Numeria is a barren, harsh land inhabited by tribes of savage barbarians and ruled over by the Black Sovereign. Centuries ago, a huge interstellar starship crashed on Numeria. The barbarians have salvaged much of the technology, but it is today controlled by a manipulative group of mages known as the Technic League, who also control the Black Sovereign.

Capital: Starfall
Government: Barbaric monarchy led by Keltus-Kant, The Black Sovereign
Languages: Common, Hallit
Religions: Abadar, Brigh, Desna, Erastil, Gorum, Iomedae, Nethys, Deskari
Notable Places: Starfall, Silver Mount, Scrapwall, Torch


(For a brief timeline of the history of Numeria, see this table: Numeria Timeline).

The biggest event in Numerian history is the Rain of Stars, which most people estimate to have occurred on 3804. One night, a “metal mountain” and smaller “metal rocks” or “stars” fell from the sky and lit up the plains of Numeria, breaking apart and falling in pieces across the land. The largest chunk fell near the capital city of Starfall and is known today as the Silver Mount.
The crashed objects were left forgotten and unexplored for quite some time mostly because of the harshness of the land and the disorganization and superstitions of the local barbarian tribes. But the Pathfinder Society began exploring the “metal mountain” a couple of centuries ago and came to the conclusion that it was a vessel from outer space, along with smaller ones.


Numeria is a harsh, often brutal land that raises hard, often brutal people. The land’s primary inhabitants are humans who, outside of the large cities like Starfall and Chesed, tend to organise themselves along tribal lines. Raiding is still a popular and lucrative lifestyle, especially into the poorly organized River Kingdoms.

Numeria’s other main economy is mining. It is the largest supplier of skymetals, which are seven rare metals that were part of the starships that crashed on Numeria’s plains. However, it becomes difficult to control the commerce of these metals (and other salvaged items) because of the grip of the Technic League. Also, Numeria exports a type of light-green rock called veinstone. This stone was a particularly popular building material in Ancient Osirion.

The Mendevian Crusades provide an additional lucrative source of income for the nation. The Black Sovereign and the Technic League welcome crusaders travelling along the Sellen River with open arms while overcharging them for even basic necessities.


Numeria is ruled by the Black Sovereign, Keltus-Kant, a drug-addicted despot who resides within his capital of Starfall. He once was a warlord of great renown who managed to forge strong alliances between many of the tribes. Keltus’ downfall came when he claimed the city of Starfall as his capital and began to listen to the honeyed words of the Technic League, debased technomancers who seek to unlock the powers hidden within the alien artifacts found in the Silver Mount. Keltus-Kant even began to consume the addictive fluids leaking from Silver Mount. Whatever these substances are, they changed Keltus-Kant: he became a darker, more brooding man, abandoned his quest to expand Numeria, and instead began indulging in pleasures of the flesh best left unmentioned.
Keltus-Kant’s reign is almost completely unopposed by the people of Numeria, but his control is far from complete; Numeria is too vast a country to rule effectively with an iron fist. Yet those who actively oppose the Black Sovereign find he is a tenacious opponent supported by vast legions of troops, along with the mages of the Technic League.


The alien technology found scattered in Numeria is too important that it warrants its own section. First, the remnants of the starships that crashed in Numeria are a source of bizarre weapons and items for those explorers brave enough to face and survive the ships’ otherworldly dangers, which sometime come in the form of life-mutating radiation, robots, or alien creatures.
However, in recent years, more complex entities have come out of the crashed starships. The gearsmen, for example, are constructs that were brought from the Silver Mount, and are partially controlled by members of the Technic League to patrol the streets of Starfall. Other complex lifeforms are the androids: sentient, constructed, humanoid creatures that can almost be mistaken for humans.


Numeria is a harsh land of windswept plains with just a few geographical features. The biggest is the vast Lake of Mists and Veils that forms its northeastern border. The southern region also contains the northern headwaters of several of the rivers that eventually make their way into the River Kingdoms.



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