Valaris 'Val' Blaine

Adopted daughter of Konir Blaine. Assistant mechanic of Numerian technology


Valaris is a young Kellid girl orphaned by violence in Starfall whom Konir Blaine rescued and brought with him to Torch. For the past several years, he’s kept a low profile while continuing to give her an education far beyond what a typical child growing up in Numeria could ever hope to receive. Konir is very protective of her, sometimes limiting her freedom.

‘Val’, as she is usually called, is an excellent assistant to Konir in the trades of alchemy and metallurgy, often displaying surprising skill when tackling something new. When not doing this, she works as a bartender at her father’s shop: the Foundry Tavern.

Valaris has amnesia problems and she doesn’t remember much of her life in Starfall, other than feeling a vague sensation that she lived a poor life on the streets.

Valaris 'Val' Blaine

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