(Vignette by the GM, before the campaign started)

A strange dream befell upon Eladrion one night during his journey to the coast of the Obari Ocean, to board a ship and get as far away from Geb as possible, having decided to abandon the unnatural and tragic ways of his homeland.

In that dream, Eladrion found himself in a big metal staircase that ran infinitely upwards and downwards, in a vast outer space without a single shinning star. A tiny bird with four wings and a white mask appears out of nowhere and suddenly lands on the staircase. The bird stares at the man for a while, the sockets of its eyes eerily pitch black, and then starts pecking the staircase, producing an oscillating, haunting melody.

Next, a huge rock like a falling star is seen in the dark sky above, leaving a trail of fire. The star precipitates onto an arid land that Eladrion now sees from the staircase, and a potent blast of fire, rock, and other debris spreads around in a violent shockwave. When the dust settles, a gigantic, faceless, ethereal man appears on the barren land, black tentacles protruding from the ground as he walks. He stops next to where the star fell, where now a black tower lies partially buried in the ground. The gigantic figure opens its huge mouth and swallows the tower, and all the vision becomes consumed in fire and fades away.

The bird then stops pecking and looks at Eladrion again, speaking telepathically in a monotone voice: “Oh, purposeless creature, don’t be sad anymore. Don’t wander aimlessly. For up north, in a strange land of barbarians known as Numeria, you will make friends, and find virtue and peace again”.

The bird then walks to the right edge of the staircase and spreads its wings before turning its head once again to Eladrion: “My apologies if it’s incomprehensible, but you know that prophecy is broken these days”. Then it flies into the darkness until it disappears.

Waking up, the first though that Eladrion thinks is of Pharasma, having remembered some book back in his hometown that spoke of the same strange birds being servants of the Lady of Graves.


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