Konir Blaine

Councilor of Torch and Ex Technic-League Member


Konir Blaine settled in Torch a few years ago, with his adopted daughter Valaris ‘Val’ Blaine. He claims to have come originally from the River Kingdoms, then he settled for a while in Starfall, where he rescued the young kellid orphan Valaris. Not wanting to expose the girl Val to the violence in Starfall, he moved to Torch.
Apart from this, Konir does not share much about his past. But whatever his past is, Konir’s skill and knowledge with technology, combined with his charitable personality, swiftly made friends of nearly everyone in town. He built a successful business (the Foundry Tavern), shared new techniques for smelting and recasting skymetal, and even improved the town’s water supply. Despite repeatedly downplaying his contributions, Konir eventually found himself unanimously voted to the town council, an outcome which he feels gives him and Val the greatest opportunity for sustained success.

Konir one day vanished without leaving much trace. The councilors of Torch issued a bounty for his rescue. The people who later came to be known as the Torch Bearers were able to rescue him from some underground caves and dungeons below Torch which turned out to be a buried starship that crashed there centuries ago. Konir and the Torch Bearers became friends and they worked together for the wellness of Torch.

Shortly after Konir was rescued, Silveron Troval, who turned out to be a secret Technic League agent, called a contingent of other agents to capture Konir and her “daughter” Valaris. Once again, the Torch Bearers rescued the pair and then all fled to Scrapwall. During this travel, and out of Valaris’ earshot, the Torch Bearers interrogated Konir based on something that Silveron said. It was then when Konir revealed that he was a member of the Technic League, who escaped the organization when he tried to kill the captain Ghartone and when he took with him a special android, named Valaris. The two then wandered across Numeria, avoiding the League, until finally settling in Torch. But Silveron and the League agents now forced him to flee again, this time to Scrapwall.

While Konir was hiding in Scrapwall (at Divanya‘s chapel), some Technic League agents eventually located him and ambushed them, capturing Konir. Divanya took a wounded Valaris and hid within Redtooth’s Warren. Konir’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

Konir Blaine

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