Ghosts of Fallen Stars (Iron Gods)

A False Accusation
Session 1 (February/21/2017)

In-Game Date: 4711, Calistril 16

Things Done

We spent the majority of the session solving technical problems with the Roll20 app as well as learning how to use it and then speaking about the campaign, expectations, the rules, etc. Finally, we started the game with an initial combat encounter where the PCs were wrongly arrested.

  • Framed and Arrested: Our player characters Gorim, Remiliano, Daemaer, Clarence, and Eladrion were attending their everyday chores in the town of Torch when many Ropefist gang members showed up to arrest them. According to the Ropefists, they were following a bounty and arrest warrant that indicated that the PCs were responsible for the supposed murder of Torch’s beloved councilor Konir Blaine, who went missing 2 days ago.
    The PCs resisted and the Ropefist thugs used force to subdue them. When apprehended, one thug put a paper in Daemaer’s pocket with scribbles speaking of steps to harm the councilor.
    Then the PCs were taken to the town hall for interrogation.
Mysteries and Loose Ends (some more important than others)

1. Why the PCs are being framed for a supposed crime that they did not commit?
2. Who is councilor Konir and why he went missing 2 days ago?
3. There was a man named Garmeth that the Ropefist thugs referred to, and who was in the town hall speaking with other councilors about the arrest. Who is him and why did he participate in the arrest?
4. The town’s important and eponymous violet flame went off 8 days ago. Why?


200 xp were given to Gorim, Remiliano, Clarence, and Daemaer

The maximum Conviction points were raised by 1 for Gorim, Remiliano, Clarence, and Daemaer, due to their cooperation in creating their characters by way of sharing backgrounds.

GM Commentaries

The session was not the best due to technical problems and so many things discussed before playing. Also, the combat encounter was slow and dull at several times.

The paper that was planted in one of the PCs’ pockets:



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