Ghosts of Fallen Stars (Iron Gods)

The Buried World

Session 6 (April/4/2017)

In-Game Date: 4711, Calistril 22

Things Done

The PCs investigated a few more things in Torch before descending again into the Black Hill caves and going beyond the metal door. There, they found a strange, contained ‘micro world’ of desert sand and rocky crags, with adjacent rooms made of solid metal that harbored otherworldly technology and traces of past inhabitants and incidents.

  • Quick Investigations and Valaris’ Dream: Remiliano and others investigated more information on Scrapwall. They learned that the usual chaos of that settlement got a bit more under control, that they are now importing a lot of raw materials (either bought or stolen), and that possibly there is a new lord of Scrapwall.
    The PCs also headed to Valaris’ home to see how she was doing after the strange big device (the power relay) was shut off. She told them that her headaches improved but her dream continued: “where she is in a valley among steep hills, with plenty of vegetation, and a swamp. There is a giant metal spider incessantly crawling on the edges of the valley in the distance.
  • Fresh Tracks in the Black Hill Caves: The PCs then decided to go back to the Black Hill Caves and go beyond the metal door. Much to their surprise, they discovered that the door was open and that there were fresh tracks done in that direction, possibly by a group of 4 to 6 humanoid creatures.
  • Beyond the Metal Door: Once they passed the metal door, the PCs found a cold and dark place of metal walls, floor, and ceiling, with painted letters and marks in Androffan saying “Habitat A”. There was a lot of rubble and rocks, apparently from ancient cave-ins. Further inside, they encountered a metal creature with three tentacles and a flashing light (a robot), who attacked the party but they quickly disposed of it.
  • The Buried World: Further along those metal corridors, the environment changed to a huge chamber with porous rocky walls and pristine desert sand. They went inside but were immediately trapped in some viscous slime spread in the sand. Then two tentacles sprang up and attacked the PCs. A creature with a rocky shell and more tentacles emerged and kept slamming the stuck PCs, while four-armed skeletons unearthed themselves from the sand and attacked the PCs with picks made of bones. They were sustaining some damage, delivering back some blows, until Remiliano killed the remaining skeletons with his magic. Puzzled as to what was that place and creatures they encountered, the PCs marched forth along a freshly-made trail in the sands.
  • The Control Room and Holograms: The huge cavernous chamber gave way to more metal corridors, where Eladrion got electrocuted by some malfunctioning metal arms fastened to the walls. Gorim repaired them and the PCs continued to a room where crystal panels in the walls displayed letters in Androffan, and a huge and thick crystal metal table displayed an illusion-like image (a hologram) of a crystal dome with rocky hills and desert sand inside. The PCs then turned on some controls that reset the system.
    On the crystal panels, they were able to activate four more holograms that retold some story of the place:
    • 1) A male human with a white coat appeared and told in a scared and urgent voice: “Sindre, Sindre, this module won’t survive atmospheric entrance while tied to the Divinity! I will need to detach… …Good luck and I hope we survive and finish with Unity soon”.
    • 2) The same man appeared and said in a sad voice: “The Divinity crashed into an unknown planet, having deviated from our main route when we found some powerful monsters near sector FD-100. In this module, only a few of us survived. The whole crew deck was destroyed. We will be in the science deck surviving with the supplies there”.
    • 3) The same man again: “Half of the kasathas we brought from planet CX-335 died. And with the holograms in the habitat gone, they have discovered the truth of their habitat. They are crying and they are desperate as if their world ended. Their leader, who is called Hetuath, seems to want to explore the tunnels that lead to other rooms. We will need to contain them or else they can kill us”.
    • 4) The man again: “The creatures called ghelarns, which we also brought from planet CX-335, burrowed into the sand and went into hibernation as if they sensed the drastic change in the environment. I understand they can last for centuries when hibernating”.
Mysteries and Loose Ends (some more important than others)

1. Is there any relevance to the rumors about Scrapwall?
2. What does Valaris’ dream means, if anything?
3. Who went inside the Black Hill Caves and opened the metal door and continued beyond?
4. What more (if anything) could mean the strange things found inside the metal door, especially the holograms?


500 xp were given to Daemer, Eladrion, Gorim, and Remiliano. An additional 40 xp was given to Daemer as the reward he chose for participating in forum role-play. An additional 100 xp was given to Remiliano for completing his written character background.


  • Not much, except for Eladrion who took from the kasathas’ skeletons a crude light pick made of bones representing the holy symbol of Zyphus.
GM Commentaries

I’m not really satisfied with this session. We started late, and the rest of the session was slow mostly because of low dice rolls in combat and me not managing well the progression of the dungeon. I have already identified solutions and techniques to avoid (or lessen) those problems in the future.


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