Android and Ex-Priestess of Hellion


Meyanda is an android woman responsible for the disappearance of Torch’s important violet flame. As a priestess of the mysterious figure known as Hellion, the woman was sent from Scrapwall to Torch in a secret mission to locate the fusion reactor in a small spacecraft buried below Torch, and siphon the reactor’s energy to Scrapwall.

She went to Torch with a group of orcs and ratfolk scavengers from Scrapwall. Once in town, she made a deal with Garmeth to have him hide a device that could siphon and broadcast the energy. After that, she descended to the buried starship to begin a weeks-long process of diverting the energy. This made the violet flame disappear, causing economic woes to Torch, and also accelerating some slightly-dangerous tremors.

The newly-formed Torch Bearers “special operations” group (the PCs) investigated this problem and eventually concluded with the arrest of Garmeth, with defeating Meyanda and her followers, and with restoring the fusion reactor and bringing back the violet flame. During the intense combat that occurred in the starship ruins, the PCs bargained to let Meyanda live and flee Torch, but in exchange, she would confess everything regarding her mission and Hellion. They also learned that Meyanda was part of a group known as the Ladies of Rust, who are strict disciples of Hellion.

Meyanda walked away from Torch and disappeared.

Meyanda’s current whereabouts were unknown for some months. However, the Torch Bearers found her again when they entered Samrak’s Haven, a secret enclave of androids. Meyanda is now serving the enclave leader Samrak as a magician, healer, and advisor.


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