Ghosts of Fallen Stars (Iron Gods)

A Fateful Ambush

Session 19 (August/1/2017)

In-Game Date: 4711, Pharast 12 to Pharast 18 at night

Things Done

A brief downtime was carried out, where the Torch Bearers traveled to Chesed to buy and sell stuff, and follow some leads told by Divanya that could help in any confrontation with the Technic League. At the end of the downtime, when they were returning to Divanya’s chapel to rest, they were ambushed by a group of Technic League agents that also hired two Red Mantis assassins. The ambush proved to be fatal, as it killed Clarence. They also found that the agents abducted Konir and rendered Valaris comatose.

  • To Chesed Again: For the second time, the Torch Bearers had to go to Chesed to pick up supplies and sell expensive items. There, they sought the whereabouts of a woman named Pora, owner of a shop called ‘Boom Alchemics’, and her assistant Velesk Bindergorp, who were persons who could be involved with anti-Technic-League rebel groups in Chesed. But they learned that Pora died a long time ago and Velesk was missing. They also learned that the leader of the Technic League in Chesed was called Merisk Kauffan.
  • A Few More Investigations: Before and after the travel to Chesed, the PCs investigated more about each individual leader of the Ladies of Rust, Meyanda’s role and life, and of the receiver array and the misty area in eastern Scrapwall. They also received the messenger imp that they sent to Torch to warn Dolga about the raid that the Ladies of Rust plan to do on Torch. The imp relayed a message from Dolga: that the Torch Bearers continue to sabotage the Ladies of Rust and they will make preparations too. When they return to Torch, they can discuss further plans.
  • The Fateful Ambush: Returning from Chesed, the PCs headed to Divanya’s Clockwork Chapel to rest. Upon entering it, they found it empty except that two Red Mantis assassins ambushed them, inflicting great injuries and a lot of damage with their signature sawtooth sabres. Then three Technic League agents ensued. What followed what a bloody and dreadful battle where Gorim almost lost his life three times, but sadly, Clarence did lose his life. The ambush party was eventually defeated and they interrogated one member, discovering that Silveron told the ambush party to seek the PCs in the Clockwork Chapel (having learned this from Joram), and the agents sought the Red Mantis help in Chesed.
  • Konir Missing and Valaris Comatose: After the ambush, the PCs returned to Redtooth’s Warren and found that Divanya was hiding there with Valaris. They explained that the ambush party also attacked them and captured Konir, but Divanya escaped with Valaris, both wounded. However, Valaris fell on a comatose state during that fight. Apparently, one agent used a strange gun on her and she fell that way. Divanya has been healing Valaris but no luck; she is still comatose. Gorim inspected her and realized that even when comatose, her brain seems to be having a lot of thoughts or dreams.
Mysteries and Loose Ends (some more important than others)

1. Why Velesk Bindergorp is missing and will he be able to help the PCs against the Technic League?
2. Why Valaris fell in a comatose state? Will she be able to recover? Does this has to do with the strange dreams she reports?


1,760 xp to Clarence, Daemer, Eladrion, Gorim, and Remiliano.

The loot of the Red Mantis assassins and the Technic League agents was:
3 studded leather armor, 3 scimitars, 1 timeworn stun gun (6 charges), 1 timeworn unknown gun, black e-pick, 1 gravity clip, everburning torch, masterwork thieves’ tools, +1 enhanced leather armor (x2), 4 sawtooth sabres, cloak of resistance +1, cloak of resistance +1

Also, 1 battery was subtracted from Clarence and Daemer to account for recharging their flashlights.

+1 replenished Conviction point to Gorim for more forum role-play.

Current Scrapworth: 6

When Remiliano suggested to take the corpses of the Technic League agents and the Red Mantis, and drag them around Scrapwall, that impressed the population (for the Technic League is not welcomed in Scrapwall) and thus raised their scrapworth by one point. Now, almost everyone respects the PCs and there should not be any random encounter or attempt at pick-pocketing or robbery.

GM Commentaries

This session featured a combat that was quite deadly. The opponents were quite strong. Unfortunately, the way that the players handled the battle and their tactics was not the best. Especially with Eladrion, who was not paying much attention to the game and totally lost his role of protecting the weak. This resulted in Clarence getting killed. So, please, more attention next time; the other players are counting on everyone.


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