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  • Dolga Feder

    An odd transplant from the Five Kings Mountains, Dolga Feder is a female dwarf that helped found [[Torch]] 59 years ago and became the first to test the unique properties of the flame erupting from the …

  • Valaris 'Val' Blaine

    Valaris is a young Kellid girl orphaned by violence in [[Starfall]] whom [[:konir-blaine | Konir Blaine]] rescued and brought with him to [[Torch …

  • Seranna Olandir

    Concilor Seranna Olandir is the charismatic, influential leader of [[Torch]]'s town council. She lost her husband 2 years ago to a back alley mugging by the [[Ropefists]] near [[Silverdisk Hall]]. Since then, she's made it her mission to ensure Torch …

  • Barlundi Oterby

    The Oterby family is one of the original founding families of [[Torch]], founded by Barlundi's grandfather. Barlundi's father, Orel Oterby, passed away four years ago at the age of 63 and his son, Barlundi Oterby, inherited his legacy, successfully …

  • Garmeth Ulrich

    Garmeth Ulrich is one of the more influential people in [[Torch]]; an impressive quality, given the fact that he's neither a councilor nor a legitimate merchant. Indeed, Garmeth's considerable pull in town stems from the fact that a number of Torch's …

  • Konir Blaine

    Konir Blaine settled in [[Torch]] a few years ago, with his adopted daughter [[:valaris-blaine | Valaris 'Val' Blaine]]. He claims to have come originally from the [[River Kingdoms]], then he settled for a while in [[Starfall]], where he rescued the young …

  • Joram Kester

    Kindly old Joram has been in charge of the Temple of [[Brigh]], the oldest faith in Torch, for as long as anyone can remember. His friendly demeanor, active interest in the metal trade, and innovative crafting skills helped land him a seat on the town …

  • Silveron Troval

    Silveron is a wandering merchant, courier, and tinker — a collector of rare relics and mysterious ores, which most believe he resells on the black market. He is known throughout central and southern [[Numeria]] as a fence who deals in technological items …

  • Keltus-Kant

    Keltus-Kant is the absolute ruler (the Black Sovereign) of the strange, barbarian land of [[Numeria]]. A former tribal leader, he now rules his land from his capital of [[Starfall]], supported by the mysterious [[Technic League]]. As a young man, …

  • Zellara

    Zellara is the name of a mysterious ghost of a Varisian woman, who has been aiding groups of adventurers across [[Golarion]], for unknown reasons. Not much is known of her, except that she died in the city-state of [[Korvosa]] at the hands of a criminal …

  • Hans One-Eye

    Hans was a well known bard within Torch for his greatest and only story, "How I lost my Eye". He personally knew Konir, for which is why he went with him towards the tunnels under the town. His performing skills where horrible and was avoided outside of …

  • Meyanda

    Meyanda is an android woman responsible for the disappearance of Torch's important violet flame. As a priestess of the mysterious figure known as [[:hellion | Hellion]], the woman was sent from [[Scrapwall | Scrapwall]] to [[Torch | Torch]] in a secret …

  • Kulgara

    After [[:meyanda | Meyanda]]'s loss, Kulgara seized control of the gang as its commander, and now ranks just under [[:hellion | Hellion]]. She increasingly sees the [[Ladies of Rust]] as her own gang.

  • Zaitev

    Zaitev is a lieutenant of the [[Technic League]] who works mostly under the orders and leadership of captain [[:gryne | Gryne Rasik]]. Like most agents of the Technic League, he aspires to climb the ranks of the cruel and treacherous organization. He …

  • Divanya Lanalei

    Divanya Lanalei grew up in the city of [[Chesed]], and it was here that she first met a younger [[:joram-kester | Joram Kester]]. The two spent time adventuring with a few others until a disastrous clash with the [[Technic League]]. Divanya and Joram were …

  • Sevroth

    Sevroth is a sergeant of the Steel Hawks gang of Scrapwall. The gang formerly held quite some power in the junkyard settlement, but after the Ladies of Rust rose to power and defeated the leader of the Steel Hawks, the gang was reduced just to gate …

  • Andaleen Kraklos

    He is the leader of a small detachment of Sarenite missionaries who are in charge of the fort "Aldronard's Grave" and provide help to pilgrims that navigate the Sellen River towards the Mendevian Crusades.

  • Cherai

    Thanks to [[:whiskfiss | Whiskfiss]], the [[Torch Bearers]] learned that Cherai is actually a choker who belonged to a gang called the Thralls of Hellion, who were tasked with restoring a secret weapon buried underground of the arena. The Thralls of …

  • Redtooth

    Redtooth is the leader of a ratfolk clan that makes its home in [[Scrapwall]], and are collectively called the Redtooth Raiders. A Scrapwall native, Redtooth made a name for her gang for many years as an almost institutional force in Scrapwall, perhaps …

  • Whiskfiss

    Brother to [[:redtooth | Redtooth]]. While relatively high-ranking in the Redtooth Raiders gang of [[Scrapwall]], Whiskfiss' primary focus is on training rust monsters, which the gang used to keep control of other gangs and territories within the junkyard …

  • Nalakai

    He is the only male member among the leadership of the [[Ladies of Rust]]. He is also the highest-ranking priest of [[:hellion | Hellion]], after [[:meyanda | Meyanda]] left [[Scrapwall]] and disappeared. Seldom-spoken rumors say that wants to eventually …

  • Helskarg

    The troll Helskarg is a garrulous creature and something of the front face of the [[Ladies of Rust]]. She guards the entrance to the gang's lair, but more importantly, she orchestrates the fights in the Scrapmaster's Arena.

  • Birdfood

    The Smiler gangmember known as Birdfood was appointed by the [[Ladies of Rust]] to oversee the Steel Hawks gang after the former leader of the Hawks was killed in the Scrapmaster arena by [[:helskarg | Helskarg]]. Like other members of the Smilers, he is …

  • Draigs

    The female ettin Draigs wields two spiky chains with unnerving grace in combat. She's the thug and executioner for the [[Ladies of Rust]] leadership -- the one [[:hellion | Hellion]] calls upon to mete out punishment to those who sin against Hellion.

  • Marrow

    The hobgoblin necromancer known as Marrow was the leader of the Smilers gang in [[Scrapwall]]. A devotee of the undead deity Urgathoa, she conducted experiments to try and mix necromancy with the …

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