Brother of Redtooth


Brother to Redtooth. While relatively high-ranking in the Redtooth Raiders gang of Scrapwall, Whiskfiss’ primary focus is on training rust monsters, which the gang used to keep control of other gangs and territories within the junkyard settlement. Unfortunately he was taken prisoner by the Smilers, who also managed to systematically kill all of the rust monsters except one.

Whiskfiss is also a friend of Cherai, an enigmatic figure who might know much more about the Ladies of Rust and Hellion.

When the Torch Bearers assaulted the Smilers’ headquarters, they found Whiskfiss trapped inside a big crystal container, apparently forced to be a test subject for the necromancer Marrow. The Torch Bearers rescued Whiskfiss and in turn he told most of the story of Cherai.


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