Ghosts of Fallen Stars (Iron Gods)

Of Bandits and Knights

Session 13 (June/6/2017)

In-Game Date: 4711, Pharast 7

Things Done

The Torch Bearers and Konir arrived to the fort “Aldronard’s Grave” to reunite with Valaris but found it under attack by a band of Scrapwall bandits known as the Smilers. They helped the fort’s Sarenite knights to repel the bandits and then spoke with the fort captain of several situations happening in Numeria.

  • Entering the Fort: The fort’s gate was closed as the bandits were inside attacking the Sarenite knights. Gorim and Daemer attempted to climb the walls with much difficulty, but Remiliano opted to squeeze through the holes of the gate, being a gnome of smaller size. With luck or expertise, he manages to accomplish that and thus reaches the gate’s level on the other side.
  • Skirmish: Once inside the fort, what ensued was a battle where a lot of shots were fired: arrows and bolts from the PCs rained down the walls, bullets from archaic guns held by the Smilers counterattacked, grenades were thrown by bandits on the walls (even temporarily blinding Konir and Gorim), and big harpoon-like weapons were fired at Remiliano and Gorim. The leader of the Smilers group attacked them without mercy, but Remiliano through his will and a magical card from Zellara, dealt a fatal blow to the bandit leader that virtually brought him down in a second. The bandit was finished later by Konir.
  • Reunion of Survivors: Captain Andaleen greeted the PCs and Konir once the battle was over, as Konir and him are long-time friends. Also, Valaris got reunited with Konir in a emotional moment. Then Andaleen spoke of several things happening: the Smilers getting bold and attacking the fort when the bulk of Sarenites left for Chesed to escort pilgrims, as well as how Scrapwall’s gang are becoming more powerful and organized.
  • Interrogating a Smiler: Eladrion interrogated a Smiler and was told of different gangs in Scrapwall: how the Smilers and the Ladies of Rust are the most powerful ones, with the latter being the strongest thanks to Hellion‘s magic and patronage. He also spoke about the leadership of the Ladies of Rust, about Hellion’s supremacy, and how they plan to conquer all of Numeria.
  • Ceremony to Sarenrae: A religious ceremony to Sarenrae was briefly held by the Sarenites, during which they spoke about several rumors, including that a crusader from Lastwall told a Sarenite that a group of Iomedaean followers detached itself from the Knights of Ozem and are looking for ways to resurrect the god Aroden, looking for clues on Aroden’s remnants along the Sellen River and even in Numeria.
    Then the ceremony concluded with the arrival of the bulk of Sarenites that belong to the fort.
  • Reunion between Zellara and Marlow: The ghost Zellara told Eladrion and the PCs to reunite with someone who arrived with the Sarenites: a halfling named Captain Marlow Bramblefoot, from the Lucky Bastards. Zellara explained what happened in Torch with the other Lucky Bastards and informed Marlow that she would now continue her mission in Scrapwall with the help of the PCs. She also told him to return to Korvosa and send reinforcements.
  • Concluding: Andaleen asked them to take the corpse of a Smiler to Scrapwall with a message saying: “Do not attack the fort again”. He then offered the outpost as a place to rest anytime. Finally, Valaris asked the PCs to train her more in combat. Then they all departed to Scrapwall.
Mysteries and Loose Ends (some more important than others)

1. The questions on Scrapwall still remain. Who is Hellion? What is his true nature and plans? Who are the Ladies of Rust? How all of this is related to Torch? And more.
2. What was that rumor about Iomedaean followers looking for remnants of Aroden in Numeria and wanting to resurrect him?
3. What is exactly Zellara’s mission?


820 xp were given to Clarence, Daemer, Eladrion, Gorim, and Remiliano.

GM Commentaries

This session was mostly a break. It included a long battle because the past session didn’t include much combat. And it also was a break from all the current main plotlines.
You guys keep playing very well. However, battles are getting more complex and the composition of the party has increased a bit, so I need that some players become faster in deciding and resolving what to do.


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