Ghosts of Fallen Stars (Iron Gods)

Of Reunions and Meetings

Session 15 (June/20/2017)

In-Game Date: 4711, Pharast 8 to Pharast 9

Things Done

Having rescued some ratfolk, the Torch Bearers (the PCs) followed them to meet their leader: the ratfolk Redtooth, from the Redtooth’s Raiders gang. They spoke of several things about Scrapwall, investigating things further and making some plans. Then the Torch Bearers went to the Clockwork Chapel to seek a place to rest, and met quite an interesting character.

  • Reunion with Redtooth: After rescuing some ratfolk from Smilers gangmembers, they led the PCs to their den, where they were interviewed by Redtooth: a female ratfolk who commands the Redtooth Raiders. She explained the history of her gang and how Scrapwall’s power balance got destroyed with the rise of the supposed demigod Hellion, the Ladies of Rust gang, and the Smilers. These power-hungry gangs are now organizing parties to eventually raid nearby settlements including Torch.
    Redtooth agreed with the PCs to join forces with the Steel Hawks gang, but only if they rescue her ratfolk brother Whiskfiss from the Smilers’ headquarters. She wants too to get rid of the Ladies of Rust and expose Hellion as a fraud, and she has further plans for this, if the PCs come back with Whiskfiss.
    Finally, Redtooth told them some things about Cherai (see next section further below).
  • Meeting Divanya: Looking for some refuge, the PCs learned of the Clockwork Chapel where a priest of Brigh could be able to host them for the night. They went to a small temple built among the junk walls of Scrapwall, decorated with huge moving clockwork gears. They had to force their way in because nobody responded, and then were attacked by a sentinel junk golem. After Gorim fought almost one-on-one with the golem while the rest of the party assisted him, an elf woman appeared to interrogate them. The woman feared that the PCs were Technic League agents and was on the defensive, but Konir convinced them they weren’t and showed her the holy symbol that Joram gave them when he asked to look for a woman named Divanya.
    Thus, Divanya began to talk about Joram, and how the two were lovers decades ago when they adventured together but got into trouble with the Technic League. The two separated and never heard of each other. Divanya also told them about possible places to recruit people against the Technic League: Chesed, Iadenveigh, Hajoth Hakados, and more.
    Divanya told of the Scrapwall Stalker (see next section), about Meyanda, of the big satellite dish that was collecting energies from the southwest, about a secret weapon or artifact that the Ladies of Rust are hiding in their underground base, and how Hellion might be a demigod indeed, for he has granted magic to some of his followers.
    The Torch Bearers then went to sleep.
Mysteries and Loose Ends (some more important than others)

1. Mystery of Cherai: The missing person Cherai is now becoming quite a mystery. Meyanda said via a messenger that the PCs should seek Cherai if they wanted to know more of Hellion and possibly gain access to the Ladies of Rust. But nobody knows for sure who Cherai is. Redtooth told that her brother Whiskfiss was a friend of Cherai. According to a surviving ratfolk, the two were together, along with two other ratfolk, the night that a Smiler assassin ambushed them and captured Whiskfiss. Apparently Cherai got away. Divanya then later mentioned that the surviving ratfolk went to her for healing, and told the story in broken Common, and Divanya assumed that such assassin might be the Scrapwall Stalker.
2. Why an assassin was hunting Whiskfiss or Cherai anyway?
3. Mystery of Scrapwall Stalker: Not much is known about this figure. According to Divanya, the assassin that attacked Whiskfiss and other ratfolk could be the Scrapwall Stalker. This, however, was not confirmed by Redtooth. Also, they learned from denizens of Scrapwall that the Scrapwall Stalker kills people at night and the victims appear partially devoured.


700 xp were given to Daemer and Gorim. 500 xp was given to Clarence. The reason for less XP for Clarence is because his player had to leave mid session and wasn’t used much in the final battle.

(Just to track something; not really an award: Gorim spent 200 gp repairing his robot).

Current Scrapworth: 2

Having an audience with Redtooth and bargaining with her earns the PCs 1 scrapworth point.

GM Commentaries

The gaming session was indeed affected by low player assistance; real life got in the way of some of us. So I had to run the last half of the session with only two players, and I decided to put mostly role-play with NPCs. Let’s catch up again in the next session.


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