Valaris 'Val' Blaine

Adopted daughter of Konir Blaine. Also, a special android.


Valaris is a young Kellid girl orphaned by violence in Starfall whom Konir Blaine rescued and brought with him to Torch. For the past several years, he’s kept a low profile while continuing to give her an education far beyond what a typical child growing up in Numeria could ever hope to receive. Konir is very protective of her, sometimes limiting her freedom.

‘Val’, as she is usually called, is an excellent assistant to Konir in the trades of alchemy and metallurgy, often displaying surprising skill when tackling something new. When not doing this, she works as a bartender at her father’s shop: the Foundry Tavern.

Valaris has amnesia problems and she doesn’t remember much of her life in Starfall, other than feeling a vague sensation that she lived a poor life on the streets.

After the ambush that Silveron and the Technic League set upon Konir and Valaris, during which the Torch Bearers were able to rescue them, Konir revealed that Valaris was an android that “belonged” to the Technic League. She was not even a standard android, but rather an experimental one that is even rarer than her kindred but still share enigmatic origins. As such, Valaris Blaine does not have distinguishing features of androids like glowing circuit-like tattoos and she also seems to have a better handle on emotions, which suggest that her creators made her to blend more into human society.

Konir was not sure from where she originated, but he knew that the Technic League had her preserved for many decades and that she could not remember her past. The League captain Ghartone started to experiment on her to extract her memories, but his experiments were so cruel, that Konir attempted to kill him and then took Valaris with him, fleeing and hiding in Torch.

But Valaris had to escape Torch too, along with Konir, because of the ambush that Silveron set. They fled this time to Scrapwall. Unfortunately, Technic League agents were able to track them down there and ambushed the party for a second time, capturing Konir. Valaris was rescued by Divanya, who took her to Redtooth’s Warren. However, during such second ambush, someone shot Valaris with a special pistol, and she fell into a comatose state. Whether this is related to her amnesia problems or not, nobody knows for now.

When the Torch Bearers defeated Hellion, they sought Divanya and comatose Valaris to escort them back to Torch. At this moment, Gorim’s robot saw Valaris and spoke for the first time: Oh, that is the sister of Casandra. Nobody knows why the robot did this and what does that mean.

During the month of Desnus of the year 4711, the Torch Bearers took a comatose Valaris to Samrak’s Haven, the secret enclave of androids, with the hope that the androids could help in restoring her consciousness. After a long mission that they did for the androids in the starship ruins of the Blacksun, the androids used technology recovered from those same ruins to restore Valaris. Her old memories also came back and with this she remembered her past as an android accompanying the elusive Casandra, and made some revelations regarding herself, Casandra, and Unity.

Valaris 'Val' Blaine

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