Divanya Lanalei

Reclusive Inventor and Priestess of Brigh


Divanya is an elf of 121 years.


Divanya Lanalei grew up in the city of Chesed, and it was here that she first met a younger Joram Kester. The two spent time adventuring with a few others until a disastrous clash with the Technic League. Divanya and Joram were the only survivors. While Joram eventually recovered from the disaster, Divanya never did, and her hatred of the Technic League grew and festered over the years. Against Joram’s advice, she began to actively work against the Technic League, until one day they discovered her association with various underground resistance groups in Chesed, and she was forced to flee the city in order to keep Joram and several others from being implicated and imprisoned. She lost contact with Joram ever since.

Divanya spent several months living in the wild, but eventually came to Scrapwall, drawn by the place’s mechanical allure and its promise of a home for all outcasts. She’s lived here for nearly 2 decades now, and has gained something of a reputation as a local eccentric and healer to those willing to pay with good junk—the problem being that what Divanya interprets as valuable on one day she might consider little more than garbage the next. Still, her willingness to provide healing to the citizens of Scrapwall for relatively low prices, if not for free, has in large part kept her safe from harm.

Divanya Lanalei

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