Joram Kester

Torch's Priest of Brigh


Kindly old Joram has been in charge of the Temple of Brigh, the oldest faith in Torch, for as long as anyone can remember. His friendly demeanor, active interest in the metal trade, and innovative crafting skills helped land him a seat on the town council many years ago. Joram’s temple is a focus of regular worship from many of the town’s citizens, who appreciate the goddess’ focus on inventiveness, dedication, and hard work.

Joram and Konir Blaine have been friends for several years, the pair sharing numerous interests. They worked together to develop a way to purify the town’s water supply, which has made them both heroes in the eyes of the townsfolk.

He also was a longtime friend and lover of the elf Divanya. The two adventured together across Numeria before they got into trouble with the Technic League twenty years ago and had to part ways.

When the Torch Bearers headed for Scrapwall, Joram asked them to see if Divanya lived there. He wanted them to tell the elf that she could stop hiding from the Technic League and go to Torch, where Joram awaited her after so many years. The Torch Bearers did so and when they concluded their business in Scrapwall, Divanya joined them en route back to Torch. There, the two long lost lovers reunited again.

Joram Kester

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