Ghosts of Fallen Stars (Iron Gods)

Investigations and Errands in Torch, Part I

Session 3 (March/14/2017)

In-Game Date: 4711, Calistril 17 to Calistril 20

Things Done

The PCs concluded their mission in the Black Hill Caves and returned to Torch. Then a downtime began and they took part in several investigations and interactions with NPCs.

  • The Skulks’ Revelation: After bringing the much-needed ropes to the skulks, they completed the bargain by telling the PCs of strange things beyond the big metal door when it was open: of a big cavern with desert sand in it and skeletons with four arms that rose from the sand. They also told of strange things made of metal that they have never seen.
    The skulks spoke of how a human party passed through the door twice, sealing it on the second time. The skulks were able to get their hands on a journal which they used a bit for campfire fuel. They gave the journal to the PCs, along with other treasures, and it happened to belong to Konir, telling his accounts on strange tracks he found near the Weeping Pond which led to the discovery of the caves and to subsequent expeditions.
    Finally, Gorim and Daemer spent some time trying to open the door, but it was quite hard and they did not have the needed tools. The skulks in turn used the ropes to descend through a hole into the Darklands.
  • Return to the Town Hall: The PCs swam back to Torch, carrying the two corpses they found in the caves. The waters were freezing and contaminated; Daemer got fatigue from the cold and others got sickened due to the contamination. Once outside, Silveron interviewed them about their findings and asked to be taken back to the door, where he was awestruck by the unusual metal door.
    They all went back to the townhall, where the four councilors examined Konir’s diary while continuing to throw blames among themselves for how they were dealing with all of this. Then they cast votes and declared the PCs innocent. Dolga encouraged them to keep looking for Konir and for a way to re-ignite the violet flame, offering bounties for these two tasks (4,000 gp each) and some help. Seranna in turn suggested sealing the pit in the cave leading to the Darklands.
  • Returning the Bodies: The two bodies found in the caves were returned to Torch and Daemer and Gorim sought to identify them. The female half-orc corpse was of a Brigh disciple named Parda and Joram Kester prepared a funeral for her with the help of gravedigger Mylan.
    The other body was of Gerrol, a mercenary that wanted to marry a blacksmith’s daughter named Emelia.
  • A Visit to the Foundry Tavern: Gorim and Daemer went to Konir’s home and tavern after exiting the townhall, looking for more clues that could help them open the door. Approaching the place, they heard female screams asking for help and so Gorim and Daemer broke into Konir’s home, finding his daughter Valaris locked in a room and a small humanoid-like robotic construct speaking in Androffan about repairing everything it encountered, but turning violent to Gorim, who had to take out his crossbow and disable it.
    Now safe, Valaris helped the two PCs search for clues about Konir and the metal door, finding some papers talking about the humanoid construct. She also told them that she has been having strange headaches and dreams since several days.
    Gorim took the construct to his home and spent the next three days trying to repair it, failing twice, but finally managing thanks to the help of Silveron and Joram. The robot restarted with a blank memory and software and called itself Unit X1402, but Gorim renamed it to “Remi 2.0” in honor of his friend.
  • Investigating the False Accusation: Daemer took the chance to investigate more of Garmeth and the Ropefists, learning that Garmeth has a home somewhere in the small warehouse district and he owns the Silverdisk Hall. He also learned of a Ropefist thug found drowned in the river, and when he saw the corpse, he recognized him as the man that planted false evidence on him. The dead thug had rope marks in the wrists, neck, and ankles.
  • Common Headaches: One rumor that the PCs learned was that quite enough citizens have been suffering from strong headaches. Daemer did some diagnostics on Valaris and concluded that the headaches are not caused by poison or illness, but from some sort of external yet intangible effect.
Mysteries and Loose Ends (some more important than others)

1. What are those things mentioned by the skulks that lie beyond the metal door: a big cave with desert sand, four-armed animated skeletons that arose from it, and bizarre things of metal?
2. What are those tracks that Konir mentioned in his journal that led him to discover the caves and do secret expeditions to it?
3. Are there any unusual causes for the headaches that Torch’s population is having? Gorim suspected that the headaches might be caused by the violet flame going out.
4. Why a Ropefist thug was drowned in the river with rope marks in his ankles and wrists?


300 xp were given to Daemer and Gorim. An additional 200 xp were given to Daemer and Gorim for investigating the identity of Parda and Gerrol’s corpses.


  • Sef, the skulk leader, gave the following things to the PCs for helping with the gremlins and the ropes:
    • 9 silverdisks (worth 10 gp each) to each PC, except for Gorim and Daemer, which get 11 silverdisks instead.
    • 8 gp and 4 sp to each PC
    • 1 flashlight and 1 battery for Daemer (but Silveron took back his own flashlight)
    • 1 unknown-type grenade for Gorim
  • Gerrol’s body contained some gear, and he has no relatives in Torch, so the gear has no owner. These are: masterwork chain shirt, masterwork thieves’ tools, a masterwork hand crossbow, and 75 gp.
  • For bringing Gerrol’s body, her fianceé Emelia asks her father to fashion a masterwork weapon to each PC, as they choose (this will take some days).


  • Bringing Parda’s body to the temple of Brigh earns each PC a +2 circumstance bonus on Persuasion checks made in town (for a week), as word of their good deed remains fresh in the locals’ minds.
  • Valaris offers the PCs free meals and lodging, should they wish, for as long as they are searching for Konir.
  • Dolga and other town councilors give the PCs some papers ordering a discount of 20% for all merchants in Torch while they are looking for Konir. This is also a way to repay the PCs for the mistreatment in the false arrest.
  • If Konir is brought alive, Joram Kester will spend some materials he reserved for resurrecting Konir but for resurrecting any PC that dies.
  • There is 1 replenished conviction to all PCs (mostly for how they dealt with the skulks).

Remember that Dolga is offering 4,000 gp overall for rescuing Konir and 4,000 gp overall for re-igniting the violet flame.

GM Commentaries

Too bad that only two players played in this game session (other 2 excused themselves and 1 had too much technical problems, for which he can ask the GM again for help). Still, we had a good game. The investigations on Daemer’s part were quite nice. But, the players should keep notes on certain details and loose ends, as they forgot them sometimes.


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