Ghosts of Fallen Stars (Iron Gods)

The Flame Rekindled

Session 11 (May/23/2017)

In-Game Date: 4711, Calistril 23 to Pharast 4

Things Done

Emerging from the starship ruins, the Torch Bearers are greeted with celebrations but also with tasks to improve the town. Then they take several days to attend some personal matters. After a week, a contingent of Technic League agents pays an unpleasant surprise visit to Torch, collecting their taxes and threatening the town council about keeping the starship ruins secret.

  • Celebration of Heroes: The Torch Bearers (our PCs) emerged from the starship ruins after battling the android Meyanda and found that the citizens of Torch, while beleaguered by the destruction from the small earthquake, were really happy to see the violet flame shinning again. Days later, the town councilors organized some festivities to honor the PCs and award them the title of ‘Saviors of Torch’. The councilors and the PCs gave several speeches to the crowd.
  • Torch’s Recovering: Not only did the PCs celebrated their success, but they helped the town recover from its destruction by coordinating rebuilding efforts and giving money to those who were in need.
  • Personal Matters: While the PCs helped Torch, they got involved in a few personal matters, like crafting magical items and buying gear, or in issues with some NPCs:
    • Escorting Silveron: The wandering merchant Silveron asked them to be escorted to the starship ruins for assessing the monetary value of things inside and seeing if they could be sold in the black market, obviously giving most of the profits to Torch.
    • Prophetic Dreams of Eladrion: For the second time Eladrion dreamed of a nosoi psychopomp (messengers of Pharasma) accompanying him in a desert with huge meteors slowly falling onto it. This time, however, he saw the ghost Zellara in his dream, who sat down with him and asked a very important question: “if there were a person who you and your fellow citizens loved the most, who brought prosperity to your city or world, but that person died for the sake of others and the future, and then you and your countrymen discovered a way to resurrect him so he could repair some problems in the present, would you do it?”. Eladrion responded “no” and explained the sanctity of the cycle of life and death. Zellara in turn commended him for his good answer and explained that her superiors want to prevent a similar resurrection, and Eladrion could help in that. For now, he should go to Scrapwall and investigate who Hellion is and from where he is drawing its supposed “divine” powers.
    • Mystery of Clarence’s Sword: One afternoon, while Clarence was having lunch at the Evercandle Inn, a group of thugs started to harass a Mendevian crusader named Osric who was hunting down deserters along the Sellen River, but stopped in Torch to rest. The crusader started to fight them back. Clarence suddenly saw that his sword was shinning blue and becoming warm, and felt an uncontrollable urge to defend the crusader. He ended up joining Osric along with Eladrion, and the thugs fled. Osric gave him thanks and told Clarence where he could find more crusaders to join: Castle Urion.
    • More Investigations by Remiliano: The bleached gnome Remiliano woke one of these days looking slightly less ‘bleached’ and more vibrant (almost unnoticeable for everyone else except himself). He consulted the junkmaster Garin Burwadle, another bleached gnome, about this. Then he went to Joram‘s temple to confirm his findings in the science deck about the nanites being injected to Konir: that these nanites were experimental in nature and they attempted to extract memories from someone, but apparently the nanites were malfunctioning and didn’t extract anything from Konir. Remiliano also investigated about Hellion, Ladies of Rust, Kulgara, and Sevroth.
    • Gorim, Remi 2.0, and Valaris: Gorim went to The Foundry Tavern to seek the help of Konir and Valaris with repairing his robot known as “Remi 2.0”. He also discovered that Valaris’ repeating dream hasn’t faded and that Konir dismissed it as trauma from her childhood as an orphan, which she cannot remember entirely. Gorim will research ways to bring Valaris’ memories back.
  • Plan for Scrapwall and Torch’s Defense: Dolga, Joram, and Konir summoned the PCs to have a meeting regarding future plans. Konir said that he would go to Scrapwall so he is hiring the PCs as well as Silveron for that. He also will be taking Valaris with him. Then Joram asked for a favor: if the PCs stumbled upon someone named Divanya in Scrapwall, he wanted her to know that the Technic League stopped looking for her and she could safely return to Torch, where Joram awaited her. Finally, Dolga granted Silverdisk Hall to the Torch Bearers and mentioned the idea of them establishing a base and helping Torch against future threats.
  • Trial of Garmeth: Outside the Town Hall, Konir talked privately with the PCs. He said that the town council was deciding the punishment for Garmeth for aiding the enemy in stealing Torch’s resources. Konir was to become the tie-breaking vote. After some deliberation, the PCs recommended what Dolga and Seranna suggested: to incarcerate and force him to labor around the violet flame.
  • The Technic League Visits: On Pharast 2, a contingent of Technic League agents arrived to Torch. It consisted of 11 agents, 8 gearsmen, a big ‘warden robot’ with a gnome and a rocket launcher, three wagons with a dozen slaves, and a Technic League lieutenant named Zaitev. This lieutenant came to collect taxes from Torch, but also told the town council in an intimidating manner that the Technic League heard rumors of a starship that was discovered below Torch, and so he came to investigate it. He sent two agents with the PCs to survey the starship ruins, but they did not discover the fusion reactor because Clarence successfully hid the door to it with illusion. They also withheld information about Meyanda and her plans.
    Once the survey was finished, lieutenant Zaitev told Dolga to avoid holding secrets such as the starship ruin and the exploration that the PCs did, and threatened the town council to send attack groups to capture Torch and the councilors if that ‘treason’ ever happened again. Zaitev left the two agents living in Torch to keep monitoring, and the rest left.
Mysteries and Loose Ends (some more important than others)

1. What could mean the second prophetic dream of Eladrion?
2. Why Clarence’s sword shined blue light and became warm when he saw a battle between a Mendevian crusade and thugs?
3. Why Valaris’ dream continues? What about her amnesia?
4. What were the medical drones attempting to extract from Konir’s memories using nanites?
5. Who is the woman named Divanya that Joram mentioned?


600 xp were given to Clarence, Eladrion, Gorim, and Remiliano, for helping with repairs, giving grandiose speeches, good roleplay, and investigating more info. An additional 100 xp were given to Clarence for coming up with the excellent idea of using his Illusion power to hide Torch’s fusion reactor from the eyes of the Technic League.


  • Items from Zellara: As promised, Zellara handed some PCs a few items that belonged to the dead Lucky Bastards, as repayment for bringing the surviving members back to Torch and burying the dead ones. These items are: for Clarence: a Belt of Tumbling (800 gp), for Eladrion: a Quick Runner’s Shirt (1000 gp), for Gorim: one minor Blessed Potion with the holy symbol of Cayden Cailean (300 gp) and a Screaming Bolt (267 gp).

+1 replenished Conviction point to Remiliano for the forum role-play with Joram and Silveron regarding the nanites.

GM Commentaries

This was a slow session without much action, but after the past 4 or 5 sessions of action, I think this was a good break to do investigations, personal errands, interactions with NPCs, and introduce some new information.


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