Mysterious, ghostly agent of Pharasma


Zellara is the name of a mysterious ghost of a Varisian woman who has been aiding groups of adventurers across Golarion, for unknown reasons. Not much is known of her, except that she died in the city-state of Korvosa at the hands of a criminal named Gaedren and she was the descendant of powerful Varisian fortunetellers.

The mercenary group known as the Lucky Bastards found this female ghost when they were storming the hideout of the despicable Gaedren Lamm. Zellara quickly gave them some predictions, using her powers of fortune-telling and prophecy, and gifted them with some magical cards from her special harrow deck capable of slightly altering reality.
For the next years, Zellara stuck with the Lucky Bastards, aiding them during the Korvosan Crisis against the powerful devil entities that invaded the city. She also seems to have the favor of at least one deity: Pharasma (although it is not known why).

After finishing her mission in Korvosa, Zellara urged the Lucky Bastards to be taken to Numeria, for participating in another mysterious mission.

In Numeria, Zellara met the group later known as the Torch Bearers. She, with her limited foresight powers, saw great potential in them and decided to help them in their missions across Numeria, using her knowledge and magical cards. She remains a mystery, however, seemingly working for the goals of the goddess Pharasma (who, for another unknown reason, tolerates her as a ghost). So far she has limited herself to speak about portents, particularly towards Eladrion, and to give small missions in the name of Pharasma. One of such small mission was to take advantage of a confrontation with Hellion to use a special talisman to capture a sample of his magic. Why Zellara asked for this, and why Pharasma is interested in Hellion, are questions that fuel the mystery and hint that there is something happening in Numeria far bigger than what everyone thinks.


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