Silveron Troval

Technic League Spy


Silveron is a wandering merchant, courier, and tinker — a collector of rare relics and mysterious ores, which most believe he resells on the black market. He is known throughout central and southern Numeria as a fence who deals in technological items — and a lucky one, at that, to have avoided the attentions of the Technic League for so long.

He makes frequent stops in Torch, and has been known to refer to the town as “as close to a home as I’ll ever likely have”. For this reason, he has stayed for a long time on his last stop and even thinks about eventually settling down in Torch.

There, he began a friendship with Konir Blaine and Dolga Feder, the three of them thinking ways they can improve the town.

He is droll and sarcastic, but somehow charming, nevertheless.

After aiding Konir, Dolga, and the Torch Bearers for a long time and showing a lot of interest in the underground ruins of Torch, Silveron secretly alerted the Technic League about these ruin. A contingent of Technic League agents, led by lieutenant Zaitev, descended to Torch to investigate. Silveron then revealed himself to be an agent of the League when he helped them to track down and capture Konir and Valaris, who were fugitives of the League. Thankfully, Konir and Valaris were rescued again by the Torch Bearers.

Silveron’s current whereabouts are unknown.

Silveron Troval

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