Ghosts of Fallen Stars (Iron Gods)

Silveron's Betrayal

Session 12 (May/30/2017 and May/31/2017)

In-Game Date: 4711, Pharast 4 to Pharast 7

Things Done

Finishing some errands in Torch, the Torch Bearers joined Konir, Valaris, and Silveron on their route to Scrapwall to investigate the threat that is Hellion. But while camping in a cave on their route, Silveron brought Technic League agents and together they ambushed the PCs, wanting to capture Konir Blaine and Valaris Blaine. The PCs and the Blaine duo escaped and fled to the fort “Aldronard’s Grave”.

  • Last Errands in Torch: While preparing for departing, Daemer found a discarded wanted poster that showed him as a fugitive with a bounty for murdering a noble back in Brevoy. Meanwhile, Remiliano asked Konir to trust him about his past. Konir told him that he had a brother named Roan who was killed by Technic League agents for knowing some secrets, and because Roan passed those secrets onto Konir, he fled Starfall and hid in Torch. Then the group finished preparations for travelling to Scrapwall.
  • Silveron’s Betrayal: On the first night of their travel, Silveron suggested to the group to spend the night in a small cave. Little did they know that Silveron is an agent of the Technic League, who tipped the League about the starship buried below Torch and now tipped them about him taking fugitives Konir and Valaris to the cave. So, while sleeping, Silveron ambushed them with bang grenades and spells, and told that he did not want to hurt the Torch Bearers and that Konir and Valaris should surrender to the Technic League for things to go smoothly and peacefully. A small detachment of Technic League agents (part of the group that went to Torch days earlier) was waiting outside the cave to make sure everything went as they wished.
  • Konir, an Agent Too: During Silveron’s taunting to the group, he spilled the beans on Konir being an ex-agent of the Technic League, who attempted to murder the captain Content Not Found: garthone in Starfall and who stole some property from the captain: the woman Valaris. Konir admitted all of this and also mentioned that his story about Roan was a lie.
  • Escaping Silveron and the Technic League: Appalled by the turn of events, Konir felt very sad but used a scroll of teleport to send Valaris away to the Aldronard’s Grave fortress, and decided to surrender. Yet the Torch Bearers invented an ingenious plan disguise Konir with magic and sneak stealthily, and in this way they smuggled Konir out of the cave. Silveron and the Technic League agents noticed the ruse a brief while thereafter, and pursued the PCs firing at them, but the PCs managed to escape.
  • The Truth of Valaris: The Torch Bearers stopped the next day to ask Konir about the truth of his life. He mentioned how he regretted his past in the Technic League and decided to escape them due to their cruelty. And while escaping, he took Valaris with him and set Content Not Found: garthone_ ’s laboratory on fire. Turns out, as Konir explained, that Valaris is really an android of a special and experimental variety made to blend better with humans. For some reason, Valaris was found without memory of her past and _Content Not Found: garthone was trying to force her memories out, even with cruel methods. Konir noted that Valaris is of great importance to the Technic League and that is why they are hunting them.
  • Continuing to Scrapwall: The Torch Bearers continued to the fort Aldronard’s Grave to seek Valaris there, but found that the fort was under attack.
Mysteries and Loose Ends (some more important than others)

1. Who is seeking Daemer and why?
2. What other consequences could be of Silveron being a Technic League agent all this time?
3. What other things could mean that Valaris is truly an android? Why is she so important for the Technic League?


800 xp were given to Clarence, Daemer, Eladrion, Gorim, and Remiliano, mostly for their great plan of smuggling Konir out of Silveron’s ambush.

+1 replenished Conviction point to Remiliano for more forum role-play.

GM Commentaries

I have been waiting a lot for this session! It was a great honor and pleasure to give you all several plot twists with Silveron, Konir, and Valaris. I hope you all enjoyed them and let’s continue with the drama! Also, I was quite impressed with the plan to smuggle out Konir.


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