Mysterious Figure


A highly mysterious figure, Hellion was mostly known through rumors that held him to be a demigod residing in Scrapwall. Yet nobody ever saw him except for an extremely limited circle, and many questioned the truth of him being a demigod. Still, this did not stop Hellion from assembling a powerful gang within Scrapwall, known as the Ladies of Rust, who started to present a threat to surrounding settlements. Hellion also taught magic to some of his followers, giving some substance to the rumors of his demi-godhood.

When Meyanda was defeated by the Torch Bearers, she confessed that she was sent by Hellion to Torch to capture the violet flame’s energies for a mission that was very important for Hellion, and that the demigod could move to invade Torch to get the energies once and for all. Concerned, the Torch Bearers went to Scrapwall to investigate this supposed demigod. After many missions dealing with the gangs of Scrapwall, still without catching a glimpse of Hellion, they finally were able to storm the base of the Ladies of Rust. There, they finally saw Hellion as a demonic figure projecting through some glass panels. They kept pushing forward and eventually battled a big robot that looked like a scorpion, and supposedly, this was the body of Hellion. The scorpion was destroyed in the battle and apparently that was the end of Hellion, ending the rule of his Ladies of Rust gang and finishing the threat he presented towards Torch.

But it is not entirely clear who Hellion was. He never showed his demonic body in full and always interfaced through machines. While he claimed to be a demigod, and he did possess magic indeed (casting it against the PCs), he showed limitations such as inability to know certain stuff and the apparent confinement to key areas in Scrapwall.

The journal written by Kulgara had more information on Hellion.


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