Ex-member of the Council of Thieves


Daemer Nimblefut lived a simple life in Brevoy: he tended to his elders and had a very rich moral purpose, though not everything in his life was honorable by society’s standards, as he was a member of the Council of Thieves, where he met one of his greatest friends, Clarence.

Daemer’s life was at constant risk due to intel the Nimblefut family gained against a corrupt noble of their land. To give some context, prior to this knowledge, this so-called noble made sure to crush whatever wealth this humble family owned. He imposed many threats and difficulties to their work, their image, and their lives in general. Nobody knows why he would be so lenient in harming such a defenseless family. However, many attributed his greed to his need to project power upon the feeble and the weak. Fortunately, the Nimblefut’s were very adept at gaining information and using it in the name of justice — whether it harms the judged harshly or mercifully — due to their friendships with people inside the royalty.

Daemer was ignorant of the current situation. It wasn’t until he saw a man wearing a large royal robe, and his neck encrusted with the finest of stones, screaming at his father with vague and cryptic threats that only they seemed to understand, that Daemer started to gain a sense of what was going on. Later that night, Daemer confronted his family with the lingering doubts he had, only to be told to run away somewhere safer; he complied and stayed the night at the thieves’ hideout with Clarence. The next morning, he went back to his house, curious as to why his father was so worried last night. When he opened the door, he saw the dismembered bodies of his entire family, right at his feet, next to a severed leg, was a note that read “A Belret always honors his promise —Nehorn Belret”. After witnessing such a scene, Daemer snapped and went on to find out who was this so called “Nehorn”, frantically digging for information, until he found out that he was the very man yelling at his now deceased father. After a few days, Daemer had already planned out a way to brutalize the noble, looked for his companion at the thieves hideout and headed to a caravan Nehorn was travelling in. During this time, Daemer had no experience in murder, after all, he was only skilled in thieving so far, so in a rage he slit the noble’s throat quickly, much less gory that he expected, yet just as horrible. The guardsmen spotted them immediately and started to shoot whatever arsenal they had against them. Luckily, by some sort of unexplicable miracle, Daemer and Clarence managed to draw a rush in speed and made haste to safety. Daemer and Clarence separated after the escape, and made plans to re-unite in a distant land: probably Numeria.

After a few weeks of scavenging in the forest alone, with extreme guilt in his name, Daemer decided to store up some food and some books and seal himself in a cozy cave, where he developed a nihilistic perspective on life. Daemer decided to study more on the techniques that involve a tactical approach to battle and assassination. Months went by and Daemer left the cave, ready to start a new life. He knew he had to run away from Brevoy, and he was sure some other entity might be on the hunt for him, so he remembered a place Clarence told him about, a great little town called Torch. Daemer set foot to Torch, and there, he met up with Clarence, and continued to steal as a living.


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