Ghosts of Fallen Stars (Iron Gods)

The Black Hill Caves

Session 2 (February/28/2017)

In-Game Date: 4711, Calistril 16 to Calistril 17

Things Done

The session started with a brief interrogation of the PCs carried out by the dwarven councilor Dolga and other town councilors. Then the PCs were taken to the Weeping Pond accompanied by the merchant Silveron, to enter some caves where Dolga suspected that the missing councilor Konir could be. The PCs searched the caves, encountering vermin and other cave denizens, and finally came upon a group of skulks with whom they struck a bargain in exchange for information on Konir.

  • Dolga’s Interrogation: After being apprehended by the Ropefist thugs, the PCs were taken to the town hall where Torch’s four councilors interrogated the PCs to see if they were responsible for Konir’s disappearance. Dolga gauges the knowledge that they have about Konir and also reprimands Barlundi for aiding in the questionable arrest carried out by the Ropefists. She then takes the opportunity to force the PCs to explore some caves where she alone suspects Konir might be, and this might provide evidence for the PCs’ innocence. The rest of the councilors are a bit surprised to see that Dolga seems to have information that nobody else does. Dolga then appoints Silveron Troval to escort the PCs to the Black Hill Caves.
  • Silveron and the Weeping Pond: After spending the night sleeping in offices and lobbies of the town hall, closely watched by guards, the PCs headed for the entrance to the caves near the foul Weeping Pond. Silveron accompanies them and talks more about Konir. Then he tells his guards to wait at a distance and then imparts some instructions and warnings to the PCs about anything they find in the Black Hill Caves. The PCs finally enter the contaminated pond and swim toward the caves.
  • Of Beetles, Slimes, Molds, and Corpses: Inside the damp and musty caves, the PCs battled the usual cave vermin – slimes and giant beetles – before finding the corpses of two explorers that went into the caves as part of previous secret expeditions. They investigated the corpses, one which was killed by freezing brown mold, and decided to take them to the surface for identification and burial.
  • The Skulks’ Bargain: Further into the caves, they encountered a small party of skulks: humanoids from the Darklands with the natural ability to camouflage with the cave rock. They were stranded here for many days and already set up improvised dwellings with bizarre junk – metal panels, wires, consoles – that they took from somewhere in the caves.
    The skulks were desperate to return to the Darklands and struck a bargain with the PCs: if they go and fetch some ropes stolen by some cave gremlins, then the skulks could provide plenty of info besides other goods. The PCs agreed to that, and one of the skulk, Luepel, served as a guide.
  • The Metal Door: In the rooms where they found the skulks, the PCs also found a big sturdy metal door, about ten feet wide, with a strange interface panel on it. Nobody has seen something like that before and the skulks talked about a strange place beyond the door, where they went before a party of humans passed through and sealed the door. The skulks made some rudimentary cave art depicting what they saw beyond the door, but only Gorim noticed this.
  • Pesky Gremlins: In the last rooms of the small cave system, the PCs battled some gremlins and disposed of them quickly, taking back the stolen ropes to the skulks so they could descend to the Darklands.
Mysteries and Loose Ends (some more important than others)

1. Why Dolga kept to herself the secret that there were some caves below Torch and apparently, Konir went there? Why Silveron also maintained some secrecy when escorting the PCs to the caves?
2. Who were the two persons found dead in the caves?
3. What is that big metal door and to where it leads?
4. Who were the team that passed through the door and sealed it behind?


800 xp were given to Clarence, Daemer, Eladrion, Gorim, and Remiliano. An additional 100 xp were given to Daemer and Gorim for providing a written background.

For Gorim only: 7 silverdisks and several parts of technological items he found in the cave junk (wires, bolts, a few metal plates, etc.)

For Remiliano only: He got one replenished Conviction point due to bargaining with Dolga and providing arguments for the absurdness of the framing paper.

GM Commentaries

This session moved smoother and better than the first. There was some role-playing, quite some exploration, and a couple of combats. Everyone played nice. But, the party forgot to use stealth except at the end of the session: don’t forget next time! :)


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