Choker ex-member of the Thralls of Hellion


Thanks to Whiskfiss, the Torch Bearers learned that Cherai is actually a choker who belonged to a gang called the Thralls of Hellion, who were tasked with restoring a secret weapon buried underground of the arena. The Thralls of Hellion failed their job and perished when the Ladies of Rust rose to power and hunted them down. Cherai was part of that gang and was hunted down too, but he escaped to Whiskfiss’ place. Cherai was friend of Whiskfiss after he taught the ratfolk how to manage rust monsters. But then a Smiler assassin tracked and ambushed him. Cherai managed to escape but Whiskfiss was captured and taken to the Smilers base. Whiskfiss does not know the whereabouts of Cherai but suspects he might be hiding in the eastern misty area of Scrapwall.

According to Meyanda, Cherai might be able to provide more information about the Ladies of Rust and perhaps an entrance to their base.

The Torch Bearers sought Cherai in easternmost Scrapwall to learn more of the Ladies of Rust. They discovered him to be a choker and also a cultist of Zon-Kuthon. After some diplomacy and help with a small favor, Cherai asked the Torch Bearers to enter the Ladies of Rust’s base via a secret tunnel and rescue his friend Saruk. With the knowledge of such tunnel, the Torch Bearers could also storm the base and take the Ladies of Rust by surprise.


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