he knows more of Hellion?
4. What are the landmarks that Daemer saw?


1,110 given to Daemer, Gorim and Remiliano. 940 given to Clarence and Eladrion. The reason for less XP for these last two characters is because their players had to leave mid session and they weren’t used much in the final battle.

The loot from the defeated Smilers: 2 vials of soothe, 7 MW studded leather armor, 4 light steel shields, 3 pistols, 18 silverdisks, 90 gp. The surviving ratfolk took some crossbows and daggers from the Smilers.
Also, they got robbed a bit and Clarence lost –32 gp and Remliano lost –37 gp.

Current Scrapworth: 1

Scrapworth Explained: Sevroth explained them what Scrapworth is: the notoriety that a person or group has in Scrapwall, to earn respect from others. They can rise their Scrapworth through several deeds. Eliminating Birdfood and recovering the Steel Hawk Palace is an example of one of such deeds. Also, vanquishing the Smilers or a pesky manticore. They could also lend a hand to Redtooth and her raiders, who can increase their notoriety indeed. She mentions another benefit of getting Scrapworth: it might tell the gangs here in Scrapwall who is the upcoming new power, and many can defect the Ladies of Rust if their leadership is weakened. The Ladies of Rust will hire them without doubt to prevent a split of power. Finally, there are other benefits for Scrapworth: gangs might harass, rob, or pickpocket less the PCs, and the amount/value of goods they are willing to trade can increase.

GM Commentaries

This was a somewhat slow session. There were several factors contributing to that: we started half an hour late, there was a lot of information shared by Sevroth, combat took a long time, and communication via typing rather than voice-chat is robbing of some time especially during combat.
As another comment: Scrapwall will be mostly a ‘detective’ adventure, and the routes are more open-ended. Keep attention to the mysteries outlines in these logs to not lose track.


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