Black Sovereign of Numeria


Keltus-Kant is the absolute ruler (the Black Sovereign) of the strange, barbarian land of Numeria. A former tribal leader, he now rules his land from his capital of Starfall, supported by the mysterious Technic League.

As a young man, Keltus-Kant was simply one of the many Kellid tribal leaders common to the windswept plains of Numeria. He quickly distinguished himself as being one of the boldest of his kind, conquering neighboring tribes and forging alliances at the point of his greatsword. Numerians began to believe that he would become a truly great leader and expand their land beyond its traditional borders. This changed when he declared that Starfall would be his capital. There he allied himself with the reclusive members of the Technic League and sought to exploit the technological secrets of the Silver Mount. Because of this association and the addictive ichors seeping from Silver Mount the League introduced him to, his personality shifted and he renamed himself the Black Sovereign. He lost all desire for conquest and became taciturn and sullen, lusting only for sexual gratification.

Keltus-Kant took Kal-Inkit as his consort upon becoming Black Sovereign, but she has shown little interest in spending time with him.


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