Ghosts of Fallen Stars (Iron Gods)

Assault on Hellion's Base
Session 22-23-24-25
(August/22/2017, August/29/2017, September/5/2017, September/12/2017)

In-Game Date: 4711, Pharast 19 to Pharast 23

Things Done

The Torch Bearers continued their exploration of the big metal dish (the satellite) and saw several rotting choker corpses and a strange apparition that communicated with some of them telepathically. Then they, combining a potent explosive with their own powers, were able to destroy the satellite. Back in Redtooth’s Warren, they received an invitation to join the Ladies of Rust gang and they also planned how to assault them, what supplies to gather, what distractions to make, etc.
Once the plan was set in motion, the PCs entered the Ladies of Rust base via a secret tunnel told by Cherai. They fought several orc cultists and Hellion showed himself via a monitor, attacking the PCs. They kept battling and eventually killed the first Ladies of Rust leader: Nalakai. Then they continued exploring the base and made it to the lower levels, where the enemies had an ambush prepared for them. Many orcs attacked them and Kulgara appeared to fight, aided by Hellion via the monitors.
Further in the underground base, they freed Saruk (choker friend of Cherai) and he gave them information. They invaded the remaining rooms of the base and went after Hellion in a tunnel to the east. There, Hellion got inside of a big robot that looked like metal scorpion, and the PCs destroyed it. This consolidated their victory against the Ladies of Rust. So they bid farewell to Redtooth and Sevroth and went back to Torch, where they saw several interesting things.

  • Choker Corpses and a Strange Apparition: After they met Hellion through a monitor, the PCs went further ahead in the satellite building and saw several rotting corpses of chokers: the former ‘Thralls of Hellion’ gang members that were massacred by the Ladies of Rust. Then they started to spot something moving in the area, and got their minds invaded by a strange presence that asked in Aklo who they were, and told back that it “was a servant of the ancient gods”. When they finally opened the ceiling hatch leading to the satellite’s base, they saw a strange flying creature, like a black mass of flesh with tentacles pointing to the sky, as if doing a ritual towards the stars. Then it flew away and disappeared.
  • Blowing up the Satellite: Taking an explosive that Redtooth gave them, and using Whiskfiss’ rust monster plus their own magic, the Torch Bearers bombarded the satellite until its base broke and the big dish came tumbling down its mountain of trash, alerting everyone in Scrapwall of the Torch Bearers’ threat towards the Ladies of Rust.
  • Planning the Assault: Returning to Redtooth’s base, the PCs received an invitation to join the Ladies of Rust; probably a trap. Instead, everyone planned an offensive against them. They bought several potions, gear, and Zellara also gave a couple of magical cards. Then they captured several ex-Smilers, covered and disguise them, and sent them to the arena to pose as the Torch Bearers intending to join the gang, while the PCs sneaked into the base via the secret tunnel that Cherai told.
  • First Skirmish and Hellion’s Appearance: Following the tunnel, the PCs entered the base and ambushed several orcs, which unfortunately were able to sound the alarm. Hellion appeared in some monitors (which the PC smashed) and in a special holographic platform, first giving a last offer to join, and then attacking the PCs. Eladrion was able to absorb one spell with the amulet that Zellara gave him. Then the priest Nalakai descended and the PCs fought, killing Nalakai when he tried to seek Hellion’s help but was abandoned by him.
  • Second Skirmish and Kulgara’s Appearance: After exploring the base, even reaching the upper levels almost to the arena, the PCs went to the lower levels where the Ladies of Rust had prepared an ambush. There were more than 10 orc fanatics firing crossbows at them while Hellion appeared again in several monitors to taunt them and cast spells. Then Kulgara, the enraged orc leader of the Ladies of Rust, turns on her chainsaw sword and gruesomely attacks Eladrion, almost killing him. But the PCs managed a good strategy: they slowed and entangled her to the point of barely being able to move, and thus killed her at a distance before she was able to trigger a devastating grenade.
  • Finding Saruk: The PCs pursued several orcs through the caverns of the underground base complex and realized that it was some sort of giant machine. They found a small impromptu prison where Saruk, the choker friend of Cherai, was being held. They freed Saruk and in turn he gave them information about Hellion and the base, which was a huge machine called an ‘excavator’. He then fled and, as asked by the PCs, alerted Redtooth to send gangmembers to storm the arena and Helskarg while the PCs kept attacking the base.
  • Destroying the Computer Core Room: Saruk told them that Hellion was very protective of a room with many computers, and suggested to destroy it. The PCs entered it, fought some small insect-like robots, and destroyed the computers, rendering the giant machine base inoperable. Hellion panicked and called Draigs to defend the area. The ettin came to fight but was quickly eliminated due to the cramped space for her inside the excavator machine.
  • Towards Hellion’s Lair: They explored other paths through the caverns in search of Hellion. They saw more structures of the big excavator machine, including metal beams and its wheels. Then they saw several paintings in the walls, one of them depicting a giant demon inside a mountain while another demon squashed it.
  • Final Showdown with Hellion: Finally, they reached the room where Hellion was supposed to be. There was a gigantic serrated wheel, part of the excavator machine. Then there was a big robot that looked like a metal scorpion. Hellion appeared in some monitors to taunt and then got inside the metal scorpion. The Torch Bearers attacked it swiftly and with full power, throwing devastating grenades and also destroying the monitors. The scorpion grabbed Gorim with its pincers and was constricting him, but he fought back with a volley of magical crossbow bolts that destroyed the robot. A big explosion followed while Hellion screamed some interesting words from within the robot.
  • The Ladies of Rust Gang Dissolves: The Torch Bearers exited the complex via the arena and saw the Redtooth Raiders and Steel Hawks fighting Helskarg and the remaining Ladies of Rust gangmembers, some of which fled Scrapwall. Victory was thus confirmed. The Ladies of Rust and Hellion no longer posed a threat to Torch and the PCs were ready to return to their home town.
  • Returning to Torch: The PCs went to Redtooth‘s base, where the ratfolk gave thanks to the PCs and bid farewell, naming their alliance “Steel Redtorch Bearers”. She also promised Remiliano that she would pledge troops to them if they ever attack the Technic League. Divanya then joined the PCs on their way back to Torch. They took a comatose Valaris on a small wagon with them. Gorim’s robot, Remi 2.0, sees Valaris and for the first time ever, he speaks in Androffan and recognizes Valaris as “Casandra’s sister”. Zellara also appears and takes from Eladrion the amulet imbued with Hellion’s magic.
  • Witnessing the Ghost Wolves: On the route back to Torch, the PCs witness a raiding party of Ghost Wolves barbarians attacking some smugglers or merchants. Divanya explains who they are: a kellid tribe bent on destroying technology and the Technic League.
  • Home Sweet Home: After three days, they finally reached Torch. They saw a town with a renewed blacksmithing industry thanks to the reignited violet flame. Divanya then reunited with Joram, who exchanged expressions of affection before taking Valaris for inspection and treatment. Meanwhile, the PCs were recognized again as the Saviors of Torch and saw familiar faces, like Garmeth being forced to labor around the flame, and Flink and Nayana helping the guards. Captain Marlow of the Lucky Bastards told the PCs to meet him in order to talk about hiring the mercenaries. Finally, the two Technic League agents are still in town.
    The PCs had a reunion with Dolga where they debriefed everything they did in Scrapwall and also told the truth of Konir and Valaris. Dolga then scheduled them for another reunion where they would talk about the next steps.
Mysteries and Loose Ends (some more important than others)

1. What is the mysterious black creature with tentacles that appeared in the satellite, and what was it doing in Scrapwall?
2. What was Hellion‘s true nature? Saruk mentioned that he could never figure it out, but deduced he was some kind of incorporeal entity, like a ghost, that could inhabit all the machines he wanted.
3. What was the plan that Hellion had with the big machine, an ’excavator’, that served as his underground base?
4. What could mean the paintings in Hellion’s chamber, about a demonic figure squashing another inside a mountain?
5. What could mean several things that Hellion mentioned? About his father being the true master of the Technic League. And about his “sister” Casandra.
6. Why the robot Remi 2.0 recognized Valaris as Casandra ‘s sister?
7. Why the deity of death and prophecies has an interest in examining Hellion’s magic?
8. What could mean the contents of Nalakai and Kulgara’s journals? (see below)



  • For session 22: 440 to Eladrion and Gorim. Clarence got 75% of XP (330) because he was not present during the entire session, and Daemer got 50% of XP (220) because he was missing although his character was used. Remiliano got an extra 300 XP for all the planning he did in the assault against the Ladies of Rust.
  • For session 23: 440 to all, except Daemer and Clarence who got 330 (75%) because they were not present during the entire session.
  • For session 24: 1,880 to Remiliano and Gorim, 1410 to Clarence (75% because he only played half the session), and 940 to Eladrion and Daemer (50% because they were absent but their characters were played anyway).
  • For session 25: 3,000 for all.


  • The PCs bought some resources during their assault on Hellion’s base: Oil of Elemental Resistance (sonic) (x5), Potion of Cure Wounds +4 (x6), Potion of Cure Wounds +2 (x1), Potion of Blur, Blessed Potion (Greater), Scroll Mana Shield (x2), Tanglefoot Bags (x7). All of this was spent except 6 tanglefoot bags that remain. I also subtracted 3 vials of soothe from Remiliano as to convince some captured Smilers to participate in a ruse.
  • They obtained the following treasure during the assault: 689 silverdisks, 17 flawed gemstones, +1 enhanced spiked gauntlet, +1 enhanced chainsaw, +1 enhanced icy burst gladius, masterwork spiked chain, +1 enhanced breastplate, breastplate, panic suit, plasma grenade, Vials of Cureall (x2), green e-pick

Everyone gained +1 Conviction. Daemer and Remiliano were given 1 new swashbuckling card.

Current Scrapworth: 10

Destroying the satellite awarded the PCs with another point of scrapworth. Then destroying the Ladies of Rust and Hellion raised their scrapworth to the maximum of 10. Whenever they are in Scrapwall, they are treated as leaders with utmost respect and can even issue orders to groups of citizens.

The Journals

The PCs found two journals while they stormed Hellion’s base. One belonged to Nalakai and the other to Kulgara. See their respective entries here and here.

GM Commentaries

The four sessions played for this big adventure were somewhat slow, but full of action anyway. In most of them we started half (or almost one) hour late. I also made the mistake of running several encounters quite slowly. For example, the first half of session 22 was slow because of an eerie, mostly-exploration encounter I wanted to run, and also because of all the preparation for the assault on Hellion’s base. But despite these slow moments, a lot of combat happened, a lot of damage was exchanged, and new revelations were had.
I have to applaud for the great planning done, especially coming from Remiliano’s player. Everyone fought very well, and again I was surprised to see how you all manage to overcome encounters that I expected to be harder.

Rising in Scrapwall
Session 20-21 (August/8/2017, August/15/2017)

In-Game Date: 4711, Pharast 18 (at night) to Pharast 19

Things Done

The PCs put some efforts to resurrect Clarence and then went to the eastern misty area of Scrapwall in search of Cherai. They found him and discovered he is a choker, devout of Zon-Kuthon. Cherai promised more info on Hellion and the Ladies of Rust in exchange for his holy symbol, which he lost inside a small crashed vessel within the misty area. Thus, the PCs went to the little crashed starship. There they fought several undead including the wraith spirit of a starship captain. After listening to a recorded message that the captain left, and finding the lost holy symbol, the PCs went back to Cherai and heard more of the story with Hellion and the Ladies of Rust.
Wanting to gain more renown and scrapworth, the PCs next went to hunt down the manticore that has been terrorizing Scrapwall. Coming victorious from that fight, they then proceeded to the big metal dish (the satellite) to explore and hopefully blow it to pieces.

  • Clarence’s Resurrection and Parting Words of Pharasma: The corpse of Clarence was taken to the fort Aldronard’s Grave so the sarenites could help in his resurrection. They gathered supplies, and with the help of Eladrion‘s prayer to Pharasma, they resurrected Clarence. Before he returned to Golarion, he had one last interaction in Pharasma’s Boneyard realm. The goddess of life and death pulled him towards her, and explained this: “Your friends are pleading to bring you back to Golarion, to Numeria. I have watched all of you, and by investigating Hellion you people are are getting into something far bigger, and very important to me. I shall only allow you back if you help Eladrion, and help Zellara, achieve my purposes in Numeria. Will you help me? Good. For now, go and collect Hellion’s essence. Zellara knows more. And before you go, in Castle Urion you can seek more of that sword you carry, and it can help you attain more help in the Torch Bearers’ fight against the Technic League. Farewell Clarence.”
  • Finding Cherai: Back in Scrapwall, the PCs find that Scrapwall is a bit less chaotic and more tranquil after the Smilers were brought down. They went to the haunted, misty area in eastern Scrapwall to find Cherai. After many minutes traversing the dense mist, hearing moans of pain and seeing little dancing lights, they found the small cave where Cherai resided. They were surprised by ghastly skulls, hooked chains, and a tortured orc, all part of rituals to Zon-Kuthon. The choker Cherai finally spoke to them and he agreed to tell more info of Hellion in exchange of his holy symbol, which was lost in a nearby haunted wreck.
    After the PCs returned from the haunted wreck (see below) with the symbol, Cherai spoke with them a bit about Hellion, the Ladies of Rust, Meyanda, the secret weapon below Scrapwall, and how to enter Hellion’s base, but warned that Saruk, a friend, might know more but was captured by Hellion. He then parted with the following words: “There is something here in Numeria of extreme importance to my three-spirited master Zon-Kuthon. The vessels that crashed from another world, and all the fanatics seeking them, are meddling with such a thing of extreme importance”.
  • The Haunted Wreck: In the misty area, the PCs entered a small, wrecked, haunted starship where they fought several undead (former crew of the ship), confronting a wraith in the end. Although it attacked Gorim and weakened his constitution (but Daemer tenderly took a potion to his mouth), they vanquished the wraith and Eladrion was able to consecrate the area. In the room where the wraith was, they found several interesting items, including a device that played a message from the ship’s captain. They also found Cherai’s holy symbol nearby, and thus returned it to him so he could deliver his promise of giving more info. Also, the haunting and the mists were gone after they defeated the wraith.
  • Yurian Valako’s Message: The message from the ship’s captain, whose tortured spirit became a wraith after they crashed on Numeria, said these things in Androffan: “This is the final report of salvage module Chrysalis, Captain Yurian Valako reporting. Divinity is lost; the rest of the ship’s crew is presumed dead or worse. The surviving crew of Chrysalis and I are boarding a launch and will attempt an emergency landing, but without AI control, the prospects of a safe landing are minimal. I’ve secured an inhibitor facet – if I can install it into the Unity interface, it should disable the AI’s security long enough for us to reclaim control and perhaps even signal for help from home. I’m boarding the launch now, and will append further reports after our successful landing.” The PCs were able to find the mentioned inhibitor facet.
  • Fighting the Manticore: With all the business with Cherai concluded, the PCs chose to have a shot at hunting a manticore that was terrorizing Scrapwall. The battle was short but amazing. The manticore hovered, launching spikes from its tail at the PCs. Then it dove and charged Gorim, inflicting a lot of damage. Finally, it went after the gnome Remiliano to grab him and launch it from atop the tall trash peak, but Eladrion interposed himself and received the radioactive bite. With magic and arrows, the PCs killed it and cut off its head, showing it to everyone in Scrapwall, and giving more renown to the Torch Bearers.
  • Inside the Satellite Dish: After the manticore, the PCs followed Redtooth’s plan of blowing up the big satellite dish that belongs to the Ladies of Rust. Whiskfiss went with them, taking his pet rust monster. Once there, they saw an obscure, silent, and eerie facility. A few steps in, a crystal panel produced the guttural voice of Hellion, who made a threat and an offer (see next entry).
  • Hellion’s Threat and Offer: Through the speakers of a panel, he told the PCs the following: “Who are you and why have you come to Scrapwall?”. He then ignored the PCs and continued: “You have come to this satellite array to steal the energy. Were you sent by Unity?! Or should I say, by the Technic League?! If you are agents of the Technic League, I will hunt you all along with your master. I will take Numeria out of Unity’s grasp and into my own hands. But if you are not agents and are merely scavengers, which I doubt, I might let you join my disciples”.
Mysteries and Loose Ends (some more important than others)

1. Why Pharasma is so interested in what is happening in Numeria, and in Hellion? Also, according to Cherai, this also seems to interest Zon-Kuthon. Why?
2. Who and where is Saruk, the friend of Cherai that might have more information about Hellion?
3. What are the true final plans of Hellion with the secret weapon he has below Scrapwall? And what does that weapon do?
4. Where is the android enclave that Cherai mentioned, where Meyanda could be?
5. What are some of the things that Yurian’s message mentioned, like the inhibitor facet, Unity, and Divinity?
6. Hellion spoke about Unity and the Technic League? Could the two or the three be related?


700 xp to Clarence, Daemer, Eladrion, Gorim, and Remiliano, for finding Cherai and battling several undead within the haunted wreck.
Also, 1,200 xp to Clarence, Daemer, Eladrion, Gorim, and Remiliano, for battling the wraith in the haunted wreack and slaying the manticore.


  • Loot from the haunted, wrecked escape ship: unknown pistol again (1 charge), neraplast armor, skillslot, envoy’s mouthpiece, inhibitor facet.
  • Loot found in the manticore’s lair: 250 gp, masterwork dagger, +1 enhanced battleaxe, silver armband with pearls (700 gp), timeworn EMP pistol (9 charges), +1 enhanced blinding light steel shield
  • While not a treasure, we must account that Clarence had to spend 3,300gp on his resurrection. The rest of the 1,700 were put by the sarenites and the Redtooth Raiders.

+1 replenished Conviction point to Remiliano for more forum role-play.

Current Scrapworth: 8

First, lifting the permanent mist around the haunted wreck earned the PCs one scrapworth point as they emerged from the area and were seen by several denizens of Scrapwall.
Second, hunting the manticore and showing its head to the denizens of Scrapwall increased the PCs’ scrapworth by 1.
With eight points of scrapworth, they are becoming renowned and respected leaders in Scrapwall. The Ladies of Rust gangmembers are starting to fear them, to flee Scrapwall, or to switch sides to the Redtooth Raiders or the Steel Hawks gangs. The leadership of the Ladies of Rust is either scared too, or they are too busy with Hellion’s plans, to mount a counteroffensive.

GM Commentaries

The events in this recap happened in two sessions. The first one was quite a regular session that went a bit slow in part due to roleplaying but mostly because I decided to prolong the player’s exploration of Scrapwall’s misty area and the haunted wreck, as I was enjoying the paranoia they had during that. Then the other session went faster and with more action. They battled a wraith, investigated more, hunted a manticore, and continued to another mission. Overall, there was quite enough combat, damage, and roleplay, and I’m satisfied how things went.

A Fateful Ambush
Session 19 (August/1/2017)

In-Game Date: 4711, Pharast 12 to Pharast 18 at night

Things Done

A brief downtime was carried out, where the Torch Bearers traveled to Chesed to buy and sell stuff, and follow some leads told by Divanya that could help in any confrontation with the Technic League. At the end of the downtime, when they were returning to Divanya’s chapel to rest, they were ambushed by a group of Technic League agents that also hired two Red Mantis assassins. The ambush proved to be fatal, as it killed Clarence. They also found that the agents abducted Konir and rendered Valaris comatose.

  • To Chesed Again: For the second time, the Torch Bearers had to go to Chesed to pick up supplies and sell expensive items. There, they sought the whereabouts of a woman named Pora, owner of a shop called ‘Boom Alchemics’, and her assistant Velesk Bindergorp, who were persons who could be involved with anti-Technic-League rebel groups in Chesed. But they learned that Pora died a long time ago and Velesk was missing. They also learned that the leader of the Technic League in Chesed was called Merisk Kauffan.
  • A Few More Investigations: Before and after the travel to Chesed, the PCs investigated more about each individual leader of the Ladies of Rust, Meyanda’s role and life, and of the receiver array and the misty area in eastern Scrapwall. They also received the messenger imp that they sent to Torch to warn Dolga about the raid that the Ladies of Rust plan to do on Torch. The imp relayed a message from Dolga: that the Torch Bearers continue to sabotage the Ladies of Rust and they will make preparations too. When they return to Torch, they can discuss further plans.
  • The Fateful Ambush: Returning from Chesed, the PCs headed to Divanya’s Clockwork Chapel to rest. Upon entering it, they found it empty except that two Red Mantis assassins ambushed them, inflicting great injuries and a lot of damage with their signature sawtooth sabres. Then three Technic League agents ensued. What followed what a bloody and dreadful battle where Gorim almost lost his life three times, but sadly, Clarence did lose his life. The ambush party was eventually defeated and they interrogated one member, discovering that Silveron told the ambush party to seek the PCs in the Clockwork Chapel (having learned this from Joram), and the agents sought the Red Mantis help in Chesed.
  • Konir Missing and Valaris Comatose: After the ambush, the PCs returned to Redtooth’s Warren and found that Divanya was hiding there with Valaris. They explained that the ambush party also attacked them and captured Konir, but Divanya escaped with Valaris, both wounded. However, Valaris fell on a comatose state during that fight. Apparently, one agent used a strange gun on her and she fell that way. Divanya has been healing Valaris but no luck; she is still comatose. Gorim inspected her and realized that even when comatose, her brain seems to be having a lot of thoughts or dreams.
Mysteries and Loose Ends (some more important than others)

1. Why Velesk Bindergorp is missing and will he be able to help the PCs against the Technic League?
2. Why Valaris fell in a comatose state? Will she be able to recover? Does this has to do with the strange dreams she reports?


1,760 xp to Clarence, Daemer, Eladrion, Gorim, and Remiliano.

The loot of the Red Mantis assassins and the Technic League agents was:
3 studded leather armor, 3 scimitars, 1 timeworn stun gun (6 charges), 1 timeworn unknown gun, black e-pick, 1 gravity clip, everburning torch, masterwork thieves’ tools, +1 enhanced leather armor (x2), 4 sawtooth sabres, cloak of resistance +1, cloak of resistance +1

Also, 1 battery was subtracted from Clarence and Daemer to account for recharging their flashlights.

+1 replenished Conviction point to Gorim for more forum role-play.

Current Scrapworth: 6

When Remiliano suggested to take the corpses of the Technic League agents and the Red Mantis, and drag them around Scrapwall, that impressed the population (for the Technic League is not welcomed in Scrapwall) and thus raised their scrapworth by one point. Now, almost everyone respects the PCs and there should not be any random encounter or attempt at pick-pocketing or robbery.

GM Commentaries

This session featured a combat that was quite deadly. The opponents were quite strong. Unfortunately, the way that the players handled the battle and their tactics was not the best. Especially with Eladrion, who was not paying much attention to the game and totally lost his role of protecting the weak. This resulted in Clarence getting killed. So, please, more attention next time; the other players are counting on everyone.

Against the Smilers
Session 17-18 (July/18/2017, July/25/2017)

In-Game Date: 4711, Pharast 9 to Pharast 12

Things Done

The Torch Bearers did more plans and preparations for an attack against the Smilers in Scrapwall. They participated in a brief downtime and other events, and managed to consolidate an alliance between the Redtooth Raiders and the Steel Hawks. The alliance began a big skirmish against the Smilers while the PCs sneaked into the Smilers base, ready to bring them down once and for all.

  • The Steel Hawks and the Redtooth Raiders Prepare: As parts of the preparations to strike the Smilers, Sevroth commissioned the few members of the Steel Hawks to recruit more members, gather more weapons, and join the Redtooth Raiders in fighting the Smilers. The Redtooth Raiders, in turn, took a few days to prepare themselves and set several traps near the Smilers’ territory.
    Meanwhile, the PCs scouted for a good terrain to ambush the Smilers. They also sabotaged the Numerian toxic fluid being used to create soothe, and attempted to jury-rig a sonic grenade to delay its explosion and collapse a trash peak on the Smilers, but Gorim failed the check and deactivated the grenade.
  • Brief Downtime: While the preparations for the skirmish were being made, Eladrion and Daemer went to Chesed to fetch some supplies for the PCs, and caught a glimpse of the bustling port. Meanwhile, Clarence went to sabotage the Numerian fluid used in the soothe drug and saw several derro stalking prey in the night. The PCs also saw more monsters in Scrapwall: imps, tieflings, and a mutant minotaur dueling a troll.
  • Kulgara’s and Hellion’s Address: During the downtime, the PCs witnessed how a big crowd was gathering in the Scrapmaster Arena. Apparently, the Ladies of Rust were going to address the denizens of Scrapwall. So the PCs went there to investigate. Atop a platform in the arena, they saw four members of the Ladies of Rust leadership: the fierce orc Kulgara, the zealous orc priest Nalakai, the brutal female troll Helskarg, and the merciless female ettin Draigs. Kulgara started a typical fanatical ramble about how Hellion paved a way for Scrapwall to get out of the trash and into new great enterprises across Numeria.
    Surprisingly for everyone there, Hellion addressed the crowd via some metal devices (speakers) and told them that the Ladies of Rust and Smilers will march forth to conquer places, particularly Torch, and will get their hands on a spaceship ruin that is there. After this, Nalakai ended the show by demonstrating the magic that Hellion gave him and told everyone to join them.
  • Zellara’s Gem: Zellara manifested to Eladrion and gave him a magical gem in a pendant, entrusting him with his first mission for Pharasma: if they ever come to face Hellion, and he indeed has magic, Eladrion then should get exposed to that magic and capture it in the gem.
  • Into the Smilers’ Base: The day of the ambush against came. The Smilers tried to trick the Redtooth-Hawks alliance by disguising another ratfolk as Whiskfiss and another person as Marrow. But as both parties battled, the PCs sneaked into the Smilers base, after disarming a trap in its front doors. There, they fought a big brute that guarded the base and also four other Smilers. They continued further and found an old and gruesome laboratory that incorporated bits of starship technology. The laboratory was being used by the Smiler leader Marrow to store dumbed-down humanoids and conduct experiments on them that mixed necromancy with the advanced technology. In one specimen vat, the PCs found the ratfolk Whiskfiss bound and tortured, who they rescued. Then they entered the quarters of Marrow, which was full of a mildly toxic gas that affected Eladrion’s senses.
    Meanwhile, outside, the Redtooth Raiders and Steel Hawks were able to win the skirmish, thanks to the preparations that they put together along with the Torch Bearers.
  • Battle with Marrow: Further inside the necromantic laboratory, the Torch Bearers faced strange zombies that were fused with deadly but rusty devices like drills and metal claws. Among these zombies was the hobgoblin necromancer Marrow, leader of the Smilers, who taunted Eladrion to abandon his dedication to Pharasma and join Urgathoa. Eladrion resisted and together the PCs exchanged a lot of arrows and magic with Marrow, who delivered back powerful icicle storms that nearly brought most PCs to their death. But after intense moments, the PCs managed to kill Marrow… or so they thought. The necromancer came back from the dead, apparently by influence of Urgathoa, to inflict more damage to the PCs. Once again, with coordination and by pushing their limits, they killed her again. They searched her room a bit and found an altar of Urgathoa, which melted away after Eladrion consecrated the area in favor of Pharasma.
  • The End of the Smilers: The PCs returned with Whiskfiss to the Redtooth Warren to do some debriefing of the mission. They found the battlefield to be littered with many corpses of Smilers; an astonishing victory. Once everyone was together, Whiskfiss, Redtooth, and the PCs shared some info and further plans. Whiskfiss spoke about Cherai (see next section) and her sister revealed her wish to blow up the receiver array (the “big metal dish”) to thwart whatever plans the Ladies of Rust have with it.
Mysteries and Loose Ends (some more important than others)

1. Again, who Hellion really is? The PCs have only witnessed his guttural voice. And what is the weapon that Hellion mentioned?
2. Why Zellara gave the mission of the magical gem to Eladrion?
3. The mystery of Cherai was partially resolved. After having rescued Whiskfiss, the ratfolk explained that there was a gang called the Thralls of Hellion who were tasked with restoring a secret weapon buried underground of the arena. The Thralls of Hellion failed their job and perished when the Ladies of Rust rose to power and hunted them down. Cherai was part of that gang and was hunted down too, but he escaped to Whiskfiss’ place. Cherai was friend of Whiskfiss after he taught the ratfolk how to manage rust monsters. But then a Smiler assassin tracked and ambushed him. Cherai managed to escape but Whiskfiss was captured and taken to the Smilers base. Whiskfiss does not know the whereabouts of Cherai but suspects he might be hiding in the eastern misty area of Scrapwall. Finally, he clarified that Cherai is really a choker.


2,700 xp were given to Clarence, Daemer, Eladrion, Gorim, and Remiliano. An additional 200 xp was given to Clarence for giving more ideas for the plan to undermine the Smilers gang.


  • A timeworn laser rifle with 8 charges.
  • The loot from three defeated Smilers: 2 vials of soothe, 3 masterwork studded leather armor, 2 pistols, 9 silverdisks, 130 gp.
  • Loot from a Smiler assassin: 1 vial of soothe, 2 masterwork rapiers, 1 masterwork studded leather armor, 21 silverdisks.
  • Loot from Marrow: 2 potions of Cure Wounds (+4), 4 vials of soothe, cloak of resistance +1, 48 gp.
  • A small reward from Redtooth: 100 silverdisks
  • Clarence also bought a sonic grenade for 1,000 gp, but was never used. It needs repairs, though, in order to work.

+1 replenished Conviction point to Eladrion but some good role-play.

Current Scrapworth: 5

Defeating Marrow and her Smilers increased the scrapworth by 2. Now, the maximum value for buying items is 800 gp and includes magic items of that price or lower. Selling items is also possible, up to 5,000 gp. Finally, almost nobody will dare to pickpocket the PCs.

GM Commentaries

Two excellent sessions. There were quite some challenges in terms of planning and combat, but the players came with good ideas. Also, the combat was quite intense. And to Eladrion’s player: you did good roleplay.

A Favor Gone Awry
Session 16 (July/11/2017)

In-Game Date: 4711, Pharast 9

Things Done

After a two-week hiatus, we recapped the last session and current goals, and then moved to some investigations and reunions with NPCs to see how the PCs could deal with the Ladies of Rust and the Smilers. Then, in order to recruit Sevroth and the Steel Hawks, the PCs decided to fulfill Sevroth’s request: to eradicate the Smiler Birdfood and return the Steel Hawk base to Sevroth. Sadly, things did not finished as expected.

  • Reunion with Redtooth and Sevroth: Remiliano and the other Torch Bearers went to Redtooth to speak more things about a plan to defeat the Smilers and undermine the Ladies of Rust. They agreed on certain things, like looking for an apt territory and setting traps and ambushes, but Redtooth honestly said that she was skeptical of the PCs’ abilities against the Smilers. Sevroth later was also skeptical. So, they proposed to take down the Smiler known as Birdfood, who overtook the Steel Hawks, and prove their strength.
  • Other Investigations: The PCs also did other minor investigations. They learned that the Smilers’ leader is a female hobgoblin known as Marrow, who practices necromancy. The Smilers also practice cannibalism and are addicted to a drug called ‘soothe’ that they manufacture. Finally, they asked more about the giant metal plate or dish that is mounted on top of a trash wall. They learned that it points to the direction of Torch. Redtooth told them that the dish belongs to the Ladies of Rust and that she has plans for such dish, but they must first bring her brother Whiskfiss.
  • Reclaiming the Steel Hawk Palace: The PCs then headed to the former base of the Steel Hawks to reclaim it. They prepared a bit of an ambush but had to break in the palace to get Birdfood. They fought several orcs fanatics who belonged to the Ladies of Rust, and also fought Birdfood, who shot them relentlessly with arrows of fire. Once killed, the PCs were exiting the place but orcs from the outside locked them in and set the palace on fire as a desperate attempt. The PCs smashed a wall to escape, Eladrion carried Birdfood’s corpse on the way out, and Clarence rescued three Steel Hawk gangmembers who were prisoners.
Mysteries and Loose Ends (some more important than others)

1. What is the purpose of the big metal dish that the Ladies of Rust own?
2. What more can be known of the hobgoblin necromancer Marrow?


1,150 xp were given to Clarence, Eladrion, Gorim, and Remiliano. An additional 200 xp was given to Remiliano for doing the bulk of thinking a plan to undermine the Smilers gang.

The loot from the smiler Birdfood: flaming composite longbow (1 Str), +1 enhanced studded leather armor, masterwork longsword, 1 vial of soothe, 12 silverdisks, 109 gp

Current Scrapworth: 3

Defeating Birdfood and freeing the Steel Hawks of his grip increased the Scrapworth by 1. Now, the purchase limit in Scrapwall will increase and there will be less pick-pocketing.

GM Commentaries

We had to cancel two sessions before this one (I took one week for vacations, and the second cancelled session was on July 4). This caused us to be a bit rusty when we came back. But the session was good overall. Also, I’m seeing that when it comes to plans, only a couple of players suggest the bulk of the plan. It would be great if more brainstorming could come from other players.

Of Reunions and Meetings
Session 15 (June/20/2017)

In-Game Date: 4711, Pharast 8 to Pharast 9

Things Done

Having rescued some ratfolk, the Torch Bearers (the PCs) followed them to meet their leader: the ratfolk Redtooth, from the Redtooth’s Raiders gang. They spoke of several things about Scrapwall, investigating things further and making some plans. Then the Torch Bearers went to the Clockwork Chapel to seek a place to rest, and met quite an interesting character.

  • Reunion with Redtooth: After rescuing some ratfolk from Smilers gangmembers, they led the PCs to their den, where they were interviewed by Redtooth: a female ratfolk who commands the Redtooth Raiders. She explained the history of her gang and how Scrapwall’s power balance got destroyed with the rise of the supposed demigod Hellion, the Ladies of Rust gang, and the Smilers. These power-hungry gangs are now organizing parties to eventually raid nearby settlements including Torch.
    Redtooth agreed with the PCs to join forces with the Steel Hawks gang, but only if they rescue her ratfolk brother Whiskfiss from the Smilers’ headquarters. She wants too to get rid of the Ladies of Rust and expose Hellion as a fraud, and she has further plans for this, if the PCs come back with Whiskfiss.
    Finally, Redtooth told them some things about Cherai (see next section further below).
  • Meeting Divanya: Looking for some refuge, the PCs learned of the Clockwork Chapel where a priest of Brigh could be able to host them for the night. They went to a small temple built among the junk walls of Scrapwall, decorated with huge moving clockwork gears. They had to force their way in because nobody responded, and then were attacked by a sentinel junk golem. After Gorim fought almost one-on-one with the golem while the rest of the party assisted him, an elf woman appeared to interrogate them. The woman feared that the PCs were Technic League agents and was on the defensive, but Konir convinced them they weren’t and showed her the holy symbol that Joram gave them when he asked to look for a woman named Divanya.
    Thus, Divanya began to talk about Joram, and how the two were lovers decades ago when they adventured together but got into trouble with the Technic League. The two separated and never heard of each other. Divanya also told them about possible places to recruit people against the Technic League: Chesed, Iadenveigh, Hajoth Hakados, and more.
    Divanya told of the Scrapwall Stalker (see next section), about Meyanda, of the big satellite dish that was collecting energies from the southwest, about a secret weapon or artifact that the Ladies of Rust are hiding in their underground base, and how Hellion might be a demigod indeed, for he has granted magic to some of his followers.
    The Torch Bearers then went to sleep.
Mysteries and Loose Ends (some more important than others)

1. Mystery of Cherai: The missing person Cherai is now becoming quite a mystery. Meyanda said via a messenger that the PCs should seek Cherai if they wanted to know more of Hellion and possibly gain access to the Ladies of Rust. But nobody knows for sure who Cherai is. Redtooth told that her brother Whiskfiss was a friend of Cherai. According to a surviving ratfolk, the two were together, along with two other ratfolk, the night that a Smiler assassin ambushed them and captured Whiskfiss. Apparently Cherai got away. Divanya then later mentioned that the surviving ratfolk went to her for healing, and told the story in broken Common, and Divanya assumed that such assassin might be the Scrapwall Stalker.
2. Why an assassin was hunting Whiskfiss or Cherai anyway?
3. Mystery of Scrapwall Stalker: Not much is known about this figure. According to Divanya, the assassin that attacked Whiskfiss and other ratfolk could be the Scrapwall Stalker. This, however, was not confirmed by Redtooth. Also, they learned from denizens of Scrapwall that the Scrapwall Stalker kills people at night and the victims appear partially devoured.


700 xp were given to Daemer and Gorim. 500 xp was given to Clarence. The reason for less XP for Clarence is because his player had to leave mid session and wasn’t used much in the final battle.

(Just to track something; not really an award: Gorim spent 200 gp repairing his robot).

Current Scrapworth: 2

Having an audience with Redtooth and bargaining with her earns the PCs 1 scrapworth point.

GM Commentaries

The gaming session was indeed affected by low player assistance; real life got in the way of some of us. So I had to run the last half of the session with only two players, and I decided to put mostly role-play with NPCs. Let’s catch up again in the next session.

Of Gangs and Junkyards
Session 14 (June/13/2017)

In-Game Date: 4711, Pharast 8

Things Done

Our brave adventurers arrive to the junkyard settlement known as Scrapwall. They meet gangmember Sevroth and learn more about the settlement, its rules, its people, and more. Then they set forth to tackle several problems and slowly learn who is Hellion and what are his motives.

  • Interview with Sevroth: Upon arriving to Scrapwall, some members of a gang called the Steel Hawks, led by a woman called Sevroth, interviewed the PCs as to who they are and why they came to the junkyard town. Sevroth bluntly asks them to help her get rid of a Smiler named Birdfood who overtook the Steel Hawk gang’s leadership with the help of the Ladies of Rust. They also conversed of several things: the gangs of Scrapwall, the Ladies of Rust, how to survive in the junkyard, and someone known as the “Scrapwall Stalker”. Finally, when the PCs asked for a woman with violet hair (Meyanda), Sevroth recognized her as a good friend and told that she sent a messenger to Sevroth to warn the PCs to seek a person named Cherai if they want to know more of Hellion.
  • Lay of the Land: Daemer climbed one of the trash walls to inspect the sprawling junkyard that spans near 3 miles. He saw several landmarks: a tall mountain of trash (where a manticore is rumored to live), a dish-shaped metal circle of probably 20-something feet in diameter, pointing to the horizon, and a big circular building further ahead in the settlement.
  • Defending the Ratfolk: Wandering further within the place, the PCs encountered a band of Smilers fighting a small group of ratfolk. Thinking that Cherai might be one of the ratfolk, they defended the beleaguered ratfolk. With arrows and magic, they defeated the Smilers again and the ratfolk told them if they could join their gang: the Redtooth Raiders.
Mysteries and Loose Ends (some more important than others)

1. How the Steel Hawks gang or the Redtooth Raiders can help the PCs?
2. Who or what is the “Scrapwall Stalker”?
3. Who is Cherai and why Meyanda sent a message saying that he knows more of Hellion?
4. What are the landmarks that Daemer saw?


1,110 given to Daemer, Gorim and Remiliano. 940 given to Clarence and Eladrion. The reason for less XP for these last two characters is because their players had to leave mid session and they weren’t used much in the final battle.

The loot from the defeated Smilers: 2 vials of soothe, 7 MW studded leather armor, 4 light steel shields, 3 pistols, 18 silverdisks, 90 gp. The surviving ratfolk took some crossbows and daggers from the Smilers.
Also, they got robbed a bit and Clarence lost –32 gp and Remliano lost –37 gp.

Current Scrapworth: 1

Scrapworth Explained: Sevroth explained them what Scrapworth is: the notoriety that a person or group has in Scrapwall, to earn respect from others. They can rise their Scrapworth through several deeds. Eliminating Birdfood and recovering the Steel Hawk Palace is an example of one of such deeds. Also, vanquishing the Smilers or a pesky manticore. They could also lend a hand to Redtooth and her raiders, who can increase their notoriety indeed. She mentions another benefit of getting Scrapworth: it might tell the gangs here in Scrapwall who is the upcoming new power, and many can defect the Ladies of Rust if their leadership is weakened. The Ladies of Rust will hire them without doubt to prevent a split of power. Finally, there are other benefits for Scrapworth: gangs might harass, rob, or pickpocket less the PCs, and the amount/value of goods they are willing to trade can increase.

GM Commentaries

This was a somewhat slow session. There were several factors contributing to that: we started half an hour late, there was a lot of information shared by Sevroth, combat took a long time, and communication via typing rather than voice-chat is robbing of some time especially during combat.
As another comment: Scrapwall will be mostly a ‘detective’ adventure, and the routes are more open-ended. Keep attention to the mysteries outlines in these logs to not lose track.

Of Bandits and Knights
Session 13 (June/6/2017)

In-Game Date: 4711, Pharast 7

Things Done

The Torch Bearers and Konir arrived to the fort “Aldronard’s Grave” to reunite with Valaris but found it under attack by a band of Scrapwall bandits known as the Smilers. They helped the fort’s Sarenite knights to repel the bandits and then spoke with the fort captain of several situations happening in Numeria.

  • Entering the Fort: The fort’s gate was closed as the bandits were inside attacking the Sarenite knights. Gorim and Daemer attempted to climb the walls with much difficulty, but Remiliano opted to squeeze through the holes of the gate, being a gnome of smaller size. With luck or expertise, he manages to accomplish that and thus reaches the gate’s level on the other side.
  • Skirmish: Once inside the fort, what ensued was a battle where a lot of shots were fired: arrows and bolts from the PCs rained down the walls, bullets from archaic guns held by the Smilers counterattacked, grenades were thrown by bandits on the walls (even temporarily blinding Konir and Gorim), and big harpoon-like weapons were fired at Remiliano and Gorim. The leader of the Smilers group attacked them without mercy, but Remiliano through his will and a magical card from Zellara, dealt a fatal blow to the bandit leader that virtually brought him down in a second. The bandit was finished later by Konir.
  • Reunion of Survivors: Captain Andaleen greeted the PCs and Konir once the battle was over, as Konir and him are long-time friends. Also, Valaris got reunited with Konir in a emotional moment. Then Andaleen spoke of several things happening: the Smilers getting bold and attacking the fort when the bulk of Sarenites left for Chesed to escort pilgrims, as well as how Scrapwall’s gang are becoming more powerful and organized.
  • Interrogating a Smiler: Eladrion interrogated a Smiler and was told of different gangs in Scrapwall: how the Smilers and the Ladies of Rust are the most powerful ones, with the latter being the strongest thanks to Hellion‘s magic and patronage. He also spoke about the leadership of the Ladies of Rust, about Hellion’s supremacy, and how they plan to conquer all of Numeria.
  • Ceremony to Sarenrae: A religious ceremony to Sarenrae was briefly held by the Sarenites, during which they spoke about several rumors, including that a crusader from Lastwall told a Sarenite that a group of Iomedaean followers detached itself from the Knights of Ozem and are looking for ways to resurrect the god Aroden, looking for clues on Aroden’s remnants along the Sellen River and even in Numeria.
    Then the ceremony concluded with the arrival of the bulk of Sarenites that belong to the fort.
  • Reunion between Zellara and Marlow: The ghost Zellara told Eladrion and the PCs to reunite with someone who arrived with the Sarenites: a halfling named Captain Marlow Bramblefoot, from the Lucky Bastards. Zellara explained what happened in Torch with the other Lucky Bastards and informed Marlow that she would now continue her mission in Scrapwall with the help of the PCs. She also told him to return to Korvosa and send reinforcements.
  • Concluding: Andaleen asked them to take the corpse of a Smiler to Scrapwall with a message saying: “Do not attack the fort again”. He then offered the outpost as a place to rest anytime. Finally, Valaris asked the PCs to train her more in combat. Then they all departed to Scrapwall.
Mysteries and Loose Ends (some more important than others)

1. The questions on Scrapwall still remain. Who is Hellion? What is his true nature and plans? Who are the Ladies of Rust? How all of this is related to Torch? And more.
2. What was that rumor about Iomedaean followers looking for remnants of Aroden in Numeria and wanting to resurrect him?
3. What is exactly Zellara’s mission?


820 xp were given to Clarence, Daemer, Eladrion, Gorim, and Remiliano.

GM Commentaries

This session was mostly a break. It included a long battle because the past session didn’t include much combat. And it also was a break from all the current main plotlines.
You guys keep playing very well. However, battles are getting more complex and the composition of the party has increased a bit, so I need that some players become faster in deciding and resolving what to do.

Silveron's Betrayal
Session 12 (May/30/2017 and May/31/2017)

In-Game Date: 4711, Pharast 4 to Pharast 7

Things Done

Finishing some errands in Torch, the Torch Bearers joined Konir, Valaris, and Silveron on their route to Scrapwall to investigate the threat that is Hellion. But while camping in a cave on their route, Silveron brought Technic League agents and together they ambushed the PCs, wanting to capture Konir Blaine and Valaris Blaine. The PCs and the Blaine duo escaped and fled to the fort “Aldronard’s Grave”.

  • Last Errands in Torch: While preparing for departing, Daemer found a discarded wanted poster that showed him as a fugitive with a bounty for murdering a noble back in Brevoy. Meanwhile, Remiliano asked Konir to trust him about his past. Konir told him that he had a brother named Roan who was killed by Technic League agents for knowing some secrets, and because Roan passed those secrets onto Konir, he fled Starfall and hid in Torch. Then the group finished preparations for travelling to Scrapwall.
  • Silveron’s Betrayal: On the first night of their travel, Silveron suggested to the group to spend the night in a small cave. Little did they know that Silveron is an agent of the Technic League, who tipped the League about the starship buried below Torch and now tipped them about him taking fugitives Konir and Valaris to the cave. So, while sleeping, Silveron ambushed them with bang grenades and spells, and told that he did not want to hurt the Torch Bearers and that Konir and Valaris should surrender to the Technic League for things to go smoothly and peacefully. A small detachment of Technic League agents (part of the group that went to Torch days earlier) was waiting outside the cave to make sure everything went as they wished.
  • Konir, an Agent Too: During Silveron’s taunting to the group, he spilled the beans on Konir being an ex-agent of the Technic League, who attempted to murder the captain Content Not Found: garthone in Starfall and who stole some property from the captain: the woman Valaris. Konir admitted all of this and also mentioned that his story about Roan was a lie.
  • Escaping Silveron and the Technic League: Appalled by the turn of events, Konir felt very sad but used a scroll of teleport to send Valaris away to the Aldronard’s Grave fortress, and decided to surrender. Yet the Torch Bearers invented an ingenious plan disguise Konir with magic and sneak stealthily, and in this way they smuggled Konir out of the cave. Silveron and the Technic League agents noticed the ruse a brief while thereafter, and pursued the PCs firing at them, but the PCs managed to escape.
  • The Truth of Valaris: The Torch Bearers stopped the next day to ask Konir about the truth of his life. He mentioned how he regretted his past in the Technic League and decided to escape them due to their cruelty. And while escaping, he took Valaris with him and set Content Not Found: garthone_ ’s laboratory on fire. Turns out, as Konir explained, that Valaris is really an android of a special and experimental variety made to blend better with humans. For some reason, Valaris was found without memory of her past and _Content Not Found: garthone was trying to force her memories out, even with cruel methods. Konir noted that Valaris is of great importance to the Technic League and that is why they are hunting them.
  • Continuing to Scrapwall: The Torch Bearers continued to the fort Aldronard’s Grave to seek Valaris there, but found that the fort was under attack.
Mysteries and Loose Ends (some more important than others)

1. Who is seeking Daemer and why?
2. What other consequences could be of Silveron being a Technic League agent all this time?
3. What other things could mean that Valaris is truly an android? Why is she so important for the Technic League?


800 xp were given to Clarence, Daemer, Eladrion, Gorim, and Remiliano, mostly for their great plan of smuggling Konir out of Silveron’s ambush.

+1 replenished Conviction point to Remiliano for more forum role-play.

GM Commentaries

I have been waiting a lot for this session! It was a great honor and pleasure to give you all several plot twists with Silveron, Konir, and Valaris. I hope you all enjoyed them and let’s continue with the drama! Also, I was quite impressed with the plan to smuggle out Konir.

The Flame Rekindled
Session 11 (May/23/2017)

In-Game Date: 4711, Calistril 23 to Pharast 4

Things Done

Emerging from the starship ruins, the Torch Bearers are greeted with celebrations but also with tasks to improve the town. Then they take several days to attend some personal matters. After a week, a contingent of Technic League agents pays an unpleasant surprise visit to Torch, collecting their taxes and threatening the town council about keeping the starship ruins secret.

  • Celebration of Heroes: The Torch Bearers (our PCs) emerged from the starship ruins after battling the android Meyanda and found that the citizens of Torch, while beleaguered by the destruction from the small earthquake, were really happy to see the violet flame shinning again. Days later, the town councilors organized some festivities to honor the PCs and award them the title of ‘Saviors of Torch’. The councilors and the PCs gave several speeches to the crowd.
  • Torch’s Recovering: Not only did the PCs celebrated their success, but they helped the town recover from its destruction by coordinating rebuilding efforts and giving money to those who were in need.
  • Personal Matters: While the PCs helped Torch, they got involved in a few personal matters, like crafting magical items and buying gear, or in issues with some NPCs:
    • Escorting Silveron: The wandering merchant Silveron asked them to be escorted to the starship ruins for assessing the monetary value of things inside and seeing if they could be sold in the black market, obviously giving most of the profits to Torch.
    • Prophetic Dreams of Eladrion: For the second time Eladrion dreamed of a nosoi psychopomp (messengers of Pharasma) accompanying him in a desert with huge meteors slowly falling onto it. This time, however, he saw the ghost Zellara in his dream, who sat down with him and asked a very important question: “if there were a person who you and your fellow citizens loved the most, who brought prosperity to your city or world, but that person died for the sake of others and the future, and then you and your countrymen discovered a way to resurrect him so he could repair some problems in the present, would you do it?”. Eladrion responded “no” and explained the sanctity of the cycle of life and death. Zellara in turn commended him for his good answer and explained that her superiors want to prevent a similar resurrection, and Eladrion could help in that. For now, he should go to Scrapwall and investigate who Hellion is and from where he is drawing its supposed “divine” powers.
    • Mystery of Clarence’s Sword: One afternoon, while Clarence was having lunch at the Evercandle Inn, a group of thugs started to harass a Mendevian crusader named Osric who was hunting down deserters along the Sellen River, but stopped in Torch to rest. The crusader started to fight them back. Clarence suddenly saw that his sword was shinning blue and becoming warm, and felt an uncontrollable urge to defend the crusader. He ended up joining Osric along with Eladrion, and the thugs fled. Osric gave him thanks and told Clarence where he could find more crusaders to join: Castle Urion.
    • More Investigations by Remiliano: The bleached gnome Remiliano woke one of these days looking slightly less ‘bleached’ and more vibrant (almost unnoticeable for everyone else except himself). He consulted the junkmaster Garin Burwadle, another bleached gnome, about this. Then he went to Joram‘s temple to confirm his findings in the science deck about the nanites being injected to Konir: that these nanites were experimental in nature and they attempted to extract memories from someone, but apparently the nanites were malfunctioning and didn’t extract anything from Konir. Remiliano also investigated about Hellion, Ladies of Rust, Kulgara, and Sevroth.
    • Gorim, Remi 2.0, and Valaris: Gorim went to The Foundry Tavern to seek the help of Konir and Valaris with repairing his robot known as “Remi 2.0”. He also discovered that Valaris’ repeating dream hasn’t faded and that Konir dismissed it as trauma from her childhood as an orphan, which she cannot remember entirely. Gorim will research ways to bring Valaris’ memories back.
  • Plan for Scrapwall and Torch’s Defense: Dolga, Joram, and Konir summoned the PCs to have a meeting regarding future plans. Konir said that he would go to Scrapwall so he is hiring the PCs as well as Silveron for that. He also will be taking Valaris with him. Then Joram asked for a favor: if the PCs stumbled upon someone named Divanya in Scrapwall, he wanted her to know that the Technic League stopped looking for her and she could safely return to Torch, where Joram awaited her. Finally, Dolga granted Silverdisk Hall to the Torch Bearers and mentioned the idea of them establishing a base and helping Torch against future threats.
  • Trial of Garmeth: Outside the Town Hall, Konir talked privately with the PCs. He said that the town council was deciding the punishment for Garmeth for aiding the enemy in stealing Torch’s resources. Konir was to become the tie-breaking vote. After some deliberation, the PCs recommended what Dolga and Seranna suggested: to incarcerate and force him to labor around the violet flame.
  • The Technic League Visits: On Pharast 2, a contingent of Technic League agents arrived to Torch. It consisted of 11 agents, 8 gearsmen, a big ‘warden robot’ with a gnome and a rocket launcher, three wagons with a dozen slaves, and a Technic League lieutenant named Zaitev. This lieutenant came to collect taxes from Torch, but also told the town council in an intimidating manner that the Technic League heard rumors of a starship that was discovered below Torch, and so he came to investigate it. He sent two agents with the PCs to survey the starship ruins, but they did not discover the fusion reactor because Clarence successfully hid the door to it with illusion. They also withheld information about Meyanda and her plans.
    Once the survey was finished, lieutenant Zaitev told Dolga to avoid holding secrets such as the starship ruin and the exploration that the PCs did, and threatened the town council to send attack groups to capture Torch and the councilors if that ‘treason’ ever happened again. Zaitev left the two agents living in Torch to keep monitoring, and the rest left.
Mysteries and Loose Ends (some more important than others)

1. What could mean the second prophetic dream of Eladrion?
2. Why Clarence’s sword shined blue light and became warm when he saw a battle between a Mendevian crusade and thugs?
3. Why Valaris’ dream continues? What about her amnesia?
4. What were the medical drones attempting to extract from Konir’s memories using nanites?
5. Who is the woman named Divanya that Joram mentioned?


600 xp were given to Clarence, Eladrion, Gorim, and Remiliano, for helping with repairs, giving grandiose speeches, good roleplay, and investigating more info. An additional 100 xp were given to Clarence for coming up with the excellent idea of using his Illusion power to hide Torch’s fusion reactor from the eyes of the Technic League.


  • Items from Zellara: As promised, Zellara handed some PCs a few items that belonged to the dead Lucky Bastards, as repayment for bringing the surviving members back to Torch and burying the dead ones. These items are: for Clarence: a Belt of Tumbling (800 gp), for Eladrion: a Quick Runner’s Shirt (1000 gp), for Gorim: one minor Blessed Potion with the holy symbol of Cayden Cailean (300 gp) and a Screaming Bolt (267 gp).

+1 replenished Conviction point to Remiliano for the forum role-play with Joram and Silveron regarding the nanites.

GM Commentaries

This was a slow session without much action, but after the past 4 or 5 sessions of action, I think this was a good break to do investigations, personal errands, interactions with NPCs, and introduce some new information.


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