Lieutenant of the Technic League


Zaitev is a lieutenant of the Technic League who works mostly under the orders and leadership of captain Gryne Rasik. Like most agents of the Technic League, he aspires to climb the ranks of the cruel and treacherous organization. He lately has been focused on increased rebellious activity along the Numerian Plains, but his superiors, too absorbed with matters occurring in Starfall, had paid little attention to Zaitev’s suspicions.

He was sent to Torch to investigate the information provided by Silveron about recently-discovered ruins under the blacksmithing town. He cannot devote full attention to managing Torch and the ruins, so he is asking for reinforcements from Starfall, knowing that they won’t come anytime soon due to the squabbles within the Technic League and the capital city. Meanwhile, he continues to monitor other areas of the Numerian Plains.


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