Ghosts of Fallen Stars (Iron Gods)

Into the Science Deck

Session 7 (April/11/2017)

In-Game Date: 4711, Calistril 22

Things Done

The PCs continued exploring the habitat module buried under Torch, fighting an advanced zombie kasatha. Then they went to another level of the metal dungeon: a ‘science deck’ where strange things awaited. Finally, they encountered a small group of Lucky Bastard mercenaries who died battling powerful robots, and the ghost of a fortune-teller appeared to warn them about the place and to indicate where Konir could be.

  • Battling the undead Kasatha Leader: After exploring the room with the holograms, the PCs ventured forth into a room where another four-armed kasatha awaited, but this one was a zombie with great combat capabilities. He dashed forward and with two blades struck Daemer to the ground, almost dead. But the PCs planned some strategy and pinned the kasatha’s cloak to the wall. Stuck, he tried to deal more damage but the PCs counterattacked and vanquished it. This kasatha zombie then collapsed with a smile of satisfaction as he looked upwards in a religious manner.
    The PCs looted the room and found that the kasatha leader did some drawings on the wall. Remiliano interpreted them as a retelling of the kasathas’ history: when the starship crashed, they died, and by some force, they were resurrected as undead.
  • Into the Science Deck: The PCs crossed a door into another level: a ‘science deck’. The level was completely made of metal, with scattered metal furniture, sliding doors, painted labels on the walls indicating a variety of things, and a lot of trash and rubble everywhere. It was also cold and almost-silent, with faint noises of static coming from damaged crystal panels (computers) and buzzing light panels on the ceiling.
    Exploring this place, the PCs found and followed a trail of old dried blood, apparently from a battle two weeks ago. They found an alien denizen inside a laboratory with more holograms: a fungus-like bulbous creature with a big toothed maw that communicated telepathically. He wanted nothing more than food, although he seemed lost in that place, and the PCs tricked and locked him.
  • Decimated Lucky Bastards: Continuing the blood trail, the PCs found the signs of another battle: a big military-type robot was inactive, choking a now-dead man by the neck while the man held a sword driven through the robot’s head. Other persons were lying down on the floor with splatters of blood. The PCs found two of them still alive and healed them.
    Then, a ghostly middle-age woman named Zellara appeared and told the story of these dead people. They were a small unit of relatively-new Lucky Bastard mercenaries that came all the way from Korvosa to do some missions in Torch and Numeria. But three of them, Cadel, Kofar, and Valentia, found their demise in the metal dungeon while exploring these ruins. Only Flink and Nayana survived. The ghost then told them that the Lucky Bastards would need more recruits and extended an offer to them for joining. She also promised to help, pointing out to where she found human bodies (possibly Konir among them) and distributed some magical cards to the PCs to help them in their quest. She then gave the rest of the deck of cards to Remiliano.
Mysteries and Loose Ends (some more important than others)

1. Who are exactly the Lucky Bastards mercenaries and what are they doing here in Numeria?
2. Who was exactly the ghostly woman named Zellara, and what did she mean when she said that the starships that crashed in Numeria were creating ripples that would affect the entire world?


600 xp were given to Clarence, Daemer, Gorim, and Remiliano for battling the undead kasatha, cleverly bypassing the encounter with the ‘cerebric fungus’, and saving the Lucky Bastards mercenaries Flink and Nayana.


  • Loot from Hetuath (kasatha leader): 2 masterwork shortswords, cloak of resistance +1, 4 silverdisks, black access card (for Torch’s starship), black e-pick, and two batteries.
  • Supply Room: flashlight, three batteries, and 26 silverdisks. Also, a small safebox with a white-access lock.
  • Zellara’s Special Harrow Deck (allows for the distribution of the ‘swashbuckling cards’ gaming aid, and other things).

Swashbuckling Cards: Two cards of this special gaming aid were distributed among the PCs:

  • Gorim: #37 (“How not to be seen”), #40 (“I see your Schwartz is as big as mine…”)
  • Daemer: #38 (“Zippit! Zip! Zippy‐Zippahhh”), #3 (“Riposte”)
  • Alex: #57 (“Multipass!”), #50 (“I..have had…enough of…you!”)
  • Clarence: #36 (“I meant to do that…”), #44 (“Of course you know, this means war”)
GM Commentaries

This session ran much better than the one before. Combat and exploration of the dungeon were smoother. Also, you used the system very well in order to get tactical advantages in combat.


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