Clarence Poultergeist

Ex-Member of The Council of Thiefs


Clarence Poltergeist is a young man who lived near Bravo. Ever since he was a child he showed particular abilities that could be considered “magic” but the source has always been a mystery. With his knowledge streetwise and stealth skills he was recruited by the renowned Council of Thieves. Here he met his newly found friend Daemer.

Clarence was very fond of his family, they where considered low class, and he did everything in his hands to help the family anyway they needed. One day Clarence had a visit from Daemer asking him to stay with him in the thieves hideout. Here Daemer told Clarence everything he knew about the noble and how he treated his family. Clarence looked into Daemer and gave him comfort stating that he would help no matter the cost. Once all hell struck loose at the moment Daemer slit Nehorns neck Clarence and Daemer fled their separate ways with hopes of meeting up in a future, but the terms weren’t set.

Clarence, after he escaped, went to his house to meet his family where they told him that he couldn’t stay with them any longer cuz the guards where looking for him and Daemer. At this time his family gave him the biggest treasure they had to their families name, a sword built by the ancestors, said to carry prowess for “special blood” within the family. Clarence stated that he would be back with riches once everything was clear and his family would live happily. His family cried to his good byes without any real hope of surviving until his return. They then turned to “throwing him out of the house” for their own safety.

Clarence was chased down by the guards shortly after he left his house, and ended up in some old ruins that where “haunted” since everyone got sick after entering. The truth is that it was completely radioactive, here Clarence was infected and mutated his powers to an extent where he can actually control them as he develops new powers. After a time within the area, surviving from animal scraps and hunting he decided to go to Torch, knowing the Councils reach didn’t go their and he was safe from the murder he was involved in. Graciously he met up with Daemer a few weeks after he had moved to Torch. Here he survived by helping some needy people with the agriculture and animals, and also used his previous skills to “redistribute” the riches within Torch and steal from the poor to give to the needy. As soon as he saw Daemer he saught to view the town of Torch as his new found home with old allies.

Clarence Poultergeist

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