Garmeth Ulrich

Owner of Silverdisk Hall gambling den


Garmeth Ulrich is one of the more influential people in Torch; an impressive quality, given the fact that he’s neither a councilor nor a legitimate merchant. Indeed, Garmeth’s considerable pull in town stems from the fact that a number of Torch’s citizens owe him money in either small or large amounts.

Garmeth has made a career of fleecing scavengers of their hard-earned profits in his Silverdisk Hall gambling den, bilking them of coin with watered drinks, rigged games, and staged altercations at the gambling tables while his minions pick the pockets of particularly wealthy marks. In these endeavors, he is not-so-secretly assisted by a gang of thieves known as the Ropefists. The Ropefists work as bouncers and guards at Silverdisk gaming hall and invest most of their energy into collecting debts from loans that Garmeth gives to desperate gamblers. It is then that Garmeth extracts ‘favors’ whenever some sad debtor finds themselves unable to pay.

Amazingly proficient at disassociating himself from any illicit activities, he’s quick to send the Ropefists gang to pressure anyone who dares try to compete with him.

Garmeth Ulrich

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