Ghosts of Fallen Stars (Iron Gods)

Recovering Konir

Session 8 (April/18/2017)

In-Game Date: 4711, Calistril 22

Things Done

The PCs continued their exploration of the science deck and discovered Konir being held by several medical robots for experimentation. They destroyed the robots and took back an injured Konir to Torch, where they healed him. Then several surprising events happened: the capture of a ratfolk from Scrapwall and a sudden earthquake.

  • Discovering Konir: In a room inside the science deck, the PCs fought three robots that served medical purposes. They combined their efforts and used good strategy to destroy them. Past the robots, they discovered Konir lying on a stretcher, some blood splattered around, and several needles and tubes injected into his head. He was very malnourished, emaciated, and almost in a vegetative state apparently because of the chemicals injected into his head. The PCs took and carried him back to Torch, stopping to also recover Flink and Nayana, the surviving Lucky Bastards.
  • Another Hapless Person: In an adjacent room, the PCs discovered another human who went through a dire fate at the hands of the medical robots, although much more gruesome and cruel. The man, recognized by Clarence as Hans, had his two legs and one arm amputated and replaced by crude tubes shoved into the stumps. The man was barely conscious but begged to be put out of his misery. Clarence went ahead with that, while Eladrion said a prayer, and both felt sadness and remorse afterwards. Then they carried Hans’ body to Torch.
  • Healing Konir: Once back to Torch, they took Konir towards Joram, who cast magic to dissipate any sickness or toxin in his body. Konir recovered after a while and thanked the PCs and everyone else. However, he still had to rest more. Meanwhile, the PCs took the other survivors, as well as the corpses found in the ruins, to Mylan’s temple for healing and burial.
  • Captured Ratfolk: As the PCs went to prepare for another incursion to the underground starship ruins, the citizens of Torch were drawn toward some guards that were carrying a dead ratfolk. The guard captain Aaronlu Langer told the PCs to follow her to the temple of Brigh. Once there, she explained that she discovered the ratfolk sneaking into Garmeth’s house. She chased the ratfolk but he climbed to the roof. Cornered, the ratfolk jumped from the roof, smashing his head on the ground.
    Eladrion, having learned some new magic from the priest Mylan, interrogated the corpse of the ratfolk, who spoke that he was looking for a machine in the warehouse, that he works for Meyanda who is still in the underground ruins, and that Meyanda has no weaknesses, for she serves Hellion.
  • An Earthquake and the Violet Flame: Shortly after they were done interrogating the ratfolk’s corpse, the ground shook violently for some seconds and bits of stone started to fall from the roof of Brigh’s temple. An earthquake struck Torch for several seconds and people started to panic, running through the streets or seeking cover, and guards were yelling everywhere trying to maintain order and coordination. Eladrion decided to climb to the roof of the temple of Brigh, and he saw many buildings with partially collapsed roofs or walls.
    Then suddenly, atop Black Hill, the famous but long-gone violet flame erupted into a pillar of fire that extended high in the sky, then shined for 5 minutes and disappeared again.
Mysteries and Loose Ends (some more important than others)

1. What is the thing called “Unity” that some robots in the underground starship ruins have mentioned several times?
2. What caused such an earthquake and why the violet flame shined again for 5 minutes?


840 xp were given to Clarence, Daemer, Eladrion, Gorim, and Remiliano, for battling the three robots and recovering Konir. An additional 100 xp was given to Clarence for providing a written background. An additional 100 xp was given to Clarence for dealing with the mutilated explorer named Hans and bringing him back to Torch.


  • Loot in Sick Bay: The room where Konir was found also had the following items: 1 timeworn radiation detector, 1 medlance, 1 timeworn brown nanite hypogun (1 charge left, cannot be recharged), 1 nanite canister.
  • Masterwork Weapons: As promised by Emelia’s father (in session 3), each PC got one weapon upgraded to masterwork quality.
  • Dolga’s First Bounty: For rescuing Konir, Dolga gave each PC 1,000 gp.

+1 replenished Conviction point to Clarence, Daemer, Eladrion, Gorim, and Remiliano.
Joram reserved material components for resurrecting Konir if that was needed. Not having to do that, he then promised the PCs that he could resurrect one of them instead, should that ever is needed.

GM Commentaries

I also enjoyed this session. The players were well organized in combat. Clarence’s player did a good job during the session.


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