Ghosts of Fallen Stars (Iron Gods)

Capturing Garmeth

Session 5 (March/28/2017)

In-Game Date: 4711, Calistril 21 (near midnight)

Things Done

Our adventurers continued the battle inside Garmeth’s secret warehouse, bringing down many Ropefist thugs until eventually capturing Garmeth. Then they interrogated him and discovered more clues and mysteries. Finally, an unknown man approached the PCs and invited them to negotiate.

  • Against the Ropefists: The battle inside the warehouse was a constant exchange of arrows between the Ropefists thugs taking cover behind crates, and the PCs smashing their way in. The thugs managed to destroy Gorim’s robot companion and to drop Clarence unconscious, but Remiliano healed him. Then the tables turned on the thugs and they got a lot of damage, dropping one by one, as the PCs kept firing arrows and delivering blows with both swords and magic.
  • Figthting Garmeth: Eladrion decided to burst into a smaller room in the warehouse and got surprise-attacked by a thug and Garmeth, who was invisible. Garmeth’s blow with a heavy flail was so hard that Eladrion instantly dropped to negative hit points, but Clarence restored him back to action. Then Eladrion took pains to protect his allies, getting in the way of Gorim to deflect arrows shot at the dwarf. But finally, Gorim went after Garmeth and exchanged damage with him, dropping almost to 0 hit points but debilitating Garmeth. Remiliano then delivered the finishing hit and brought down Garmeth.
  • The Strange Big Device: Inside the warehouse, the PCs felt a strange humming that caused a strong headache to Eladrion (and almost to others). Searching the warehouse after the battle with Garmeth, they discovered a big machine hidden in a crate that had illuminated buttons and crystal panels with strange, glowing writings in Androffan. Gorim inspected it for some minutes and learned how to operate it, turning it off and also discovering that the device was transmitting some sort of energy to a place 105 miles to the northeast. Remi deducted that the settlement of Scrapwall is what lies in that direction.
  • Garmeth’s Interrogation: The PCs took a captured Garmeth to Gorim’s house for interrogation, to where some guards and Dolga also went. At first he resisted and promised to withstand a long interrogation, but Eladrion intimidated him by promising to kill him and manipulate his corpse to speak, as they do in his native nation of Geb. Garmeth then started cooperating.
    They asked for the woman of the Merrymaid bordello and he told that her name was Wenny and he simply was blackmailing her for money. When asked about why he captured the PCs, he confessed that he wanted to divert attention from the Black Hill caves and attempted to do so by trying to close the case on Konir after framing some persons of murdering him.
    Then the PCs asked him about the strange device found inside his warehouse. He admitted to not knowing what it does, but confessed that on Calistril 4, a woman with violet hair (of which he suspected to be an android) offered Garmeth a deal to hide such device and then departed to the Black Hill caves with a group of orcs and ratfolk from Scrapwall.
    Once the PCs finished interrogating Garmeth, he and some of his Ropefist thugs were taken to the town garrison.
  • Strange Man’s Invitation: When the PCs were heading to their houses, a strange bearded man intercepted Clarence and Daemer and invited them to visit the man’s group on the next morning, as they wanted to discuss business with the PCs.
Mysteries and Loose Ends (some more important than others)

1. What else could be asked of the strange device being hidden in Garmeth’s warehouse? From where it came? Why it was transmitting energy over 105 miles to Scrapwall?
2. Who exactly is the woman with violet hair named Meyanda and what she wants from Torch? Is she truly an android?
3. Why there were orcs and ratfolk from Scrapwall?


1,040 xp were given to Clarence, Daemer, Eladrion, Gorim, and Remiliano.


  • 108 gp to each one of: Clarence, Daemer, Eladrion, Gorim, and Remiliano. This was gained after selling all the mundane equipment that the defeated Ropefist Thugs had, as well as Garmeth.
  • Expensive equipment looted from Garmeth (this has not been assigned to anyone): timeworn bang grenade, potion of cure wounds (1d6 + 2), potion of invisibility, ring of protection +1, flash powder, smoke pellet
  • A treasure box found inside Garmeth’s warehouse contained these things: 50 silverdisks (worth 500 gp), 50 extra silverdisks (worth 500 gp), 1 black pearl (worth 500 gp), 1 golden yellow topaz (worth 500 gp), and a silver chalice with jade stones (worth 500 gp).

+1 replenished Conviction point to Remiliano for asking vital questions when interrogating Garmeth.

GM Commentaries

I liked this session a lot. It was mostly an intense combat where almost everyone got their decent share of damage. The PCs fought well and managed their actions correctly. And I liked the interrogation done to Garmeth. Well done everyone.


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