Ghosts of Fallen Stars (Iron Gods)

The Demonic Invasion of Castle Urion (Part I)
Session 35 (May/9/2018)

In-Game Date: 4711, Desnus 31 to Sarenith 15

Things Done

The Torch Bearers continued their ascension up the underground deep well in Chesed, being pursued by macabre kytons bent on kidnapping them. Through cooperation, they managed to escape such dungeon with Velesk alive, who pledged support in the PCs’ war against the Technic League. With this mission completed, the PCs journeyed towards Castle Urion to see how they could help in the war. But after an afternoon of introductions and talks, the PCs were caught in the middle of a demonic invasion of the castle.

  • Climbing to Safety: The Torch Bearers kept rappelling up the deep well under Chesed to escape the kyton jailers who wanted to kidnap them and the prisoners they rescued. Through well-done climbing attempts, cooperation, attacks towards the kytons, and the useful teleportation magic of Clarence, they safely reached the top with Velesk (except Daemer, who fell all the way down to the bottom water). Unfortunately, the prisoners Proktur and Carpio were kidnapped too to the Plane of Shadows, probably to be tortured until they too become kytons. After all the rest climbed to safety, the kytons vanished. The PCs and Velesk were able to exit the dungeon.
  • Pledge of Allegiance: Velesk, still scared and shocked from the encounter with the kytons, lamented the loss of his fellow prisoners but vowed with even more strength to eliminate the Technic League. He went to his old shop and house to gather his supplies, and then told the Torch Bearers that he was going to contact and assemble his old comrades (rebels in Chesed) to join the PCs’ army in Torch. But he also said that he was not going to stay in Chesed. The PCs thus decided to offer a safe haven for him in Scrapwall, in the hands of Redtooth, now that Scrapwall was safer thanks to the PCs’ efforts.
  • Back to Torch: The Torch Bearers departed Chesed to deliver Velesk to Redtooth and then they continued to Torch. There, they attended some personal matters and war efforts.
  • Journey to Castle Urion: For a long time, Clarence has been curious about what a Urion crusader named Osric told him about his sword and about visiting Castle Urion to learn more. For this reason, and to search how the Urion knights could help in their war, the Torch Bearers made a journey to Castle Urion in the southwest of Numeria. The trip took nine days during which they passed near the Dagger River, the Gorum Pots (geysers and hot pools), the Marstol farming village, and the site of the Rosewar. They reached the Castle but discovered that they were not welcomed.
  • Castle of Paranoid Knights: The PCs found that the Urion knights were not accepting visitors and were turning them away. Osric eventually spotted Clarence and let him and his companions inside. Then they were introduced to Caroliss Mineran, the leader of the knights, who exchanged some introductory words and invited them to a banquet that evening.
    Osric took them to the chapel to pray for Iomedae and revealed that the knights are paranoid because they suspect that the Technic League and/or demon cultists have infiltrated them. The PCs learned more of the situation and then were taken to some guests quarters.
  • The Banquet: At night, the Torch Bearers went to a banquet in the Castle, where they saw different personalities: crusaders and recruits, sarenites, Osric, Portia (leader of a group of knights of Ozem), and even Marlow Bramblefoot (who was securing contracts with the knights). They were all discussing recent problems in Mendev. Osric presented a man named Augustus to Clarence, who examined his sword and saw that it belonged to the knights of Ozem, but from the 39th century! (the present century is 48th). Also, the Torch Bearers tried to spot any possible spy in the banquet and got highly suspicious of a crusader who might be a Technic League agent.
  • The Demonic Invasion Begins: Just when they were going to confront the possible spy, some knight burst into the dining hall to announce that demons appeared to the north. Caroliss saw them through a window and immediately ordered everyone to take arms and defend the Castle. Knights and Lucky Bastards mercenaries went outside armed as Caroliss kept rallying troops.
    Then two men (demon cultists) appeared in the courtyard, mounted on a griffon, but one of them was shot and fell. The other used a ritual to open a portal in the air, and more demons appeared in the courtyard near the PCs. An intense battle was imminent.
Mysteries and Loose Ends (some more important than others)

1. Again, what relation could the kytons have (if any) with the Technic League or the whole plot so far?
2. What is really going on in Castle Urion?
3. So, Clarence’s sword belonged to the Knights of Ozem from the 39th century. What else could be learned of it?


820 xp to Clarence, Daemer, Gorim, and Remiliano. Ezekiel played half the session so he gets 615 XP.

Velesk gave some treasure to the PCs as further gestures of gratitude for saving his life:

  • Javelin of Lightning (1500 gp)
  • Potion of Cure Sickness (900 gp)
  • Potion of Haste (600 gp)
  • Scroll of Teleport (1600 gp).
GM Commentaries

This was another good session with a good dose of intense moments, combat, and roleplaying. It was also nice to revisit Scrapwall. Keep up the good work, players!

A Macabre Jailbreak in Chesed
Session 34 (May/2/2018)

In-Game Date: 4711, Desnus 31

Things Done

The PCs ‘rappelled’ and descended a deep well in the dungeon below Chesed, encountering afterwards a strange prison, with only a handful of prisoners and zero guards. They explored the prison and then went with the prisoners up the deep well. But suddenly, tenebrous horrors known as kytons appeared to collect the prisoners, and a persecution followed.

  • Descending the Deep Well: The exploration of the underground tunnels below Chesed continued. Using ropes and the help of their comrades, the PCs rappelled down a deep well of 100 feet without problems. Gorim and Remiliano decided to descend differently and jumped into the pit (Gorim holding Remiliano), using a ‘harrow card’ in midair to alter reality and fall slowly. Once in the flooded bottom, they saw a pathway to another area of the dungeon: a desolate, abandoned, and eerie prison.
  • The Merry Gang of Prisoners: In the ancient prison, illuminated by glowing fungus, the Torch Bearers found several prisoners in the tunnels, which were ‘camping out’ and butchering a darkmantle for food. The prisoners introduced themselves. Proktur, a dwarf, was the first of the group to be thrown 4 days ago into the pit by Technic League agents. Then a middle-aged woman named Alina was thrown, followed by a weird man named Carpio and then Velesk (the possible leader of the Chesed rebels, who was imprisoned in the Technic League offices for almost 2 months before being thrown here). They have explored the dungeon but haven’t found another exit.
  • Lord Farmer: The PCs also discovered a crazy man named Lord Farmer, who was in the prison before Proktur. He scarily rambled about horrors, corpses, chains, torture, pain, shadows, and more, apparently saying that something was going to come for the prisoners.
    The PCs continued exploring other corridors, killing more darkmantles, but they never found another exit, so they decided to climb up the deep well and backtrack their way.
  • Jailbreak against the Kyton Jailers: When the Torch Bearers and the rescued prisoners were about to exit the prison, horrendous kytons appeared to collect the prisoners. They entangled Lord Farmer and Alina with their chains and vanished away with them. Ezekiel, really afraid of the kytons, knew that the prisoners were taken to the Plane of Shadows, for he comes from there and has seen these horrors and their macabre deeds in such plane.
    They fought the kytons for a while but realized that they were too strong and started to flee via the well. While they were escaping, Remiliano said prayers to Zon-Kuthon in an attempt to gain safety from the kytons; this obviously didn’t work, but the kytons got a special interest for him. Then the PCs climbed the well using their ropes and the kytons followed them, prompting them for a ‘vertical’ battle while they rappelled.
Mysteries and Loose Ends (some more important than others)

1. Who was Lord Farmer really? He was in the prison before the rest and saw the kytons first.
2. Why the kytons appeared there to collect prisoners? Since the Technic League was throwing prisoners in that well, do they know about the kytons?


1,200 XP for Clarence, Daemer, Gorim, and Remiliano. Ezekiel was absent for the entire session but his character was used, so he gets 250 XP.


  • Boots of Striding and Springing
GM Commentaries

I liked this session because it had a mixture of exploration, role-play with the prisoners and Lord Farmer, combat with the kytons, and a dire situation where skill checks are much needed.

From Androids to Missing Rebels
Session 33 (April/25/2018)

In-Game Date: 4711, Desnus 21 to Desnus 31

Things Done

The PCs came out of the Blacksun starship ruins with their goals accomplished and negotiated and talked more with Samrak. They witnessed the recovery of Valaris and learned more of Casandra. Then they went back to Torch to handle a few errands and continued their journeys towards Chesed, to establish contact with rebel groups there. They entered a dungeon hoping to find more.

  • Aftermath of the Blacksun: Once they emerged successfully from the Blacksun, the following occurred for the Torch Bearers:
    • They were brought to Samrak for debriefing. Samrak ordered a contingent of androids to enter the ruins, confirm their success in neutralizing menaces, and bring back the “thought harvester” robot.
    • Then the Torch Bearers were treated as guests for four days while the android scientists finished researching how to bring back Valaris from her comma. During this time, they experienced more the communal living and feeling of camaraderie of the androids. They also spoke with Meyanda about more things, including negotiations for participating in Torch’s war.
    • The Torch Bearers and the androids gather together in a laboratory for awakening Valaris. They use a reprogrammer “though harvester” robot to facilitate the process of eliminating her comma and bringing her memories back. Then Valaris awakened, recognizing the Torch Bearers but asking where she was, all while a flood of old memories came to her head.
    • Valaris then remembers and speaks about a lot of things. First, she spoke of how Konir was not her true father, although she felt extremely thankful for being her adoptive father. She also remembered her android nature and her story with Unity and the mysterious person named Casandra (see below).
    • But when the PCs decide to head back to Torch, Samrak ordered their capture: nobody was leaving his enclave, much less with vital knowledge of it. But then Remiliano convinced Meyanda to intercede, and she advocated for the PCs’ resourcefulness in combating Unity and saving Numeria. Samrak let them go and apologized for his outburst. Then everyone involved discussed more things for the war against the Technic League and Unity, and Samrak delivered some treasure and knowledge. He explained the memory facets that the PCs have gotten and their purpose (to modify artificial intelligences). Gorim also took the opportunity to erase some fragments of Hellion‘s programming that were ’stuck’ in his robot companion’s software.
    • In the end, Valaris decided to stay among her kin, the androids, and all of them suggested the PCs to seek out Casandra in the ‘Scar of the Spider’ valley if they want to know more of Unity.
  • Casandra and Valaris’ Story: As Valaris told once she was re-awakened, she and Casandra were android friends that met almost six decades ago. To read more about their story together, see this page about Casandra.
  • Back to Torch: With Clarence’s teleportation magic, the Torch Bearers returned to Torch the next day. They stayed for 1 day there, during which Dolga and Seranna warned them that the Technic League might come to collect taxes during the next month of Sarenith. They usually send small groups (the big group that came with the big robot apparently was big because they came to capture Konir). Joram also told them that he brought to town a rare and great magic item known as an Arcane Anvil.
  • Onwards to Chesed: The Torch Bearers then departed to Chesed once more, this time with the intention of securing the help of the rumored Chesed rebels. When they arrive to the metropolis, they see an altercation between slavers and some freedom fighters led by a man named Lucas. The freedom fighters were trying to unchain some Tymon slaves and hide them in the city for an hour (accoring to Chesed law, if slaves are not registered within an hour, they become free men). Guards, Technic League hirelings, and some gearsmen repelled the freedom fighters and they had to flee.
    The PCs pursued Lucas and talked with him about finding the Chesed rebels and their leader, Velesk. Lucas told them to seek his alchemist shop and also to look around the tanneries.
  • Chesed Underground: Looking around for Velesk, the Torch Bearers found some clues that pointed out that Velesk was exploring a dungeon below Chesed. So they gathered supplies and went there, travelling through many dark tunnels and stairs. Eventually they found a deep well, measuring 50 feet in diameter and around 100 feet deep. They decided to climb down using ropes, to search for Velesk.
Mysteries and Loose Ends (some more important than others)

1. What else can be learned of Casandra? Especially in relation to Unity, the Technic League, and Numeria.
2. What is the purpose or function of the second ‘memory facet’ crystal that they found inside the Blacksun ruins?


500 XP for Clarence, Gorim, Remiliano, and Ezekiel. Daemer was absent for the entire session but his character was used, so he gets 250 XP. Note that for this session, I was not very strict with the usual XP award rules and assistance.

Most of the items they accumulated during their exploration of the Blacksun were returned to them, except for some futuristic armor and a signal jammer.


  • +1 replenished Conviction point to Clarence, Daemer, Ezekiel, Gorim, and Remiliano.
  • The Torch Bearers also earned 35 more ‘build points’ to use towards their war efforts (the first points were not written in any session recap). With them, they can build more units, fortify Torch, and more.
GM Commentaries

This session happened after another canceled session, again for technical reasons (power went out). The session contained mostly long role-play scenes, and then a bit of investigation. It had a slow pace, but was a bit of a break after four sessions exploring a big dungeon.

Do Androids Dream of Digital Prophets? (Part IV)
Session 32 (April/11/2018)

In-Game Date: 4711, Desnus 19 to Desnus 21

Things Done

The PCs finished their last goal in the Blacksun starship ruins: to shut-down the EMP fields so that the enclave androids could enter. Gorim died during a battle with pesky spider-like monstrosities, but Clarence teleported with him to Torch for resurrection. Then a couple of days later, they returned to Samrak’s Haven to continue the mission in the Blacksun. They fought a strange intelligent ooze and accessed the ship’s bridge computers, learning more of it and disabling the EMP fields.

  • Death of Gorim: The spider-like monsters in the cold, oxygen-void room continued their relentless attack on the Torch Bearers until they were able to kill Gorim with their infectious volleys of shrapnels. Everyone fell back, taking Gorim out of the place, and were confused as to what to do next.
  • Expedited Resurrection: Clarence then suggested to teleport back to Torch where they could seek Joram or Divanya‘s help in resurrecting Gorim. He disappeared alone, taking Gorim’s body with him. Then after a few hours of preparing rituals and gathering expensive components, Joram was able to revive Gorim with the help of Brigh. Clarence and Gorim teleported back to Samrak’s Haven, something that surprised the androids who did not accepted it positively.
  • Return to the Blacksun: After two days of resting from their first ordeal in the Blacksun, the Torch Bearers descended once again to the cold level of the control bridge. There they found a strange blob who spoke to them telepathically: apparently an unknown intelligent ooze. It explained how it has been captive for centuries in stasis pods of the starship, awaiting to go outside.
    But when Remiliano told it that they wanted to use the bridge’s computers, it refused and insisted that they were broken. Gorim suspected otherwise and began to work with the computers, contrary to what the ooze’s said. But the ooze got desperate and angry, and attacked the Torch Bearers with strange force attacks and gooey slams that drained their intelligence. With enough attacks, they destroyed the ooze.
  • Blacksun’s Computer Holograms: The Torch Bearers continued working with the computers and found several interesting holograms in them. One was a map of the Blacksun starship and the other was a diagram of the interstellar convoy. There were also some partially-corrupted logs that spoke of the fate of the convoy and the Blacksun. The PCs learned more of the whole mystery of the starships.
    Finally, among these records, the PCs found a command to disable the EMP fields, and their final mission in the Blacksun was complete.
Mysteries and Loose Ends (some more important than others)

1. What were those spider-like monsters and the bizarre blob that could speak?
2. The “Dominion of the Black” was mentioned again, this time in the ship’s logs. What it could be?
3. What really happened to the Divinity and its interstellar convoy that crashed in Numeria?


1,600 XP for Clarence, Daemer, Gorim, and Remiliano.
Important: Gorim died but was resurrected. This gave him 1 ‘negative level’ (which imposes a –1 penalty on all checks). This negative level goes away when he acquires an “amount of XP equal to: the minimum amount of XP for reaching the next level minus the minimum amount of XP needed for the current level.” This calculation at the current level 8 means that Gorim needs to gain 8,000 XP for the penalty to go away.


  • Accumulated treasure: In this session they accumulated: an ornate expensive-looking shortsword, 100 silverdisks (worth 10gp each), a sealed metal box (red card access).
    While not a treasure, we must account that Gorim had to spend 5,000gp on his resurrection.

+1 replenished Conviction point to Gorim for forum role-play.

GM Commentaries

This is another session where we started late (40 minutes). That made the session be shorter and it got slow anyway. So I decided to skip a whole level of the Blacksun dungeon (level 4). It was really dragging along after four sessions, in part because of several delays but also because I made it quite long and strenuous. So cutting it short was a better decision.
In general, I’m mildly satisfied with the whole dungeon. There were cool or interesting moments, some nice challenges, but there were some long and slow parts.
Regardless, let’s try to be on time for the game.

Do Androids Dream of Digital Prophets? (Part III)
Session 31 (March/28/2018)

In-Game Date: 4711, Desnus 19

Things Done

The Torch Bearers continued exploring level 3 (Research Labs) of the Blacksun starship ruins. They found the robot that Samrak told them to seek within the mnemonics lab, and captured it, not without having to fight a long and strenuous battle first. They explored the rest of the level 3 and moved to level 1 (Bridge and Datacenter) to try to disable the EMP fields. But they were ambushed.

  • Memory Harvest: As Samrak predicted, the Torch Bearers discovered a unique robot in the Blacksun’s Mnemonics Laboratory that was capable of extracting memories from people. The robot, alarmed, attacked them and a long battle followed where the robot grappled and clawed at Gorim several times and also deal considerable damage to Clarence and Ezekiel. The robot was resilient too, withstanding many attacks.
    At some moments, the robot injected two pointed cables into several Torch Bearers and invaded their minds. At last, it was successful with Daemer, and extracted memories that would help it answers some questions it pronounced: “Are you here to destroy Unity? Did the Divinity commanders sent you? Did the Dominion of the Black sent you? What are you doing here? Why do you want to take me? Who is Valaris?”
    But the Torch Bearers disabled the robot with EMP blasts as planned, ready to carry it later. They also extracted some data from the computers in the room.
  • Further Exploration: The Torch Bearers also explored the rest of level 3, visiting other laboratories, collapsed offices, a storage room with another inactive mannequin robot, and a genetics lab where they found toxic gas made of specimens that decomposed centuries ago, and a hole leading to some place below.
  • A Cold and Void Space: Finishing with this level, the Torch Bearers went to level 1 (Bridge and Datacenter) to try to disable the EMP fields. For some reason, the level was devoid of warmth and oxygen, making it very perilous to stay for long. The Torch Bearers entered a computer room and where ambushed by bizarre ‘spiders’ made of both organic and metallic materials.
Mysteries and Loose Ends (some more important than others)

1. The robot in the Mnemonics lab said something about the “Dominion of the Black”. What could it be?
2. What relationship could be among Unity, the Divinity mothership, and that “Dominion of the Black”?


2,020 XP to Clarence, Gorim, and Remiliano (even when Clarence’s player arrived a bit late, I’m awarding 100% of the XP here because he is making quite the effort to attend). 1,010 XP are given to Daemer and Ezekiel because they didn’t attend but their characters were anyway used.


  • Accumulated treasure: In this session they accumulated: metal boots, futuristic armor, flare gun, signal jammer, and a mechanical bird with two circular chips. They also obtained another memory facet crystal (this one is yellow; the previous one was blue).
GM Commentaries

That was one of those sessions where I feel that we didn’t do much. Due to some glitches and problems (including with myself) we started late and also had interruptions. Plus the combat with the robot was quite long and lasted two hours.

Do Androids Dream of Digital Prophets? (Part II)
Session 30 (March/21/2018)

In-Game Date: 4711, Desnus 19

Things Done

After battling two rogue robots, the Torch Bearers explored more areas of the Blacksun starship ruins. They found interesting things and dealt with even more menaces, such as a room haunted by ghosts of dead androids and a nanite cloud bent on ‘dismantling’ them. They also made their way through several research laboratories, manipulating the gravity to clear obstacles.

  • Battling the Robots: The battle that the Torch Bearers had with two malfunctioning medical robots was tough with quite a lot of damage. Gorim sustained the most damage from the ‘torturer’ robot’s many saws and needles. Yet their special aide Ezekiel beat the robot really hard with his punches.
  • The Crew Barracks and a Sad Tale: Exploring the rest of the rooms in this level, they found what were the crew’s barracks, discovering some technological items to loot, a damaged stasis pod that was leaking some radiation, and fragments of the personal log of some crew member, which read: I can’t believe, I can’t accept, that after a year of exploration, this grand voyage across the stars will end in a calamity. We were severely crippled in an ambush by unknown forces and Unity couldn’t handle it, and now it’s broken. My family back in my home of Androffa will not see me again. I promised my own daughter that I would be there to take her by the hand and walk her into her first school. And that I would also be there to take her back home. But now she will be alone, without her dad, which she loved the most
  • A Haunting of Ghost Androids: The Torch Bearers then entered an elevator and descended to level 3: the research labs (level 4 was inaccessible). They discovered a device that could manipulate the gravity in some rooms. They also entered a dark, creepy room where the ghosts of three androids assaulted the PCs and suffocated them for a while. They rushed fast past this room.
  • First Gravity Puzzle: Ezekiel rushed with Daemer towards one research laboratory and immediately fell and hit the ceiling. This is how they discovered that the gravity in this big laboratory was reversed. With the device they found earlier, they controlled the gravity and made it normal. However, there was a big pile of rocks blocking the way ahead, so the Torch Bearers invented a way to clear them. They suspended the gravity, making the rocks float a little, and then pushed a heavy console/machinery towards the rocks, hitting them like billiard balls and clearing a path.
  • Second Gravity Puzzle: They entered a second research laboratory, where the door ahead was nonoperational. The only way forward was via a duct 25 feet above the floor. But the walls of the room were coated with a ceramic-like, polished, white material and climbing them was extremely difficult. To make matters worse, a cloud of thousands of nanites appeared in the room, surrounding the Torch Bearers (especially Ezekiel) in a storm of microscopic slashes and punctures, injecting them with debilitating chemicals. The Torch Bearers hurried and suspended the gravity again to be able to float towards the duct. But they already sustained a lot of damage; Ezekiel was much debilitated than before. They continued their way forward to more rooms of the starship ruins.
Mysteries and Loose Ends (some more important than others)

1. No new mysteries in this session.


1,380 for Gorim and Remiliano. Remiliano takes an additional 200 XP for figuring out how to resolve the first gravity puzzle. Clarence and Ezekiel, who were present for half the session, get 75% of XP (1,035). Daemer’s player was absent but we still used his character for the whole session, so he gets 50% of XP (690).


  • Accumulated treasure: In this session they accumulated: +1 enhanced corrosive light crossbow, 3 nanite canisters, 6 batteries, 1 chemalyzer, 1 radiation detector, 1 camera, a green access card for the Blacksun.
GM Commentaries

This was a good session. We started at the right time and thus wasted no time. The session had a good mixture of things: high-damage combat, exploration, traps/hazards, and puzzles using different gravity scenarios. I liked how everything unfolded, especially the combats (although bad rolls made Remiliano perform poorly, but good rolls made Ezekiel shine). The exploration of level 3 was well done, even when you guys were very paranoid and thus marched slowly, but that was part of the purpose of this level. Also, how you dealt with the gravity puzzles was good.

However, I want to give two pieces of advice to my players. First, combat and hazards greatly depleted hps and resources. Although you have been playing well, I advise to maintain caution as there are more dangers and damage ahead.

The second advice is that you should remember to throw more checks of Perception, Stealth, and Investigation, especially this last skill before leaving a room. There is loot and clues in this dungeon that you have overlooked and only because you are forgetting to throw proper routine checks. I know that you have paid attention to those details before, but for this dungeon you keep forgetting.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with this session and of course, with my players.

Do Androids Dream of Digital Prophets? (Part I)
Session 29 (March/7/2018)

In-Game Date: 4711, Desnus 18

Things Done

Captured at the gates of Samrak’s Haven, the Torch Bearers were interrogated by Meyanda. They were taken to a cell and later to an audience with the android leader Samrak, with whom they discussed a mission for recovering Valaris to her former self. Samrak, intrigued by their purpose, suggested that they explore the nearby ruins of a starship called Blacksun to see if they can discover technology that can help.
The next day, the Torch Bearers entered the ruins, exploring most of the first level, dealing with diverse menaces, and finding some curious things.

  • Continued Trouble at the Glaucite Gates: Meyanda and more than ten android guards surrounded the Torch Bearers as they entered Samrak’s Haven, a secret android enclave, looking for a way to help their android friend Valaris. Meyanda immediately ordered their arrest and asked why they came uninvited. After some explanations, Meyanda examined the body of Valaris and discovered some oddities. She ordered for Valaris to be taken for more examination and for the Torch Bearers to be carried away to a cell. Technologically-advanced manacles were put on them, which also silenced the prisoners.
  • The Enclave: The Torch Bearers were taken through corridors of the enclave’s cavern complex. They saw how the rock walls were lined with metal plates and blinking technological devices. Many luxurious items decorated the enclave like cave fungus planted in ornate jars, a few reptiles treated as pets, and elegant furniture. Many android civilians stared in silence while reprogrammed repair robots kept to their chores.
    Finally, the Torch Bearers, stripped of all their gear including Gorim’s robot, were pushed into a prison cell made of thick metal walls and door.
  • Audience with Samrak: An hour later, they were blindfolded and taken to Samrak, the androgynous leader of the enclave. Meyanda and other guards were present. They all had a lengthy conversation about their purpose for visiting the enclave as well as many other topics such as Hellion, Scrapwall, and who Casandra might be. Samrak then made a proposal: deep within the enclave’s caverns, there lies another starship called the Blacksun. Samrak knows that there is a ‘mnemonics’ laboratory there and they can extract technology to restore Valaris’ mind. However, the androids accidentally triggered an EMP field that impeded them from continuing exploring it. Samrak proposed that the Torch Bearers, unaffected by EMP fields, enter the starship to extract the technology and also disable the field.
    With all of this said, Samrak returned the Torch Bearers to their prison. Later during the night, Meyanda visited them to speak more of Torch, Scrapwall, Hellion, Unity, Samrak, and some gear that Gorim had.
  • Into the Blacksun: The next day arrived and the Torch Bearers are taken to the Blacksun. They are already familiar with starship ruins and their glaucite walls, their numerous blinking lights, devices, busted apparatuses with exposed wires, scattered metal furniture, and their overall sense of eeriness and danger.
    They encountered several weapon (and pathogen) detectors, which Remiliano disabled with magic. Then they were forced to deal with two laser turrets that shot at the intruders but Gorim disabled them. Continuing their exploration through the corridors and locked doors, they saw the skeleton of an explorer. Daemer examined it closely and found it to be an android.
  • Battling Irradiated Undead: Further in the starship, they entered a disorganized dining hall, where they were surprised by two decaying undead androids that were irradiated, spreading their radiation poisoning to the Torch Bearers as they hit them and vomited streams of acid on them. Thankfully, Clarence is immune to low levels of radiation, but his companions not and thus a dangerous combat followed. Needing extra help with these enemies, the Torch Bearers summoned Ezekiel, the special agent that Lady Altouna lent them. Together they smashed the irradiated undead to pulp.
  • Robots, Robots, Robots: Moving from the dining hall into the kitchen, the Torch Bearers found a shut-down mannequin robot that served as the starship’s chef. Before ceasing to work, the robot scratched the surface of a cabinet with the words “Unity is lo longer peace”. Our adventurers searched the area and then continued to another room, where they found equipment and devices for exercising and relaxation. Two benign mannequin robots invited them to relax, offering a wide array of services including massages, acupuncture, and sexual pleasure.
    Pressed for time, the Torch Bearers continued their exploration of the Blacksun and entered a damaged medical bay, where they surprised two robots (a medical drone and a surgeon robot turned torturer) and prepared for another battle.
Mysteries and Loose Ends (some more important than others)

1. What else can Samrak or the other androids know? If Valaris’ mind is restored and her memories are back, what things could she reveal? It seems that a lot of information and discoveries are at stake in this whole adventure.
2. What could mean the phrase that the robot chef scribbled: “Unity is no longer peace”.


1,120 XP for Clarence, Daemer, Gorim, and Remiliano. Ezekiel, who was present in the last half of the session, gets 75% of XP (840).


  • Accumulated treasure: The androids told the Torch Bearers that they would inspect them upon returning from the Blacksun for any treasure they accumulated. They would let them keep many items except those that are very important for the androids. So far they have accumulated: 1 shocking greatsword, 1 +1 enhanced chain shirt, compass, flashlight, 1 battery, 1 liquid ice flask.
  • Gorim actually lost his inferno pistol after he returned it to Meyanda
  • The memory facet (inhibitor) that they carried was confiscated by the androids.
GM Commentaries

The first hour of the session was slow because there was a lot of role-playing going on and I saw everyone was involved and didn’t want to rush things out. The rest of the session was awesome with traps, good combat, and lots of laughs.

An Afternoon of Wonders In Hajoth Hakados
Session 27-28 (February/21/2018, February/28/2018)

In-Game Date: 4711, Pharast 23 to Desnus 18

Things Done

The Torch Bearers embarked to Hajoth Hakados to begin their initial efforts towards building an army. They encountered weird events along the way. In Hajoth Hakados, they had to chase and protect a kasatha from Technic League agents in order to gain the favor of the city’s leaders. With this done, they made trade deals with Hajoth Hakados and then returned to Torch, where they decided to travel to an android enclave to see if Valaris could be cured there.

  • End of Downtime: The Torch Bearers continued a prolonged stay in Torch. They finished interrogating two Technic League agents stationed in Torch and got information on their ways of operating. Daemer also learned that there is someone (or a group) in Starfall called “Mockery” who would like to fight the Technic League. The agents were let free thanks to Daemer mercifully intervening for their life and they fled south, away from Numeria.
    For the next weeks, they went to Chesed to sell expensive items and establish trade deals with guilds of craftsmen. They also crafted some magic items. Remiliano took this time to negotiate with the Lucky Bastards mercenaries for their participation in the rebellion war.
  • Onwards to Hajoth Hakados: As discussed with Dolga, the Torch Bearers, now military leaders of Torch, embarked to the southern trade city of Hajoth Hakados for establishing trade deals that could help in their rebellion war. The Technic League is not welcomed for business in Hajoth Hakados, so that is a good place to conduct this plan, especially for smuggling and selling technological items and skymetals extracted from Torch’s underground starship, the Nebula.
  • Longdreamer and Blackpipe: On the way to Hajoth Hakados, the Torch Bearers set up camp and at night, Clarence saw a huge, bio-luminiscent moth (bigger than a horse), perched above some trees looking at the sleeping PCs, until it set flight and disappeared towards the west. (The PCs later discovered it had a name: Longdreamer).
    On the next days, they approach the riverside village of Blackpipe and decide to rest in it. They see why the village carries its name: for there is a big fifteen-foot-tall metal pipe protruding from the earth. They ask more about it but are interrupted by a small keelboat with Blood Gars pirates that dock in the village. The villagers and their chief Gonton get out to trade goods with the pirates, and Daemer decides to sneak and eavesdrop, hearing about “crazy things happening in Iadenveigh ”, about some business the pirates are doing with Hajoth Hakados, and finally, the pirates are extorting the villagers for protection, although they don’t mind much since they anyway trade nice goods with the pirates.
  • Festival of Wonders: The Torch Bearers finally arrived to Hajoth Hakados and saw the city bustling with a lot of activity, for its semi-weekly festival called ‘Afternoon of Wonders’ (see footnote below) was about to start. Before that, Daemer wandered the city for a while and discovered more ‘wanted posters’ seeking him and the Torch Bearers. Then the festival commenced with a lot of people of different races gathered in an amphitheater. A dwarf named Dronkar was the event’s host and introduced artistic performances and a small duel among two goblins and two kobolds (Gorim and Daemer bet and Gorim won). Then the main attraction began: a duel between a Blood Gar pirate and a never-seen-before creature: a kasatha, brought from any of the crashed starships. But the kasatha managed to climb out of the walls of the arena and got lost in the city. Everybody got angry but the Torch Bearers saw that Cythrul and several others were really angry about the show and Cythrul made haste towards her shop.
  • Cythrul’s Offer: The Torch Bearers followed Cythrul and entered her shop, where they eavesdropped on her and another female figure (Lady Altouna). Both were saying that the Blood Gars betrayed them and now any secret Technic League agent in the city will want to capture that kasatha. They wanted someone not affiliated with them to track down the kasatha and eliminate any secret agent. The Torch Bearers just found the opportunity to earn the favors of the two women, and thus they all met and negotiated that if the Torch Bearers do these favors for them, they would be eager to make trade deals with Torch and more.
  • In Pursuit of the Kasatha: The Torch Bearers went looking for the alien kasatha among the streets of Hajoth Hakados. They noticed that other people were tailing them, probably bounty hunters. Finally, in the northernmost slums, they found the kasatha as he burst out of an abandoned building and went running down the street, chased by three other people: Technic League agents, as Remiliano could tell.
    The Torch Bearers ran behind them and a chase ensued. They all ran across slums, gang territories, bridges, busy market plazas, sewers, rooftops, and more, evading all sort of obstacles to try to catch each other. The three bounty hunters that were previously tailing them also joined the chase. Arrows and spells were flung among all these groups. Gorim got stuck and left behind to combat those bounty hunters. All the while, the kasatha ran more and more and eventually was going to get lost again, but Clarence managed to teleport his way through obstacles until he reached the kasatha and convinced him to hide and stealthily come along. Everyone in the chase lost sight of each other and thus it ended.
  • Trade Deals: Clarence and other Torch Bearers delivered the kasatha to Cythrul and Lady Altouna at the latter’s palace. They took care of it before beginning to speak about the promised negotiations. The gathered parties established that they would trade prohibited starship items between Torch and Hajoth Hakados. However, Lady Altouna, sensing that there is more to be discussed, probed the mind of Gorim to see if they have entered a starship before, discovering that there is one below Torch. Immediately, Lady Altouna asked for another part of the deal: to allow her to safely escort any denizens (robots, androids, creatures) from that starship to her city. To sweeten the deal more, she promised to connect the Torch Bearers with the Steel Phalanx mercenaries. The Torch Bearers accepted all terms but they do not trust Lady Altouna. Also, before they departed, Altouna gave them an amulet that could summon an aide of her: a man named Ezekiel, who was trapped in the Shadow Plane but could be temporarily summoned from anywhere within the Material Plane. That aide was to be summoned in Torch so he could investigate the ruins, and also was tasked with helping the PCs with anything they want.
    Outside of the Lady’s Palace, they spoke with Cythrul, who told several things about items that they carry and recommended taking Valaris to Samrak’s Haven, a secret enclave of androids that could help her.
  • Back in Torch: After five more days traveling, the Torch Bearers returned to Torch where they debriefed the events in Hajoth Hakados and also completed several personal things. Joram and Divanya summoned them to report on something odd. Valaris has been muttering for the past days things about Unity and Casandra, such as “what if Unity chases us?”, “yes Casandra, I don’t trust Unity either”, “I’m ready to escape with you to the valley”, “do you think you can defeat Unity?”.
  • Getting to Haven: Having decided to solve the mystery of Valaris once and for all, the Torch Bearers departed amid spring to Samrak’s Haven, carrying comatose Valaris, to find more. They traveled the arid west of Numeria following landmarks towards the secret enclave, as told by Cythrul. During this trip, the saw two kellid barbarians being attacked by mutant orcs. When rescued, the kellid said to not go to the west, for mysterious insectoid creatures captured them before and were chased by a eerie flying creature that looked like a black mass with tentacles.
  • Trouble at the Glaucite Gates: The Torch Bearers reach a ravine where they discover the concealed entrance to a cave and the enclave. But as soon as they cross it, a couple of android guards point laser rifles at them and sound an alarm. Many more guards arrive and they all order the Torch Bearers to drop their weapons and drop to the ground. Suddenly, they hear a familiar voice among the android guards, who tells them “gentlemen, we see each other again”. They lift up their faces and see Meyanda.
Mysteries and Loose Ends (some more important than others)

1. Who is the Mockery, a mysterious figure or group in Starfall that wants to rebel against the Technic League?
2. What was that giant glowing moth called Longdreamer and what it was doing?
3. What is that rumor about “crazy things happening in Iadenveigh"?
4. What are Lady Altouna’s real motives, if any?
5. What do Valaris’ recent mutterings mean?
6. The flying black creature with tentacles appeared again. What could it possibly be?


2,640 XP for Clarence, Gorim, and Remiliano. Daemer got 50% of XP (1,320) because he was missing although his character was used. A new character was introduced (Ezekiel), who was present in the last scenes of the session, so he gets 50% of XP (1,320).


  • Boots of Striding and Springing, given to Daemer, from Lady Altouna.
  • A diamond for Remiliano, worth 5,000 gp.
  • Three fire opals for Clarence, worth 3,000 gp in total.
  • One blue sapphire for Gorim, worth 1,000 gp.

+1 replenished Conviction to Clarence
+1 replenished Conviction to Daemer for good role-play
Swashbuckling Cards: Two cards of this special gaming aid were given to Clarence: #3 (“Riposte”), #19 (“Gremlins”)

GM Commentaries

These two sessions had a lot of interrogations, interactions, exploration, role-play moments, and ‘side-trekking’, which all made the sessions go somewhat slow. I will try to improve the pacing of sessions like these. We are also starting half an hour late (although I’m also a bit guilty of that).
However, the chase scene in the sessions proved to be fun and the players enjoyed it and found it to be refreshing and original (even though sometimes it stalled due to so many NPCs). Like I promised, in these and next sessions, they would play things they have never played before.

The ‘Afternoon of Wonders’ is an event that occurs three days a week (on Toilday, Oathday, and Starday), 1 hour after midday, in the Syntheriad arena and theater of Hajoth Hakados, where citizens and foreigners gather to show and witness new wonders of magic, arts, crafts, battles, or philosophy.
It’s Good to Be Back
Session 26 (February/12/2018)

In-Game Date: 4711, Pharast 23

Things Done

After returning from Scrapwall, the PCs got informed with the situation in Torch and began planning a rebellion for seceding Torch from Starfall ’s control. They took the first step of this plan by eliminating the two Technic League agents stationed in Torch.

  • First Reunion of the Rebellion: The Torch council summoned the Torch Bearers to discuss the next steps and the general situation. They reached the conclusion that the Technic League will take everything in the starship below Torch, eliminating the town’s industries and reducing Torch to a desolate place. If they wish to continue existing, Torch must become independent and perhaps overthrow the Technic League.
    To this end, the council declared the Torch Bearers as the military leaders of Torch and were tasked with the defense of Torch and its emancipation from Starfall. Together, they elaborated plans for increasing revenue, making improvements to the town, and establishing alliances.
  • More From Zellara: The enigmatic ghost fortune-teller appeared again to tell them that Pharasma is studying the sample of magic that they obtained from Hellion. She also gave some of her magical cards to the Torch Bearers for aiding them in future quests.
  • Ambushing the Agents: Concluding their planning, the Torch Bearers waited until night to ambush the two Technic League agents staying in the Evercandle Inn. The agents were stationed in Torch to report anything suspicious, and they needed to be eliminated if Torch wants to start amassing an army. The Torch Bearers quickly subdued and bound them, taking the agents to their new base of Silverdisk Hall. Then they intimidated them with both clever words and displays of torture. The agents cracked and started to tell what they knew.
Mysteries and Loose Ends (some more important than others)

1. Nothing new, except for the pending mysteries posted in previous session recaps.


600 xp to Daemer, Gorim, and Remiliano.

Significant gear of the two Technic League agents: 1 black e-pick, 1 tracker chip, 1 Potion of Cure Wounds +2.
Important: From now on, very cheap and mundane loot recovered from enemies (like a dagger, or a shield, etc.) will be assumed as donated to the war efforts, in order to simplify treasure distribution

+1 replenished Conviction point to Daemer, Gorim, and Remiliano, plus an extra +1 replenished Conviction to Remiliano for more forum role-play.
Swashbuckling Cards: Two cards of this special gaming aid were given to each of Daemer, Gorim, and Remiliano:
Daemer: #63 (“If we only had a wheelbarrow…”), #61 (“A Knife Between The Shoulder Blades”)
Gorim: #25 (“Do you wanna live forever?”), #33 (“Knife in the Sail”)
Remiliano: #48 (“Thats not a knife…”), #16 (“Sparkly Teeth”)

GM Commentaries

This long-awaited session marks the end of a 5-month hiatus caused by the devastation of hurricane Maria. Everyone expected a small, simple session without much events, as everyone was working to get back on track with the game (adjusting stats, gear, recapping, re-learning, etc). Still, it was a cool session and I liked the dynamics of the players during it.
It’s good to be back.

Assault on Hellion's Base
Session 22-23-24-25
(August/22/2017, August/29/2017, September/5/2017, September/12/2017)

In-Game Date: 4711, Pharast 19 to Pharast 23

Things Done

The Torch Bearers continued their exploration of the big metal dish (the satellite) and saw several rotting choker corpses and a strange apparition that communicated with some of them telepathically. Then they, combining a potent explosive with their own powers, were able to destroy the satellite. Back in Redtooth’s Warren, they received an invitation to join the Ladies of Rust gang and they also planned how to assault them, what supplies to gather, what distractions to make, etc.
Once the plan was set in motion, the PCs entered the Ladies of Rust base via a secret tunnel told by Cherai. They fought several orc cultists and Hellion showed himself via a monitor, attacking the PCs. They kept battling and eventually killed the first Ladies of Rust leader: Nalakai. Then they continued exploring the base and made it to the lower levels, where the enemies had an ambush prepared for them. Many orcs attacked them and Kulgara appeared to fight, aided by Hellion via the monitors.
Further in the underground base, they freed Saruk (choker friend of Cherai) and he gave them information. They invaded the remaining rooms of the base and went after Hellion in a tunnel to the east. There, Hellion got inside of a big robot that looked like metal scorpion, and the PCs destroyed it. This consolidated their victory against the Ladies of Rust. So they bid farewell to Redtooth and Sevroth and went back to Torch, where they saw several interesting things.

  • Choker Corpses and a Strange Apparition: After they met Hellion through a monitor, the PCs went further ahead in the satellite building and saw several rotting corpses of chokers: the former ‘Thralls of Hellion’ gang members that were massacred by the Ladies of Rust. Then they started to spot something moving in the area, and got their minds invaded by a strange presence that asked in Aklo who they were, and told back that it “was a servant of the ancient gods”. When they finally opened the ceiling hatch leading to the satellite’s base, they saw a strange flying creature, like a black mass of flesh with tentacles pointing to the sky, as if doing a ritual towards the stars. Then it flew away and disappeared.
  • Blowing up the Satellite: Taking an explosive that Redtooth gave them, and using Whiskfiss’ rust monster plus their own magic, the Torch Bearers bombarded the satellite until its base broke and the big dish came tumbling down its mountain of trash, alerting everyone in Scrapwall of the Torch Bearers’ threat towards the Ladies of Rust.
  • Planning the Assault: Returning to Redtooth’s base, the PCs received an invitation to join the Ladies of Rust; probably a trap. Instead, everyone planned an offensive against them. They bought several potions, gear, and Zellara also gave a couple of magical cards. Then they captured several ex-Smilers, covered and disguise them, and sent them to the arena to pose as the Torch Bearers intending to join the gang, while the PCs sneaked into the base via the secret tunnel that Cherai told.
  • First Skirmish and Hellion’s Appearance: Following the tunnel, the PCs entered the base and ambushed several orcs, which unfortunately were able to sound the alarm. Hellion appeared in some monitors (which the PC smashed) and in a special holographic platform, first giving a last offer to join, and then attacking the PCs. Eladrion was able to absorb one spell with the amulet that Zellara gave him. Then the priest Nalakai descended and the PCs fought, killing Nalakai when he tried to seek Hellion’s help but was abandoned by him.
  • Second Skirmish and Kulgara’s Appearance: After exploring the base, even reaching the upper levels almost to the arena, the PCs went to the lower levels where the Ladies of Rust had prepared an ambush. There were more than 10 orc fanatics firing crossbows at them while Hellion appeared again in several monitors to taunt them and cast spells. Then Kulgara, the enraged orc leader of the Ladies of Rust, turns on her chainsaw sword and gruesomely attacks Eladrion, almost killing him. But the PCs managed a good strategy: they slowed and entangled her to the point of barely being able to move, and thus killed her at a distance before she was able to trigger a devastating grenade.
  • Finding Saruk: The PCs pursued several orcs through the caverns of the underground base complex and realized that it was some sort of giant machine. They found a small impromptu prison where Saruk, the choker friend of Cherai, was being held. They freed Saruk and in turn he gave them information about Hellion and the base, which was a huge machine called an ‘excavator’. He then fled and, as asked by the PCs, alerted Redtooth to send gangmembers to storm the arena and Helskarg while the PCs kept attacking the base.
  • Destroying the Computer Core Room: Saruk told them that Hellion was very protective of a room with many computers, and suggested to destroy it. The PCs entered it, fought some small insect-like robots, and destroyed the computers, rendering the giant machine base inoperable. Hellion panicked and called Draigs to defend the area. The ettin came to fight but was quickly eliminated due to the cramped space for her inside the excavator machine.
  • Towards Hellion’s Lair: They explored other paths through the caverns in search of Hellion. They saw more structures of the big excavator machine, including metal beams and its wheels. Then they saw several paintings in the walls, one of them depicting a giant demon inside a mountain while another demon squashed it.
  • Final Showdown with Hellion: Finally, they reached the room where Hellion was supposed to be. There was a gigantic serrated wheel, part of the excavator machine. Then there was a big robot that looked like a metal scorpion. Hellion appeared in some monitors to taunt and then got inside the metal scorpion. The Torch Bearers attacked it swiftly and with full power, throwing devastating grenades and also destroying the monitors. The scorpion grabbed Gorim with its pincers and was constricting him, but he fought back with a volley of magical crossbow bolts that destroyed the robot. A big explosion followed while Hellion screamed some interesting words from within the robot.
  • The Ladies of Rust Gang Dissolves: The Torch Bearers exited the complex via the arena and saw the Redtooth Raiders and Steel Hawks fighting Helskarg and the remaining Ladies of Rust gangmembers, some of which fled Scrapwall. Victory was thus confirmed. The Ladies of Rust and Hellion no longer posed a threat to Torch and the PCs were ready to return to their home town.
  • Returning to Torch: The PCs went to Redtooth‘s base, where the ratfolk gave thanks to the PCs and bid farewell, naming their alliance “Steel Redtorch Bearers”. She also promised Remiliano that she would pledge troops to them if they ever attack the Technic League. Divanya then joined the PCs on their way back to Torch. They took a comatose Valaris on a small wagon with them. Gorim’s robot, Remi 2.0, sees Valaris and for the first time ever, he speaks in Androffan and recognizes Valaris as “Casandra’s sister”. Zellara also appears and takes from Eladrion the amulet imbued with Hellion’s magic.
  • Witnessing the Ghost Wolves: On the route back to Torch, the PCs witness a raiding party of Ghost Wolves barbarians attacking some smugglers or merchants. Divanya explains who they are: a kellid tribe bent on destroying technology and the Technic League.
  • Home Sweet Home: After three days, they finally reached Torch. They saw a town with a renewed blacksmithing industry thanks to the reignited violet flame. Divanya then reunited with Joram, who exchanged expressions of affection before taking Valaris for inspection and treatment. Meanwhile, the PCs were recognized again as the Saviors of Torch and saw familiar faces, like Garmeth being forced to labor around the flame, and Flink and Nayana helping the guards. Captain Marlow of the Lucky Bastards told the PCs to meet him in order to talk about hiring the mercenaries. Finally, the two Technic League agents are still in town.
    The PCs had a reunion with Dolga where they debriefed everything they did in Scrapwall and also told the truth of Konir and Valaris. Dolga then scheduled them for another reunion where they would talk about the next steps.
Mysteries and Loose Ends (some more important than others)

1. What is the mysterious black creature with tentacles that appeared in the satellite, and what was it doing in Scrapwall?
2. What was Hellion‘s true nature? Saruk mentioned that he could never figure it out, but deduced he was some kind of incorporeal entity, like a ghost, that could inhabit all the machines he wanted.
3. What was the plan that Hellion had with the big machine, an ’excavator’, that served as his underground base?
4. What could mean the paintings in Hellion’s chamber, about a demonic figure squashing another inside a mountain?
5. What could mean several things that Hellion mentioned? About his father being the true master of the Technic League. And about his “sister” Casandra.
6. Why the robot Remi 2.0 recognized Valaris as Casandra ‘s sister?
7. Why the deity of death and prophecies has an interest in examining Hellion’s magic?
8. What could mean the contents of Nalakai and Kulgara’s journals? (see below)



  • For session 22: 440 to Eladrion and Gorim. Clarence got 75% of XP (330) because he was not present during the entire session, and Daemer got 50% of XP (220) because he was missing although his character was used. Remiliano got an extra 300 XP for all the planning he did in the assault against the Ladies of Rust.
  • For session 23: 440 to all, except Daemer and Clarence who got 330 (75%) because they were not present during the entire session.
  • For session 24: 1,880 to Remiliano and Gorim, 1410 to Clarence (75% because he only played half the session), and 940 to Eladrion and Daemer (50% because they were absent but their characters were played anyway).
  • For session 25: 3,000 for all.


  • The PCs bought some resources during their assault on Hellion’s base: Oil of Elemental Resistance (sonic) (x5), Potion of Cure Wounds +4 (x6), Potion of Cure Wounds +2 (x1), Potion of Blur, Blessed Potion (Greater), Scroll Mana Shield (x2), Tanglefoot Bags (x7). All of this was spent except 6 tanglefoot bags that remain. I also subtracted 3 vials of soothe from Remiliano as to convince some captured Smilers to participate in a ruse.
  • They obtained the following treasure during the assault: 689 silverdisks, 17 flawed gemstones, +1 enhanced spiked gauntlet, +1 enhanced chainsaw, +1 enhanced icy burst gladius, masterwork spiked chain, +1 enhanced breastplate, breastplate, panic suit, plasma grenade, Vials of Cureall (x2), green e-pick

Everyone gained +1 Conviction. Daemer and Remiliano were given 1 new swashbuckling card.

Current Scrapworth: 10

Destroying the satellite awarded the PCs with another point of scrapworth. Then destroying the Ladies of Rust and Hellion raised their scrapworth to the maximum of 10. Whenever they are in Scrapwall, they are treated as leaders with utmost respect and can even issue orders to groups of citizens.

The Journals

The PCs found two journals while they stormed Hellion’s base. One belonged to Nalakai and the other to Kulgara. See their respective entries here and here.

GM Commentaries

The four sessions played for this big adventure were somewhat slow, but full of action anyway. In most of them we started half (or almost one) hour late. I also made the mistake of running several encounters quite slowly. For example, the first half of session 22 was slow because of an eerie, mostly-exploration encounter I wanted to run, and also because of all the preparation for the assault on Hellion’s base. But despite these slow moments, a lot of combat happened, a lot of damage was exchanged, and new revelations were had.
I have to applaud for the great planning done, especially coming from Remiliano’s player. Everyone fought very well, and again I was surprised to see how you all manage to overcome encounters that I expected to be harder.


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