Ghosts of Fallen Stars (Iron Gods)

Investigations and Errands in Torch, Part II

Session 4 (March/21/2017)

In-Game Date: 4711, Calistril 21

Things Done

Thc PCs continued their investigations in Torch and discovered a secret warehouse where Garmeth and the Ropefists gang are hiding something. They surrounded the house with the help of some guards but then a battle broke out.

  • Tremors and Headaches: The PCs awoke on Calistril 21 to the vibrations of a small tremor that shook their houses. Remiliano also woke up with a strong splitting headache. They looked for more information and rumors regarding these things and found that there have been at least three more tremors since the day the flame went out. Most tremors happened around the Black Hill.
  • A Visit to Black Hill: Clarence decided to climb up the Black Hill to the place where the violet flame burned. The area where the flame danced is now a small collapsed hole of charred rock and a black goo. Clarence took a sample of this goo to Gorim and then Silveron and he discovered that it is called ‘Numerian fluids’: hazardous liquids seeping from strange places in Numeria.
  • Other Torch Problems and Rumors: Talking with Dolga, Remiliano learned that the town has a new problem: with the violet flame gone, the town citizens are now dumping refuse and waste to the Seven Tears River (instead of burning them in the fire). Dolga believes that the common headaches could be caused by that.
    Other things that they discovered were: that a woman with violet hair has been seen wandering around the area of Black Hill; and that the footprints that Konir reported in his journal were eroded and gone.
  • Invitation to Silverdisk Hall: As an act of reconciliation and apology, Garmeth sent a letter to the PCs inviting them to his business: the Silverdisk Hall gambling den, with 100 gp of paid expenses each. Clarence, Gorim, and Remiliano gambled but wasted all their complimentary money (except for Gorim who had a bit of luck), while Daemer discovered some peep holes in the walls of the gaming area. However, Clarence was found to be cheating, using telekinesis to move the roulette, and an altercation happened with a Ropefist thug. Remiliano took advantage of this distraction and silently entered Garmeth’s office and stole some important papers.
  • Garmeth’s Stolen Papers: The following papers that Remiliano stole were among other papers with mundane, routine stuff:
    • A letter for Wenny Dalrom of the Merrymaid Bordello, telling her to pay her monthly contribution in order for Garmeth to provide his protection. He threatened to tell everyone about a ‘secret’ if she did not pay.
    • Another was a short note saying that: “we must now protect the warehouse at all cost”.
    • There was a letter addressed to Garmeth and written from somebody in Scrapwall, warning about ratfolk bandits increasing their activity in the region between Torch and Scrapwall.
    • Another letter written by Garmeth, describing some problems happening in Torch: some gremlins stealing stuff from the citizens, the councilor Konir having gone missing, the violet flame going out, and also asking if there is a way to deactivate an android, just in case as there could be some in Torch. Finally Garmeth asked if the person has seen a woman with violet hair in Scrapwall.
    • A paper with a badly-drawn sketch of Silveron saying: “This is Silveron. Investigate him”.
  • Assault on the Ropefists Warehouse: After learning of a warehouse where the Ropefists could be hiding a secret, the PCs went there to scout it and wait for some guards they called, to surround it. When the guards came, the PCs opened the back door and an assault began with the Ropefists thugs. Sadly, it did not start well for the PCs, as Gorim’s little robot was destroyed.
Mysteries and Loose Ends (some more important than others)

1. What could be waiting inside Garmeth’s secret warehouse? Is it a hideout for the Ropefists gang or a place to hide another secret, or both?
2. What are the meanings behind the papers that Remiliano stole from Garmeth?
3. Who is the violet-haired woman that a citizen mentioned, and Garmeth too in one of his papers?
4. Could there be a connection among the violet flame going out, the Ropefists, the tremors, the headaches, and other things?


300 xp were given to Clarence, Daemer, Gorim, and Remiliano. An additional 200 xp was given to Remiliano for succeeding with the audacity of stealing Garmeth’s paper, thus learning his secrets and leaping the campaign a bit forward.

Gorim gained 20 gp while playing in Garmeth’s Silverdisk Hall, while Clarence lost 25 gp.
The loot from Gerrol (the mercenary who perished in the Black Hill caves) was sold and 56 gp was awarded to each one of: Clarence, Daemer, Gorim, and Remiliano.

GM Commentaries

This is the end of the downtime and now some heavy battles and other encounters could follow. This session ran a bit slow in the first half, mostly because of low Investigation checks. Still, I was not going to give the information for free as a consolation prize because of low die rolls.
Next time, if you think that you are having a bad night of bad rolls, use the Take 10 or Take 20 rules more often.


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