Ghosts of Fallen Stars (Iron Gods)

The Engineering Deck

Session 9-10 (April/25/2017, May/9/2017)

In-Game Date: 4711, Calistril 23

Things Done

After several hours of recovering from the small earthquake and planning their next moves, the PCs went to the engineering deck of the starship ruins, hoping to find whatever caused the earthquake. There, they fought several orcs and ratfolk from Scrapwall and finally defeated the android Meyanda, who was in charge of an operation to steal the ‘violet flame’ energy of Torch. The PCs then stabilized the reactor producing such energies and tremors.

  • Final Meeting: Dolga, Joram, Konir, Valaris, and the PCs got together to discuss the final exploration of the starship, to find whatever is causing the tremors and the flame disappearing. Valaris and Konir were rejoiced to see each other and Konir mentioned that if he ever dies, he wants the PCs to take care of her. Konir also talked about something the robots were saying, about “finding Unity and assimilating everyone”. He also gave the PCs something to fix the elevator that would take them to the last level.
    Zellara appeared a while after to give some fortunetelling to the PCs, talking about the peril that Torch still faces from another town, the attention that they will attract from otherworldly beings, and the eventual conflict with many different organizations.
  • Of Ratfolk, Orcs, and More: With the elevator now working, the PCs descended to the engineering deck, which was badly damaged from the crash and recent tremors, and there was a constant humming sound in the entire deck. There, they fought a pack of dog-like thylacines which alerted other enemies with their barks. Shortly afterwards, they were ambushed by a big group of orcs fanatics and ratfolk scavengers from Scrapwall. A long battle ensued where many blows were traded between both groups, and the orcs and ratfolk were killed.
  • Strange Shrine: The PCs continued to another room where they found an improvised statue, made of metal tubes and plates, that resembled a claw. Nobody in the group could determined who or what the statue represented, but some theorized that it could be a new entity or a fictional one. They also found a map of the entire starship module.
  • Robotics Labs: In two other rooms, the PCs found some maintenance robots still attending broken machinery. However, there was another robot, big and military-looking, who had two dead orcs lying around him. The big robot detected the presence of the PCs, mentioned “Unity” again, and went to attack, but Remiliano disabled it with some magic and the robot was destroyed thereafter.
  • Against Meyanda: In the last room of the engineering deck, the PCs encountered a big reactor and the woman with violet hair (of which they had only heard rumors and turned out to be an android). The woman began persuading the PCs to turn back and leave her to complete her mission. The PCs were reluctant and tried to counter-negotiate with her, and Eladrion approached her diplomatically. Meyanda, however, was tired of this and did not see another way out, so she attacked the PCs.
    What ensued was the toughest combat that the PCs ever had. Meyanda attacked them with mind-controlling magic, with big blasts of electricity, with a fire-spewing pistol, and other environmental magic. There were also two robots and a gargoyle bodyguard with her, who dished out some pain to the PCs. The two groups kept exchanging magic, blows, and arrows, until the PCs killed everyone except Meyanda. She fought hard but ultimately recognized she was outnumbered, and thus surrendered.
  • Meyanda Interrogated: The PCs negotiated once again with Meyanda. In return of allowing her to flee Torch alive, the PCs demanded information and an explanation on how to stabilize the reactor. Meyanda explained that she was sent here by Hellion, a mysterious ‘demigod’ in Scrapwall, to steal the energies of the reactor (and the violet flame) so Hellion could power a secret weapon in Scrapwall and thus conquer Starfall and Numeria. She also said that she could not return to Scrapwall, as the ‘Ladies of Rust’ (a cabal to which she belonged) and their leader, Kulgara, would not allow her because of her failed mission in Torch.
    Meyanda left the facilities, and the PCs stabilized the reactor. They also configured the room’s door to be opened only with a white access card (which they already got one).
Mysteries and Loose Ends (some more important than others)

1. Who is Hellion? Is he really a demigod? What secret weapon does he has? What are his true motives?
2. Who are the Ladies of Rust?
3. Again, who is Unity?
4. What will be of Meyanda?


2,450 were given to Clarence, Eladrion, Gorim, and Remiliano, for so many enemies, including Meyanda and her gargoyle bodyguard Gruethur. An additional 60 xp was given to Clarence for providing a background for the ‘Hans One-Eye’ NPC.


  • 300 gp were given to Clarence as substitution for the ‘masterwork weapon’ reward given in the previous session, because his weapon (from the Arcane Item Bond feat) was already masterwork.
  • Found in First Room: timeworn autographnel, timeworn panic suit, timeworn emergency beacon, 2 batteries, 24 silverdisks
  • Loot from Orcs and Ratfolk: 8 silverdisks, 52 gp
  • From Second Room: white access card, timeworn chemalyzer
  • From Third Room: 48 silverdisks, timeworn veemod goggles (with black veemod), timeworn medlance
  • Loot from other enemies: neural inhibitor (4 charges used), inferno pistol (3 charges used).
  • Given by Meyanda: 3 batteries, 1 nanite canister, 11 silverdisks, 62 gp
  • Bounty from Dolga for rekindling the flame: 1,000 gp
  • Items in the metal box opened with white card: bang grenade, flash grenade, neraplast armor, timeworn stun gun
  • Gorim salvaged mechanical parts from the killed ‘gearsman’. This saves him 100 gp in costs for repairing or upgrading his construct companion.

Zellara appeared and gifted some swashbuckling cards to Eladrion: 69 and 67

GM Commentaries

What intense two sessions! A lot of combat happened in which I planned to deliver a lot of damage, and even wished to kill a PC or two, but you guys managed to survive (albeit after much damage and several PCs going unconscious). I’m very satisfied with how things have been progressing over the last three or four sessions.


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